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Example sentences for "gotten"

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gothique; gotra; gotras; gotta; gotte; gotter; gottin; gotto; goud; goude
  1. One night when by desperate scheming he had gotten her aboard, he suddenly gave orders to up anchor and away.

  2. Horses were gotten out, and bananas and poi sent to us.

  3. Then he began to turn the horse's head whithersoever he would, making it rise and fall at pleasure, till he had gotten complete mastery over its every movement.

  4. But now I have gotten firm hold of it and of thee too, and I will burn his heart even as he hath burnt mine; nor shall he ever have the horse again; no, never!

  5. Presently, one of her neighbours heard her sobbing and asking what aileth her, was answered, "Of a truth she hath gotten a letter, telling her that her husband is dead.

  6. I believe that all the ill-gotten gain wrenched by us from the negro through his enslavement will eventually be taken from us, and we will be set back where we began.

  7. It was agreed that the Big Six should be gotten out of the old icehouse and in readiness to go to Griffin, even before Mr. Peek had been taken home.

  8. You have gotten together, bit by bit, a lot of valuable facts.

  9. While Worth and Jones inspected the car, Mr. Peek was making a study of the manner in which the machine had been gotten down from the road and into the icehouse.

  10. But the powerful automobile had gotten "into its stride" by this time, and was fairly flying over the uneven roadbed, and to the boys it felt as though it were only hitting the high places, as Frank afterward expressed it.

  11. The boys also realized that a lot of credit was due Bert for the success of their climb, as even such a car as the "Red Scout" could never have gotten up that hill without expert handling.

  12. Just then the snake coiled ready to strike and the boys looked around desperately for stones but Bert had gotten ahead of them.

  13. He had gotten Polly in a corner and was chinning the ear off of her.

  14. All he did there was to knock over one elderly lady and lick her face effusively when he had gotten her down.

  15. He refused to be separated from me, however, and even broke into the mess hall, from which he was unceremoniously ejected, but not before he had gotten half of my ration.

  16. She had gotten five sweaters, three helmets and two dozen pairs of socks into it before I could stop her.

  17. I know it is," replied the other, "but somehow his arms have gotten mixed up in the middle of it.

  18. I would never have taken it had it not been for the unpleasant fact that owing to some little trouble I had gotten into at one of the pubs my wife was in one of her nasty, brow-beating moods.

  19. The judgment of heaven seems pressing hard upon him; for he is poor and miserable, a beggar in the streets--all his ill-gotten wealth is gone!

  20. Several bags of barley are illegally gotten in this way.

  21. I wished that moment that I had gotten another master who was on a more friendly footing with his neighbours.

  22. I slept there all alone, and by night I could hear the horses pawing the floor of the stable, and sometimes I was wakened by the noise they made and thought that somebody had gotten into my room.

  23. Outside of a few intimates whom he is attached to, the rest of mankind with its laws and aspirations, represents nothing more than a hostile force to be preyed upon and gotten the best of.

  24. The idea which we have gotten hold of affords a clue to that part of it, at least.

  25. If we go back to our main thread of enquiry and draw together the results of our observations, they seem to offer a comparatively simple diagnosis of this supposedly mysterious disease which has gotten hold of our young people.

  26. He felt in high good humor at the way he had gotten out of a difficult situation.

  27. I guess we'll get some of it, too," chuckled Sam, who had gotten over his fright in a sudden greed at the thought of riches.

  28. Beloved of the Lord, let us wait on God, that we may know more of this secret power, gotten in our closet with Him.

  29. It is a picture of one who, having through grace gotten a measure of light, was living up to it, and was earnestly seeking for more.

  30. How her heart rejoiced at the sight of Bob, who had gotten out of the auto a little way down the road so that Mary Lee, who had been his playmate and friend, could see him walk up the road, no longer crippled but like other boys.

  31. And to show you how much faith I had in you, I've gotten everything ready.

  32. The time requires, and it is just, that in time of war we should earn whatsoever we have gotten in the deep idleness of peace, that we should not think more of joyous courses than of sorrowful fortunes, or always prefer prosperity to hardship.

  33. It were better service to sound the firths with the oars, to revel in plundered wares, to pursue the gold of others for my coffer, to gloat over sea-gotten gains, than to dwell in rough lands and winding woodlands and barren glades.

  34. For whatsoever is gotten with guile melts away in like fashion as it is sought, and no fruits are long-lasting that have been won by treachery and crime.

  35. You could claim to have been caught by me, to have gotten your gun back and killed me.

  36. He had dropped a few questions, with the careful casualness of the skilled analyst, and gotten the expected reactions.

  37. But dinna ye fear, mither, I'm ower teugh to be gotten the better o' by the likes o' them.

  38. But haud ye there, David, ye've no gotten her yet.

  39. Did you know that I had gotten a divorce, Erik?

  40. I've gotten to thinking lies and thinking them naturally without trying to lie.

  41. Lockwood was aware he had gotten under the skin of things.

  42. Ye'll hae gotten Betty an' her mother to do for you?

  43. Now if I had taken any neighbors' wood without his leave, and he had thrown it out of my cart, and told me to go away, and had given me no farther molestation, I should think I had gotten off very easily.

  44. I trow, all the schooling the Marshpee people have ever had, they have gotten themselves.

  45. They said they knew more about the matter than I did; that I had gotten myself into difficulty, and that Mr. Fish was a good man, and had gained twenty members over to his church in twenty-five years.

  46. But he did not need to ask how she had gotten passed the emigration officers.

  47. He wanted to explain that no brown liquid, made like cake batter, would cure the disease that had decimated the crews of two expeditions to Sitari and somehow gotten back to cut down the population of Wiblanihaven.

  48. The Prohibs, as a last resort, insist that the wine of Biblical days was very different from our own--a kind of circus lemonade; but it seems to have gotten in its graft on old Noah in most elegant shape.

  49. Ward, it seemed to me, had gotten to one side of Davis and was reaching for Davis' gun.

  50. Having gotten out, Bragg ordered me back alone to the ditch in the edge of the town to save the harness that was on the horses.

  51. Some few days after we arrived in the city a grand illumination and street procession was gotten up to celebrate some victory of our army in Mexico, and late in the afternoon a committee called on me to participate.

  52. They had gotten pretty well over the belief that the British would kill me, or that we would soon have another war with England.

  53. So rugged and abrupt were the hills that the troops could not be gotten into position until about 9 A.

  54. Hal, as he caught his breath, which had almost gotten away from him.

  55. You see the children had gotten into the habit of stopping when their uncle called: "Wait a minute and I'll give you a penny," so it was not hard for them to do so when their father called.

  56. We have not been able to get a new cook since our old one died, and the fact must have gotten abroad, for all the floating brethren and sisters in Japan have been to see us!

  57. The first glamour of the country has gotten dimmed a bit, not that the interest has waned for a moment, but I have come to see that the beauty and picturesqueness are largely on the surface.

  58. You have gotten me so far up (for me), that I am afraid to look down.

  59. In the daytime, I try to keep somebody with me all the time, I have gotten afraid of myself.

  60. As old Charity used to say I've gotten so "acclamitized" I think I could eat a gum shoe.

  61. I have gotten so that I can sleep sitting upright on a hard bench between trains.

  62. The consequence is that she has gotten entirely well and looks ten years younger.

  63. I think it is a needless precaution, for it would only be a feeble-minded spirit that would ever want to return to China once it had gotten away!

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