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Example sentences for "guiltily"

Lexicographically close words:
guillotining; guilt; guiltie; guiltier; guiltiest; guiltiness; guiltless; guiltlesse; guilty; guin
  1. The engineer and his helpers were pottering about, trying guiltily to remove the cause of the accident, but one look was enough to tell Wiley Holman that his mine was closed down for a week.

  2. She had drawn away from him and was gazing about anxiously and Charley had slunk guiltily away.

  3. Only Judge Penniman remained to be startled; and he, being irritated that others had enjoyed a foreknowledge guiltily withheld from him, chose to pretend that he, too, had been mysteriously enlightened.

  4. This way, please," called Miss Juliana, cordially, and he followed her guiltily up the steps to the shaded porch.

  5. They, too, looked guiltily at each other, but they could not stop dancing.

  6. The Dish and the Spoon looked guiltily at each other, but they could not stop dancing.

  7. They, too, looked guiltily at each other, but they could not stop playing or singing.

  8. For a flash they looked upon each other, and then glanced guiltily aside; and Carthew fled from the eye of his accomplice, and stood leaning on the taffrail.

  9. Hope touched her gently with her hand and felt guiltily how selfish she herself must be not to feel the woman's grief, but she could not.

  10. He spoke of a crime committed by another, and guiltily kept secret by him," answered Gabriel, slowly and sternly.

  11. He started, and felt himself changing color guiltily as one of his servants entered.

  12. The pink cheeks turned guiltily scarlet at the words.

  13. She shrank away guiltily under the clear steadfast, searching gaze of Father Francis, feeling how low she must have fallen in his estimation.

  14. For some reason there were many dead spiders on the ground, and those that lived feasted guiltily on their fellows.

  15. Girl," said the hunchback indistinctly, and glanced guiltily over his shoulder.

  16. He glanced guiltily over his shoulder, and softly shut the door.

  17. The next moment the utterer of these words, which had fallen upon his own ears only, was looking guiltily round as if in dread lest he might have been heard.

  18. The little fellow gave a violent start, and the mice darted into their cage, as their owner turned guiltily round to gaze with wet and swollen eyes in his interrupter's face.

  19. A boy, hatless, ran across to the wall and walked guiltily beneath it till he reached the railings.

  20. Then we guiltily stole out of the class-room, closed the door, and lined up in the corridor, as smartly as a squad of regulars.

  21. We threaded guiltily through the old trench system, and emerged into the Gully Ravine, hardly realising that we had bidden the old lines good-bye.

  22. Julie did not dare to put questions, and guiltily shrank into herself.

  23. The lines passed before her, and she was conscious, guiltily conscious, of reading them with a double mind.

  24. Julie rose to her feet, the color dying out of her face, her passionate eyes on the Duchess, who stood facing her friend, guiltily pale, and ready to cry.

  25. The guiltily dreaded examination of baggage at Island Pond took place at nine o'clock, without costing them a cent of duty or a pang of conscience.

  26. I said we were on our wedding journey," guiltily admitted Isabel.

  27. Besides, the chicken seemed too far gone for restoration, and she guiltily smothered him away under the fold of cotton batting and retreated to her chamber.

  28. Over and over she repeated it, and when she at last saw John bearing down upon her she got up guiltily and waited instead of going on with the jug alone.

  29. Elizabeth let her go, thinking guiltily that there would be less danger of the discovery she seemed to be ever fearing these days.

  30. Guiltily the boy looks round him--peers through the olives and their silvery foam of leaves, as they fall past him down the steep.

  31. Her cheek flamed guiltily over the certainty thus borne in upon her.

  32. To stay away, without making the effort, would leave him guiltily recreant to an old friendship which, on one side, had been love.

  33. If they had both suffered equally, reasoned the rude philosopher, it augured a quarrel not wholly or guiltily one-sided.

  34. At the same moment the two started guiltily apart, and Sylvia halted, thinking they had discovered her.

  35. Carrados had previously indicated that after lunch he would go on alone, but, because he was largely sceptical of the outcome, the professional man felt guiltily that he was deserting.

  36. Dinner's on table," said a rich, Hibernian voice at the door, and we guiltily stopped short.

  37. Letitia blushed guiltily as she saw her, and I felt quite unworthy and ashamed.

  38. But the wife just glances slyly at her husband, and he looks guiltily away at the far horizon; for the dear schemer has been making a confidant of him, for want of a better.

  39. She was wearing a hat with a wing, which he was guiltily conscious of having once admired, and which she attempted, in an airy but exceedingly unconvincing fashion, to explain.

  40. The Happy Family squirmed guiltily and made way for Applehead, who was sidling toward the open door, his face showing alarming symptoms of apoplexy.

  41. Johnny whirled guiltily away from the grain bag, licking his lips and blowing dust from his nostrils.

  42. Pink, with an increased respect for the shooting skill of Lite Avery, glanced guiltily at the others to see if they had observed where his second bullet hit.

  43. Betty, thinking guiltily of her own multitude of invitations.

  44. Everybody looked at Mary, who blushed guiltily and remarked with great dignity that Professor Hinsdale was an old telltale.

  45. There is no need to wonder guiltily whether you have sent out a connecting-file between the vanguard and the main-guard, or if you remembered to instruct your sentry groups as to the position of the enemy and the extent of their own front.

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