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Example sentences for "humblest"

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humblement; humbleness; humbler; humbles; humblesse; humbleth; humblie; humbling; humbly; humblye
  1. These consisted of the king, the princes and nobles, the priests, the military chiefs, and functionaries of every kind down to the humblest of the scribes attached to the administration.

  2. The humblest of these tombs shows at least a stele upon which the name of the defunct is inscribed together with the prayer which is to insure him the benefit of the funerary offerings mentioned upon it.

  3. Their pleasures were those of the humblest and simplest peasants; they were contented with their lot, and asked only to be let alone.

  4. They had the social equality which can exist only in the humblest conditions of society, and presented the phenomenon of a primitive little democracy, hatched under the wing of an absolute monarchy.

  5. He learned the blacksmith and machinist trades but soon took to railroading, in which he rose rapidly from the humblest place to the position of engineer on the New York Central lines.

  6. It combines, with a great singleness of purpose, so diverse a variety of details that it touches the minutiae of every trade and places at the disposal of the humblest craftsman or laborer the tremendous powers of its national influence.

  7. It is better, he says, to engage in the humblest work, than to sit still alone and encounter the temptations of Satan.

  8. But it is a great honour for me to be connected, even in the humblest manner, with such a distinguished little being.

  9. Poor, poor splendours, as substitutes for the humblest home!

  10. God is wonderfully good in blessing the humblest efforts to train up the little ones for him.

  11. Moreover, his letter is a good specimen of the liberal courtesy with which, on all occasions, he treated the humblest aspirants in literature.

  12. O Dust, from whom with breath has pass'd away The humblest privilege the beggar finds In rags that wrap his infant from the winds!

  13. The humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error.

  14. Accordingly, this was the goblet that Coralie filled; and she handed it to Abu Hasan with sweet words, bidding him forget his exalted degree and drink to the eyes and lips of his humblest slave-girl.

  15. I will sing of many things unknown to you in your great wide kingdom, for the little gray bird flies far and wide, from the roof-tree of the humblest peasant to the bed of the mighty emperor.

  16. And Ada bowed her head and repeated softly: "They are most high who humblest at God's knees Lie loving God, and trusting though He smite.

  17. The humblest will afford "'The common round, the trivial task Which furnish all we ought to ask-- Room to deny ourselves.

  18. By the highest nobility, as well as the humblest of the mechanic class, his will was to be received as law; so that neither in Church, nor in State, might any man express even the most guarded doubt as to its infallibility.

  19. The humblest of the community began to raise their heads, and to fix their eyes steadily on public affairs and public characters.

  20. Our governors and legislators, and all the depositaries of honor and trust, are prohibited from exercising their humblest functions till they have pledged their fidelity to the country upon the holy gospels.

  21. How mindful is Nature of even her humblest pensioners!

  22. We would fain lower our tone--and on this theme speak like what we are, one of the humblest children of Mother Earth.

  23. Thine was a heart once tremblingly alive to all the noblest and finest sympathies of our nature, and the humblest human sensibilities became beautiful when tinged by the light of thy imagination.

  24. They would take off their hats, and make the humblest bows you ever saw.

  25. So King Cadmus dwelt in the palace, with his new friend Harmonia, and found a great deal of comfort in his magnificent abode, but would doubtless have found as much, if not more, in the humblest cottage by the wayside.

  26. It is with persons as well as with principles that we have to deal, and in politics we must not despise the humblest instruments.

  27. To have the humblest and scrappiest of rooms one must pay at least six dollars a day, and the prices of suites run up into appalling sums.

  28. The humblest and most absolute subjection to his governing authority and will, and the exactest obedience to his laws.

  29. A kindly greeting to a gawky youth will never be forgotten; and it is to the humblest that a hostess should address her kindest attentions.

  30. Corinth, that is, of members chiefly from the humblest walks of life.

  31. The slave thirsts for the pleasures of refined and elevated intellect--the master denies to him the humblest literary acquisition.

  32. The whole concourse of black, colored and white, from the humblest to the highest, from the unlettered apprentice to the Archdeacon and the Governor of the island, joined in a common festivity.

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