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  1. Hypnotism and Obsession Again, we find the seeming paradox of stimulation by paralysis exemplified in the phenomena of hypnotism and obsession.

  2. Some of the books on magic which have appeared of late years in France connect their subject directly with the phenomena of hypnotism and suggestion; for example, A.

  3. It is the illusion induced by the hypnotism of a terminology which is obsolete.

  4. The whole thing is, as I have called it, an optical illusion, due to the hypnotism of an obsolete terminology.

  5. Were they, and the rank and file, still too enslaved by the hypnotism of an obsolete terminology to accept a new view?

  6. Until this pamphlet was brought by this morning's post I knew no more about hypnotism than you do.

  7. The man is what old-fashioned people used to call a mesmerist--hypnotism they call it nowadays, and all sorts of things.

  8. If that was all that was necessary, then, so far as Mr. Pownceby was concerned, the whole science of hypnotism was already mastered.

  9. In the matter of hypnotism Mrs. Eddy's mere word is enough.

  10. MY DEAR SON: The enemy to Christian Science is by the wickedest powers of hypnotism trying to do me all the harm possible by acting on the minds of people to make them lie about me and my family.

  11. I am offering for your consideration my opinion that the high-ranking officers of the Patrol are using hypnotism to conceal the real source of the Lens.

  12. Therefore is the Church wise in condemning the indiscriminate practice of hypnotism or mesmerism; and therefore will her children be wise if they leave it alone.

  13. Hypnotism and Mesmerism differ from Spiritism in this, that their disciples account for the phenomena naturally and lay no claim to supernatural intervention.

  14. Why this idea suggested itself to me I do not know, except that, as you know, hypnotism is one of my hobbies.

  15. I was very much interested in testing the value of hypnotism for insane patients, especially mild cases and those having illusions and insistent ideas.

  16. I was under the hypnotism of Maubeuge and the fears to which it gave birth.

  17. He didn't know because he never got outside the hypnotism of self.

  18. Pioneers of Hypnotism Just as chemistry arose from alchemy, astronomy from astrology, so hypnotism had its origin in mesmerism.

  19. Bramwell became one of the foremost authorities in the country on hypnotism as a curative agent.

  20. Thus it is often difficult to say what proportion of the curative results is due to hypnotism and what to other remedies.

  21. Braid maintained an active interest in hypnotism up to his death, and, indeed, three days before it, sent his last MS.

  22. An interesting chapter might be written under the title of "The History of the Growth in the Belief in Hypnotism during the last Twenty-five Years.

  23. This was only twelve years ago, and was five or six years subsequent to the publication of some of Mr. Edmund Gurney's most important series of experiments in hypnotism in the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research.

  24. They also expressed the "opinion that as a therapeutic agent hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments" (!

  25. I am disposed to think that for the present it is to hypnotism that we must look for cases where the telepathic message can be sent repeatedly and at will.

  26. It is, therefore, on the medical profession that I would urge the importance of watching for cases of this sort, which are likely to be found more frequently as the therapeutic use of hypnotism extends.

  27. The attraction lies in the people themselves, and without any effort on their side the foreigner feels himself drawn by a kind of hypnotism towards them.

  28. Now, it seems plausible to suppose that, by way of analogy, the medium trance would represent a trance state induced by hypnotism from the "other side.

  29. Possibly there were also traces of hypnotism and telepathic influence, upon occasion.

  30. Moreover, no hard and fast lines exist between the delusions of induced hypnotism and those of spontaneous trance, or of the grave hystero-epileptic crises which mere terror is now known to develop.

  31. It has always appeared to me highly probable that mesmerism and hypnotism are dependent upon entirely different causes, and were not at all the same in the last analysis.

  32. The real danger in the process is thus apparent; but, properly applied, hypnotism is doubtless of great therapeutic utility and of great practical value to the psychologist.

  33. We know that telepathic hypnotism is a fact--the numerous cases recorded by Myers and Janet being good proof of this.

  34. Yes, hypnotism has been found one of the chief means of cure as well as of diagnosis.

  35. The decapitation trick is thus no new thing, while the experiment performed with the lion, possibly a hypnotic feat, shows hypnotism to be old.

  36. It is variable in the same individual, is often the result of drugs, of fatigue, of sleep, and may be induced or intensified by hypnotism or mesmerism.

  37. Hypnotism as treated by its exponents is an extremely complicated state, ranging from the cataleptic to the independent clairvoyant.

  38. The feasibility of practising hypnotism in child-birth has been discussed, and Fanton reports 12 cases of parturition under the hypnotic influence.

  39. Hypnotism seems to be the only explanation.

  40. Hypnotism is practiced by stimulation of the muscular sense, such as cradle-rocking, used to send little children to sleep.

  41. The medicolegal aspect of hypnotism may be called in to answer whether crime may be committed at suggestion.

  42. The theory of hypnotism was advanced in explanation of this case.

  43. The phenomenon of hypnotism was doubtless known to the Oriental nations, and even to the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, as well as to other nations since the downfall of the Roman Empire.

  44. In hypnotism we see a probable explanation for the faith-cures which have extended over many centuries, and have their analogy in the supposed therapeutic powers of the Saints.

  45. The boy proved to be extremely susceptible to hypnotism and to hypnotic suggestion, and it was remarkable how rapidly a complete change in his demeanour was effected.

  46. Hypnotism has been employed against all kinds of sexual processes, both in adults and in children.

  47. It is the work of a man of established reputation, who has devoted himself for years to the subject, and whose aim it is to tell what Hypnotism really is, what it can do, and to what conclusions it seems to point.

  48. The fact that handwriting may be completely altered under the influence of hypnotism is not only of great scientific interest, but may also have an important bearing on the results of legal cases in which handwriting is concerned.

  49. In short, he is a fair example of one of the educational uses of hypnotism and suggestion.

  50. The spectator who wanders from box to box on the first night of a new opera, may see the gentle herd-hypnotism at work.

  51. At the same time we had been warned by those who were experienced that by frequent repetitions of hypnotism we would deprive the patient of his self-reliance and accustom him to this therapy as though it were a narcotic.

  52. Hypnotism is known as artificial sleep; we say to the person whom we hypnotize, "Sleep," and the suggestions which we throw out are comparable to the dreams of natural sleep.

  53. That is why I can say that true psychoanalysis began when the help of hypnotism was renounced.

  54. The transference of one of the conditions of hypnotism to natural sleep does not appear to be such a daring proceeding.

  55. Bernheim, with his usual perspicacity, asserted that suggestion is the essential phenomenon underlying hypnotism, that hypnotism itself is already a result of suggestion, is a suggested condition.

  56. In dreams we are compelled to look to other sources for explanations; and besides, I count on the fact that you will permit the inference I draw from hypnotism more readily in this instance.

  57. Hypnotism did not, however, as a therapeutic agent, live up to its promises; we psychoanalysts may call ourselves its rightful heirs, and we have not forgotten the large amount of encouragement and theoretical explanation we owe to it.

  58. To destroy the hypnotism that had caused the people and the country to have faith not only in the omnipotence of their rulers, but also in their altruism.

  59. Moreover, they effectively break down the hypnotism which has so far enthralled the Indian mind in its judgments regarding British character.

  60. The teachers, though ignorant of hypnotism as such, would not hesitate to use any procedure which seemed to favour progress in meditation and the acquisition of supernatural powers.

  61. Two obscure branches of hypnotism are probably of great importance in the religious history of the human race, namely self-hypnotization without external suggestion and the hypnotization of crowds.

  62. When the two turned, at bay, yet with nothing between them and liberty but a hypnotism of their own suggestion, they saw the black faces of the servants peering over the family shoulders.

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