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  1. Here discomfort and oppression helps hypnotism, but the hypnotist if in the train is in a favourable position, as the distance is preserved very closely and need not be very great.

  2. The fact that Home, at least on one occasion, could not do anything when Houdin was near, seems to show that Home relied on an accomplice whom he was unable to conceal from Houdin, and who doubtless was a hypnotist also.

  3. But as a strong hypnotist herself, Mrs. Piper could bring off the Sutton matter; she could easily give Mrs. Sutton visual hallucinations.

  4. The possessed hypnotist transferred it to his victim, Mrs. Juliette Burton.

  5. There is the same humble subjection, the same compliance, the same absence of criticism, towards the hypnotist just as towards the loved object.

  6. There is the same absorption of one's own initiative; no one can doubt that the hypnotist has stepped into the place of the ego ideal.

  7. Ferenczi has made the true discovery that when a hypnotist gives the command to sleep, which is often done at the beginning of hypnosis, he is putting himself in the place of the subject's parents.

  8. The hypnotist is the sole object, and no attention is paid to any but him.

  9. It would of course be technically inexpedient for a hypnotist to make such a speech; it would tear the subject away from his unconscious attitude and stimulate him to conscious opposition.

  10. The situation is the same as if the hypnotist had said to the subject: 'Now concern yourself exclusively with my person; the rest of the world is quite uninteresting.

  11. The hypnotist asserts that he is in possession of a mysterious power which robs the subject of his own will, or, which is the same thing, the subject believes it of him.

  12. And to expect strong hypnotic effect from a certain hypnotist is often in itself sufficient to produce hypnotic sleep.

  13. Can any hypnotist of ordinary ability do it?

  14. The hypnotist is believed to have mystic power to bring any person in a distant region under his mental control and thus to be able to carry out any sinister plans by the help of his innocent victim.

  15. Thenceforward the hypnotist becomes only a figure with whom the somnambulic personality occupies itself independently: he can only state what is going on and is no longer the conditio sine qua non of the content of the somnambulic attack.

  16. We must now suppose that the automatism stands in the same relationship to the attack as the hypnotist to a pathological hypnosis; its influence upon the further structure of the situation is lost.

  17. By filling his mind full of doubt of his own creative power, a hypnotist could make a Shakespeare believe he was a fool.

  18. The hypnotist can make his subject blush or turn pale, express in his face fierce anger or appealing love.

  19. He calls himself a hypnotist and mental healer, but I prefer the older term, Animal Magnetism.

  20. They were very excited and the hypnotist was bristling with animation.

  21. Furthermore, many believe that once the subject is hypnotized, the hypnotist has complete control of the subject and the subject is powerless to resist suggestion.

  22. The subject knows that the hypnotist is ready to begin at this point.

  23. Actually, the hypnotist in this technique is not looking into the eyes of the subject.

  24. The subject is told that as the hypnotist counts to three, the subject will have a dream lasting for several minutes which he will remember.

  25. This is why "sleep" continues to be in the lexicon of the hypnotist even though hypnosis is the antithesis of sleep.

  26. After meeting with failure, using the available therapeutic remedies available at that time, he was persuaded by his relatives, the Satins, to seek the help of a hypnotist called Dr.

  27. Some of these only pertain to the situations where the hypnotist works with the subject.

  28. Some insinuated that perhaps the hypnotist wasn't too good.

  29. The stage hypnotist invariably uses a strong, authoritative approach with a great deal of success, but this approach generally does not work best in private practice.

  30. The build-up of suggestions convinces the subject he is in a heightened state of suggestibility and can benefit from the therapeutic suggestions of the hypnotist or his own.

  31. Unconsciously, there may be a poor interrelationship with the hypnotist which can create an unfavorable climate for hypnosis.

  32. Lung cancer has become a very real threat to many people today, and the professional hypnotist is besieged with men and women who wish to curtail or quit smoking.

  33. It appears that once the hypnotist concentrates or wills sufficiently, the subject succumbs.

  34. The hypnotist suggests to the subject that as he continues to look into his eyes he will fall into a deep hypnotic state.

  35. His faith in science, in the force of exact learning, was being met, and he was resolved to leave the hypnotist free to act, to control.

  36. As the hypnotist returned to his seat, Serviss opened up the special discussion by asking him his opinion of the claims of spiritualists.

  37. She recalled to mind how a hypnotist had once helped a friend of hers to recover some stolen forks and spoons.

  38. But Madame Ewans could not help returning again and again to stand before the booth of a hypnotist from Paris, a clairvoyante boasting a certificate signed by the Minster of Agriculture and Commerce and by three Doctors of the Faculty.

  39. They swayed across the room, and then the hypnotist had gone down under his antagonist.

  40. There is nothing a hypnotist or doctor hates so much as a scandal.

  41. Denton leaped to his feet, dismayed at his own fury; but the hypnotist lay still, and suddenly from a little white mark where his forehead had struck a stool shot a hurrying band of red.

  42. The hypnotist watched him with quiet eyes, studied his face and clothes and bearing.

  43. The hypnotist helped himself to some attractive amber-coloured jelly.

  44. When presently the hypnotist recovered his senses, his head ached severely, his back was against Denton's knees and Denton was sponging his face.

  45. And soon after this the celebrated hypnotist who dressed in green and yellow had another client.

  46. The hypnotist turned an attentive eye upon him, and continued eating.

  47. The other two girls, encouraged by her enthusiasm, also placed themselves in the hands of the hypnotist and had plunges into the romantic past.

  48. The hypnotist leant his head upon his arm and thought.

  49. The hypnotist repeated his praises, and there was an appreciative pause.

  50. But the affair of the hypnotist proved that his knowledge of the heart of woman was incomplete.

  51. The thing is possible at last," the hypnotist said.

  52. You can go on sponging," said the hypnotist sulkily.

  53. This habit, as well as the existence of the underground chamber, were secrets known only to Sawyer and the hypnotist who rendered his services.

  54. The hypnotist had previously informed his patron that he was intending to leave the city permanently the same evening, and referred him to other practitioners.

  55. But where the hypnotist employs his power of command to tell the subliminal self of the patient to exercise its own powers, merely directing it as to the subject upon which it is to be exercised, very wonderful powers indeed are exhibited.

  56. The hypnotist stepped to the lever that operated the trap under Locke's feet and began to pull the lever down.

  57. To fail Zita after she had so nobly saved his life in the lair of the hypnotist was an unwelcome thought to Locke, and he resolved to rescue her at any risk.

  58. The hypnotist now pulled a lever and the method of the death intended for Locke was revealed.

  59. The hypnotist slipped around them both and in a moment had caught Zita in his arms.

  60. The hypnotist now shut off the machine and, stepping before Eva, made several passes with his hands.

  61. Cocke, a hypnotist himself, who submitted to being operated upon by a professional magnetizer.

  62. One even often hears it said in society (for I am sorry to say that these mischievous practices and pranks are sometimes made a society game) that such a person is a clever hypnotist or has great mesmeric or healing power.

  63. It seemed to me that the hypnotist commanded me to awake as soon as I dropped my arm," and yet ten minutes of unconsciousness had passed.

  64. Alfred Backman of Kolmar, Sweden, a corresponding member of the Society for Psychical Research and a good practical hypnotist has had unusually good fortune in finding clairvoyants among his own patients in that northern country.

  65. His entire bearing--his lofty attitude of mind, his personal dignity all contribute to the inexplicable attraction that the arch hypnotist Mesmer first described as animal magnetism.

  66. By the power of his will the hypnotist is able to retard or accelerate pulse and respiration, and even to subdue the heart beat so that it becomes hardly perceptible.

  67. The relationship of the mind to the cell should be like that of hypnotist to subject.

  68. However, the control of the hypnotist had paralyzed her reasoning faculties and therewith her capacity for judging, doubting and not believing.

  69. The latter I saw done by a hypnotist who made the blood flow into and out of the arms and hands of one of his subjects simply by the power of his will.

  70. To the hypnotist he had become so much more than a "case," merely, that a revulsion of feeling was setting in against bringing him here to be turned over to a woman for whom he cared nothing.

  71. Then the hypnotist asked us to remove our hands from the top of the teapoy.

  72. The fellows who had sat on the floor watching whether or not it was the hypnotist who was kicking at the teapoy-leg assured us that he was not.

  73. The hypnotist did the same thing and said "The Spirit has gone.

  74. A certain Mohammedan hypnotist once visited us when I was at College.

  75. We thought that the hypnotist had kicked the leg on his side.

  76. The strange feats of this man, (hypnotist astrologer and thought-reader all rolled into one) have ever since remained an insoluble mystery.

  77. Macbeth" said the hypnotist "now which Act.

  78. A hypnotist or mesmerist is invariably in poor health and flesh.

  79. The nerves cease to act and the hypnotist is boss.

  80. The hypnotist or mesmerist gains control of his opponents through animal magnetism and controls every movement.

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