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  1. But what power is that, which raiseth the dead sinner, and carries the soul in its actings so far without the line, and above the sphere of all natural activity, when stretched to its utmost?

  2. Leave off imprisoning, whipping, and killing, which are but the actings of the curse.

  3. And this is to believe in Christ, when the actings and breathings of your soul are within the centre of the same spirit in which the man Jesus Christ lived, acted, and breathed.

  4. For surely the disorderly actings of Officers break the peace of the Commonwealth more than any men whatsoever.

  5. We say, then, that there never can be virtue or vice in the breast of a moral agent, prior to his own actings and doings.

  6. Such are God's ways; and it is one of the happiest and most elevating exercises for the soul of a saint to trace thus the admirable actings of his heavenly Father.

  7. In this chapter we find the man of God actually exposing himself to the rebuke and reproach of the men of the world, by reason of his actings when under the power of unbelief.

  8. All the earth was to recognise the presence of Elohim; but Israel was called to recognise the actings of Jehovah, with whom they stood in relation.

  9. But how little effect "God's host" had upon Jacob may be seen by his actings as here set before us.

  10. Joseph's brethren had no conception of all that was to flow to them from their actings toward him.

  11. None but those who know God, can ever approve the actings of faith, for none but they really understand the solid and truly reasonable ground of such actings.

  12. These are questions which naturally arise out of Jacob's actings in reference to Esau, and we can readily answer them by looking into the glass of our own hearts.

  13. The Canaanites had no idea of the expectations which were giving character to Abraham's actings on this occasion.

  14. More than any other nation of modern times, the people of the British Isles resemble in their covenant actings the people of Israel; and Scotland is the likest to Judah.

  15. So it appears, because the same habitudes and actings of mind do beget [airs and movements] in general the same amongst all nations, in all ages.

  16. Nor can it be only from custom; for the same dispositions and actings of mind naturally beget such kind of airs of countenance and gesture, otherwise they never would have come into custom.

  17. Yea, all these breathings are the very actings of grace, even of the grace of desire, of love, of humility, and of the fear of God within thee.

  18. But then, how little are the judgment and the actings of faith understood or valued when things get low amongst the people of God!

  19. The beautiful song of Hannah is the soul's thankful acknowledgment of God's actings in reference to Israel.

  20. No; he expatiates on the actings of God, and his own little doings sink into their proper nothingness in his estimation.

  21. The actings of faith are not understood, because the precious grace of God is not understood.

  22. Thus we see, that it was not merely his own short span of forty years that was to be characterized by such actings of grace; his house too was spoken of "for a great while to come," even forever.

  23. He is conducted, in thought, from the sheep-cote to the throne, and from the throne into the ages of the future, and sees the whole course marked by the actings of sovereign grace.

  24. This was the judgment of Eliab, in reference to the actings of David.

  25. Faith reposes upon the past; hope anticipates the future; faith leans upon God's work already accomplished; hope looks forward with earnest desire to His actings yet to be developed.

  26. It is on these men ought to sit in judgment, and not on the pure and perfect actings of divine government.

  27. It is always well for the Christian to be able to give a calm and decided answer to the objection which infidelity is sure to offer to the actings of divine government.

  28. Holy thoughts, holy words, holy actings are alone suited to those upon whom infinite grace has bestowed the title of "holy brethren.

  29. The ministry of Elijah had filled its proper place in the nation's history, no doubt; and moreover, another kind of instrument might be needed; yet this leaves quite untouched the question of his spirit and actings in the matter.

  30. And we may further remark that Elijah in his actings on mount Carmel does not stop short of the recognition of Israel's unbroken unity.

  31. Here again we have to trace the sorrowful actings of an impatient spirit.

  32. The reader will, I trust, understand the distinction between God's public actings and His secret operations by His providence.

  33. And in all their Actings they shall be countable to and Censurable by the next General Assembly.

  34. Jacob gives the history of the actings of his sons--some of them, alas!

  35. In a word, then, whether the attention was called to the divine actings without or within, abroad or at home, it was all for the purpose of impressing their hearts and minds with a deep sense of the moral importance of obedience.

  36. This binding of the heart to the Lord Himself by means of all that He is, and all His wondrous actings and gracious ways, is unspeakably precious.

  37. The remembrance of this will regulate all his actings toward the servant; it will lead him to study, with ever-deepening interest and solid profit, his divine model, in order to reproduce Him in all the practical details of daily life.

  38. The evil actings of Reuben, of Simeon, and of Levi are recorded by Jacob, but entirely omitted by Moses.

  39. Moses, on the contrary, presents the actings of divine grace, whether in them or toward them.

  40. The actings of His people are to be the reflection of Himself.

  41. They reason upon the actings of God's government, not considering that those actings lie as far beyond the range of human reason as the Creator is beyond the creature.

  42. It is the heart occupied with and delighting in God and in all His marvelous actings and ways.

  43. Does any one feel called upon to apologize for the divine actings toward the seven nations of Canaan?

  44. We are verily capable of turning the actings of God on our behalf into an occasion of self-complacency; instead of seeing in those gracious actings a ground for heartfelt praise to God, we use them as a ground for self-exaltation.

  45. They presume to measure the actings of divine government by the standard of their own shallow thoughts--to scan the infinite by the finite; in short, they measure God by themselves.

  46. It is worthy of remark that neither Israel's best Friend nor their worst enemy is once named in the book of Esther, and yet the whole book is full of the actings of both.

  47. Its men were never beguiled and aroused to perpetration of monstrous barbarities by the self-willed actings and words of their daughters.

  48. No one seems to have dreamed that their actings and sufferings could have been the result of cunning or imposture.

  49. The strength shown through the girl, the writer and witness says, "is beyond the force of dissimulation, and the actings of convulsions are quite contrary to these actings.

  50. All which Actings of Pyracy, robbery and Felony were by you and Each of you done and Committed in manner as aforesd.

  51. Waterhouse and his Cowardice, Actings and doings.

  52. Roman empire must be equal in duration with the life and actings of the two witnesses, 1260 years.

  53. Or why would they repine, and revile them for advancing their Art, the publick health and profit, and for maintaining their profession by their Pens, and actings against themselves, who are the first aggressors in this division?

  54. On the 2d or 3d of March this gentleman disappears as the other De Berenger had done on the 27th; such were the nearly contemporaneous and similar actings of these parties.

  55. Of Satan's Agents or Missionaries, and their Actings upon and in the Minds of Men in his Name.

  56. Of Satan's Agents or Missionaries, and their Actings upon and in the Minds of Men in his Name 226 CHAP.

  57. I would affectionately ask such, Are we to have no higher object before us in our actings than our own happiness?

  58. Self and its poor little actings were set aside by the glory of God and the rich magnificence of His actings on behalf of His servant.

  59. Now, these actings of faith are always most grateful to the heart of God.

  60. But how truly refreshing to contemplate the actings of the faithful apostle in the case of the damsel.

  61. It is when we have sat and gazed on the actings of Christ for us that we are enabled in any small degree to act for Him.

  62. No, says God, you must sit down and look at my work, and trace my actings on your behalf in the past, the present, and the future.

  63. And let none suppose that the actings of a royal priest are to be confined to the matter of giving.

  64. God wants you to sit down and gaze yet more fully and intently upon His actings on your behalf.

  65. Do not suppose that your actings are without their influence on the whole Church of God: you are at this moment either helping or hindering every member of that body on earth.

  66. But we cannot endure to be under the actings of His government; we love too much to be our own.

  67. No doubt we have marred His influences, and have not seconded nor smiled upon His actings upon us.

  68. The expressions or inward actings of them, is as the body of prayer.

  69. But had Israel's actings dimmed the lustre of Jehovah's mighty "miracles?

  70. Then when the church has gone to be with her Lord in the heavenly home, God will resume His public actings with Israel.

  71. According to the thoughts and actings of many parents, it would seem as though they regarded their children in the light of heathens, who had no present interest in Christ, or relationship to God at all.

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