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  1. The chief advance in aural surgery in recent years has been in the surgery of the mastoid process and antrum.

  2. To this end we must first of all heed the fact that the movement which mediates aural sensation is one of alternating expansion and contraction.

  3. The picture becomes different if we apply to the aural experience Goethe's theorem that, in so far as we are deluded, it is not by our senses but by our own reasoning.

  4. Now, the sense through which our soul penetrates with direct experience into some outer rhythmic activity is the sense of hearing, our aural perceptions being conveyed by certain rhythmic movements of the air.

  5. Psychologically, the difference between ear and eye is that aural perceptions work much more directly on the human will - that is, on the part of our astral organization connected with the limb system.

  6. Secondly, even in ordinary sense-perception a certain overlapping of visual and aural experiences is known to us.

  7. As a result, optical impressions are accompanied by dim sensations of sound, and aural impressions by dim sensations of colour.

  8. Its accompanying tune was now as necessary to his aural sensibilities as food to his stomach.

  9. Many passed on into the wide sidewalk, where the electric light poured its rays upon countless promenaders whose footfalls incessantly beat upon the aural sense.

  10. The average impact; a harsh scream, the bursting of a motor tyre, any violent assault on the aural nerves will annoy him, and he may say "damn.

  11. He returned to England in 1850, and entered into partnership with a surgeon in London, where he soon had his interest awakened specially in aural surgery, and gave also much of his attention to physiology.

  12. No constant signification, however, can be attached to aural tinnitus.

  13. Since aural complications are due to extension of inflammation from the oral and nasal cavities, Spencer urges the importance of early and systematic treatment of these parts.

  14. The aural complications, unlike those in scarlatina, are generally not sufficiently prominent at first to attract attention.

  15. The beneficial effects observed from the use of boracic acid in aural surgery have given it nearly the same position as a curative agent to diseases of the ear which atropine holds to diseases of the eye.

  16. The sense of hearing is extremely acute, and the tympanum is large, although externally there is no aural development.

  17. I told myself that it served me right, that I was too old to go gallivanting around with this younger generation, that if I would eat prickly musical pears I must not be surprised if I suffered from aural colic.

  18. Auricular tubes adapted to be applied to the ears and concealed by the hair, and other forms of aural instruments, were devised.

  19. The Megaphone of Edison appeared, consisting of two large funnels having elastic conducting tubes from their apices to the aural orifice.

  20. For example, it is well known that a large amount of ear wax in the aural passage may cause all sorts of ringing and sighing in the ear, and may even produce real hallucinations.

  21. Verbally we may say that the former occur when the mistake, at least in its main characteristic, is due to the aural mechanism.

  22. It is also called aural or auditory vertigo.

  23. The conjunctival, nasal, and aural mucosa were all involved.

  24. To do this the post-aural incision is continued downwards until it joins the one previously made in the neck.

  25. Aural Surgeon to the London Hospital Operations upon the Ear W.

  26. After the ear has been thoroughly cleansed, a large aural speculum is inserted within the meatus and the auditory canal dried with pledgets of cotton-wool.

  27. An aural polypus should always be removed because, apart from the fact that it is a symptom of underlying disease, it may obstruct free drainage of the purulent discharge, and therefore become a source of danger.

  28. The operation may be performed either through the meatus, or by reflecting forward the auricle by means of the post-aural incision, and chiselling away the upper posterior part of the bony meatus in the manner suggested by Stacke (see p.

  29. If, however, it be considered advisable to make a fresh opening in the bone beyond the septic wound cavity, the aural surgeon will probably prefer to do so by means of the gouge and bone-forceps, to which he is more accustomed.

  30. On the auricle being restored to its normal position, this portion of the graft is brought into contact with the subcutaneous tissues of the skin forming the post-aural flap, which now forms the outer wall of the mastoid cavity.

  31. After the ear has been thoroughly cleansed a large-sized aural speculum is inserted into the meatus and the outlines of the exostosis are defined with a probe.

  32. This may be done in the following ways:-- =By means of a post-aural incision.

  33. Barrett) he was informed that specialists were not required, but apparently those responsible had formed no conception of the excessive demands which would be made on the ophthalmic and aural departments.

  34. It is almost incredible that a base hospital should have been formed without being provided with an ophthalmic and aural specialist.

  35. The amount of ophthalmic and aural disease was very great.

  36. Probably the same group of organisms which caused vicious pulmonary attacks also caused these severe aural inflammations.

  37. Giddiness preceded by nausea suggests a gastric origin; if followed by nausea it points to an aural origin.

  38. An aural discharge is, however, most commonly of middle-ear origin.

  39. In cases of suspected aural vertigo, the patient's "static sense" should be carefully tested.

  40. A small ear reflector, either held in the hand or attached to a forehead band, and a set of aural specula are required.

  41. When large they constitute aural polypi, which are recognised by their proximity to the outer end of the meatus, their soft consistence and mobility, and the fact that the probe may be passed round them.

  42. Thus he oscillated continuously between two extremes; but the power which swung the pendulum was always the aural malady.

  43. As we see, this part of the lesson is for the pupil exclusively aural and oral; he works through the ear and tongue only, his book being kept closed.

  44. The Auriscope, a Hand-book of Aural Diagnosis.

  45. Senior Surgeon to the Central London Throat and Ear Hospital, Surgeon and Aural Surgeon to the Royal Society of Musicians, etc.

  46. Clinical Aural Surgery, a Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Ear in Infancy, Childhood and Adult Life.

  47. Typical cases suffer from distressing aural hallucinations, and the function of sleep is in abeyance.

  48. Probably the earliest mental symptom is the onset of aural hallucinations.

  49. An instance of herpetic glossitis from probable irritation of the chorda-tympani nerve by an aural polypus (Berkely Hill[67]) seems to lend some force to this opinion.

  50. It is better to be humane than human," murmured Kent, relinquishing his aural grip as he began to touch bottom.

  51. Illustration: See how the aural light seeks it.

  52. Professor of the Queen's University in Ireland, late Surgeon to the Cork Ophthalmic and Aural Hospital.

  53. Professor of the Queen’s University in Ireland, Surgeon to the Cork Ophthalmic and Aural Hospital.

  54. Aural Surgeon and Lecturer on Aural Surgery at St. George’s Hospital.

  55. Aural Surgeon to the Presbyterian Hospital, and Surgeon in Charge of the Infirmary for Diseases of the Ear, Philadelphia.

  56. This is caused by the internal state of the ear, and is often due especially to the state of the aural nerve.

  57. The process of cure is very similar to that used in cases of failing sight (see under Eyes), for the aural nerve has to be stimulated as the optic nerve in these cases.

  58. Senior Aural Surgeon and Lecturer on Aural Surgery at the London Hospital; Senior Surgeon to the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat.

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