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  1. And one would like to know what our conviction that we are not automata has to do with it.

  2. For we ourselves are strongly persuaded that we are not automata and strive hard to adapt ourselves.

  3. Artificial automata and natural bodies are distinguished only in degree.

  4. If automata existed similar to animals in all respects, both external and internal, it would be absolutely impossible to distinguish them from real animals.

  5. For seeing life is but a motion of limbs, the beginning whereof is in the principal part within; why may we not say that all automata (engines that move themselves by springs and wheels as doth a watch) have an artificial life?

  6. The conclusion arrived at was that animals were automata; true, they were probably sentient, still they were automata pure and simple, mere sentient pieces of exceedingly elaborate clockwork, and nothing more.

  7. Whereas I had shown before in my Rejoinder that even men often produce through automata something like the movements that come from reason, and that even a finite mind (but one far above ours) could accomplish what M.

  8. Archytas of Tarentum is said to have made a wooden pigeon that could fly, and during the middle ages numerous instances of the construction of automata are recorded.

  9. Descartes and the automata exhibited by Dr Camus, not much is accurately known.

  10. The most of these, in their interior structure, as well as in the mode of applying the moving power, have a distinct analogy with clocks; and these automata are frequently mounted in connection with watch work.

  11. Very complete automata have not been made of late years, because they are very expensive; and by soon satisfying curiosity, they cease to interest.

  12. Four automata (mechanical contrivances which, with these people, answer the ordinary purposes of domestic service) stood phantom-like at each angle in the wall.

  13. I knew not how to command the automata who stood mockingly at my beck beside the wall, nor could I ascertain the springs by which were set in movement the platforms that supplied the place of stairs.

  14. She went daily the round of the chambers, and saw that the automata and other mechanical contrivances were in order, that the numerous children employed by Aph-Lin, whether in his private or public capacity, were carefully tended.

  15. The automata reappeared, serving one of those delicious liquids which form the innocent wines of the Vril-ya.

  16. Without this we could not make our automata supply the place of servants.

  17. Let automata increase in variety and ingenuity till at last they present so many of the phenomena of life that the religious world declares they were designed and created by God as an independent species.

  18. XXVII [If animals are conscious automata with souls] the soul stands related to the body as the bell of a clock to the works, and consciousness answers to the sound which the bell gives out when it is struck.

  19. Men, the automata of Providence, used to effect that they do not dream of, 814-m.

  20. If men really were automata in the proper sense of the word, we could not look upon them as wise or unwise, good or bad; in short, the whole world of moral distinctions would vanish.

  21. Descartes held that the lower animals are automata and that their actions are not indicative of consciousness; he regarded their bodies as machines lacking the soul in the "little pineal gland.

  22. They are only automata in the drawing-room.

  23. What right have I to turn my fellow-creatures into bedizened automata like that?

  24. This figure was made by Opre, to whom all conjurers of that time looked for automata and apparatus.

  25. During his later years Henri-Louis Jacquet-Droz was induced to take the automata to Spain.

  26. Doubtless other automata found their way to his workshop and aided him in his study of a profession which he still hoped to follow.

  27. Surely it was one of the most remarkable of the automata which he claims as the creations of his brain and hands.

  28. The automata made by the Jacquet-Drozes and their confreres were exhibited in all the large cities of Great Britain and Continental Europe.

  29. Mention is also made of musical automata in imitation of singing birds and barrel organs for churches, as among Pinchbeck's manufactures.

  30. It is not possible that a man so well read and posted in magic and automata as Robert-Houdin did not know of its existence and mechanism.

  31. By this time he had acquired more than passing fame as a repairer of automata, and in 1844 he mended Vaucanson's marvellous duck, one of the most remarkable automata ever made.

  32. Mechanical automata have at a thousand points taken labor out of human hands; electricity, which is "harnessing Niagara," may at some time harness waves and winds and make them turn the literal wheels of mechanical progress.

  33. There will long be at work hand presses much like those used by Benjamin Franklin, besides the complicated automata which do the bulk of our printing, because for printing a dozen copies of anything the lever press is the cheaper.

  34. Automata which men set working excel hand tools with men wielding them by a greater ratio than can be calculated.

  35. There was at that time a great passion for automata in France, which gave rise to many highly ingenious devices, such as Camus's miniature carriage (made for Louis XIV.

  36. They are automata of the most perfect kind, rendering the engine and machine-maker in a great measure independent of inferior workmen.

  37. No: the two automata are trifles; but the use of our powers of destruction is never a trifle.

  38. If your Automata had been properly animated, Martellus, they would have been more successful.

  39. Still, I resolved on continuing my studies of automata and instruments suited to produce magical illusions.

  40. The long looked-for change in my fortunes had at length arrived; my automata had gained me a certain degree of reputation, and I was making arrangements to commence my performances.

  41. My automata and mechanical curiosities would not have betrayed the hopes I built upon them, but I had too few, and the specimens I had in hand still required years of study and labor.

  42. Louis Philippe paid daily visits to the Palace of Industry, and as my automata had been pointed out as deserving his attention, he evinced a wish to see them, and gave me twenty hours' notice of his visit.

  43. I have already repeatedly mentioned the automata I made, and it is high time to describe the nature of the articles intended to be used in my performances.

  44. The circumstances to which I allude date back to the Exposition of 1844, when I submitted my automata and mechanical curiosities.

  45. Though noble by birth, Vaucanson exhibited his automata at the fair of Saint Germain and at Paris, where his receipts were enormous.

  46. In order not to defer my appearance before the public, I therefore resolved to begin with my conjuring tricks and such automata as were ready.

  47. We were two brothers in his kingdom, carpenters by trade, skilful in making ingenious automata of wood and other materials, such as Maya [614] first invented.

  48. There can be no doubt that most people who have never been anything but dull and stupid, become more and more of automata as they grow old.

  49. But learned men of his time rather approved of all wonder-working automata than otherwise.

  50. Many have no doubt hastily formed opinions in regard to the automata and other curiosities of the “Century.

  51. The automata are very elaborate, with figures of men, monkeys, peacocks, etc.

  52. Other Islamic texts give versions of the water clocks and automata of Archimedes and of Hero and Philo of Alexandria.

  53. Again in 807 a similarly marvelous exhibition clock made of bronze was sent by Harun-al-Rashid to the Emperor Charlemagne; it seems to have been of the same type, with automata and hydraulic works.

  54. Unfortunately, even the most complex automata described by Hero and by such authors as Riḍwān contain gearing in no more extensive context than as a means of transmitting action around a right angle.

  55. The accounts however which speak of much older automata deserve to be examined with more attention.

  56. It is probable that he made the automata which I saw in Russia.

  57. In the year 1752, one Du Moulin, a silversmith, travelled about through Germany with automata like those of Vaucanson.

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