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  1. The tree then resembles the baobab or calabash, the elephant or hippopotamus of the vegetable kingdom.

  2. In the savannas the most characteristic trees are the monkey bread tree or baobab (Adanisonia digitata), doom palm (Hyphaene) and euphorbias.

  3. A memorable Dialogue in the little Baobab Villa.

  4. From dawn all Tarascon had been on foot, encumbering the Avignon road and the approaches to Baobab Villa.

  5. Whereupon more egg-nogg, bravoes, handshaking, slappings of the shoulder, and a torchlight serenade up to midnight before Baobab Villa.

  6. The loft of Baobab Villa was full of these glorious trophies.

  7. At sunset the travellers halted in a peculiarly wild spot and encamped under the shelter of a gigantic baobab tree.

  8. We cannot omit, however, to mention the fruit of the Baobab or "Adansonia," which both in Africa and in Australia we have found extremely valuable.

  9. The head waiter of the Baobab Club noticed Mr. Charliewood was off his food, and everybody with whom the man about town came in contact said that "Richard was by no means himself.

  10. This was young Lord Landsend, a peer of twenty-one summers, who had recently been elected to the Baobab Tree Club, and who had a profound admiration for the worldly wisdom of his fellow member.

  11. With a guttural exclamation of triumph he gripped her in his left arm, and, despite her struggles and her shrill cry for help, began half to drag and half to carry her towards the deep shade of the baobab grove.

  12. About an open space of ground, some eighty paces in diameter, grew seven huge and ancient baobab trees, so ancient indeed that they must have been planted by the primæval hand of nature rather than by that of man.

  13. One morning, after a restless night of pained and dreamful slumber, Harry found himself unable to rise from his couch of grass under the flower-clad, creeper-hung baobab tree.

  14. He was not sorry when the moonlight shone down on them once more through the branches of a baobab tree.

  15. The baobab is indeed less a tree than a gigantic and salutary fungus; but in a distant prospect of landscape it has the scenic effect of large timber.

  16. Under the doubtful shade of a baobab we breakfasted, and then went up the stream with our rifles to look for game.

  17. They scrambled for baobab fruit; they hunted for wolves' and lions' dung, from which they make an ointment, smeared with which they imagine they can safely walk through the bush at all seasons.

  18. And with his hand he pointed at a baobab tree growing on the brink of the ravine whose huge roots hung over the wall and were parallel with the fragment.

  19. The tent will not protect you sufficiently and in the baobab tree if it is not rotten to the top, we can laugh at the greatest downpour.

  20. But when clouds covered the starry heaven and the rain began to fall it became very dusky and the interior of the baobab tree was as dark as in a cellar.

  21. Receiving a reply that she undoubtedly was in the tree, he was about to enter the interior of the baobab tree when at that moment it seemed to him that he heard Nell's voice in the depth of the ravine.

  22. Afterwards he ordered Kali to take a horse, and despatched him for the slaughtered game, while he himself began to inspect carefully the gigantic baobab trunk, walk around it, and knock the rugged bark with the barrel of his rifle.

  23. The sun penetrating through the baobab leaves cast quivering bright spots upon their brown backs.

  24. A terrific roar so agitated the atmosphere that the sturdy baobab tree shook from top to bottom and remnants of the unscraped decayed wood poured upon their heads.

  25. After which both went into the baobab tree and occupied themselves in arranging the dwelling.

  26. Nell always agreed to everything that Stas wanted; so she agreed now; the more so, as the thought of remaining near the elephant and dwelling in a baobab tree pleased her immensely.

  27. Stas without regret abandoned the promontory and the baobab tree, for it was associated with the recollection of Nell's illness.

  28. Saying this, he ordered Mea to throw into the interior of the baobab tree a few lighted boughs, which smoked profusely because the branches were fresh.

  29. The idea of living in the baobab tree, which would afford a protection not only against the rain but also against the wild animals, pleased the negro very much; but on the other hand the conduct of the elephant did not meet his approval.

  30. It was light and cheerful in the hut, for Mea had lit, not the fire-pot which had illuminated the interior of the baobab tree, but a large traveling lamp inherited from Linde.

  31. He had barely counted three hundred when from a baobab tree growing about fifty paces from the tent Mea's voice resounded.

  32. He set these under a limb of the great baobab that faced the boma gate not far from the middle of the square.

  33. The colossal Baobab (Adansonia) is worshipped as a divinity by the negroes of Senegambia.

  34. The leviathan Baobab (Adansonia) is an object of reverential worship to the negroes of Senegal, where it is asserted that some of these trees exist which are five thousand years old.

  35. Away to the northward the ground rose, forming a plateau of coral nearly fifty feet above the sea, and on which many huge baobab trees were growing.

  36. Laxdale and Danvers took to their heels, making for a large baobab that stood about fifty yards away.

  37. Under the wide-spreading branches of a baobab the Hun was able to make one fire serve his purpose.

  38. And it was not long before he found that the soft bark of the baobab might easily be cut so as to make a winding staircase up it; and the work would be an amusement to him, as well as a great advantage.

  39. The coolness was most delicious, and a few strips of baobab bark made a first–rate shoe of it.

  40. Then it came to the bedposts of Cradockʼs couch, which he had cut, in a dry sort of humour, from the soft baobab wood.

  41. Oh, but you surely will not stay so far from the baobab to-night!

  42. From a point near the top a gigantic baobab tree towered up against the skyline like a Brobdingnagian cabbage.

  43. For all this, he was back at the baobab before Miss Leslie had stitched up the last slit in the torn flag.

  44. He went around the baobab and a few paces along the cleft to the place where a limp form lay huddled on the ledges, out of the mud.

  45. Miss Leslie would have slipped into the hollow of the baobab with her armful of fagots and brush; but Blake waved a bloody knife above the body of the mother leopard, and beckoned the girl to come nearer.

  46. Midway, at the highest point of the cleft, the baobab towered high above the ridge crest, its gigantic trunk filling a third of the breadth of the little gorge.

  47. And it's too infernally high to climb up to this overhanging baobab limb.

  48. Beneath the giant spread of the baobab all was blackness.

  49. Within the baobab all was again dark and silent.

  50. Around the baobab she came upon Winthrope, working in the shade of the great tree.

  51. At the baobab she turned and gazed back along the cliff edge.

  52. A few miles below its mouth, beneath a giant baobab tree repose the remains of Mrs. Livingstone, and near her is the resting place of Kirkpatrick, of the Zambesi Survey of 1826.

  53. Mrs. Livingstone, the devoted wife of the missionary, rests under a gigantic baobab tree a little way below the Shire mouth; and near her grave is that of Kirkpatrick, of the Zambesi Survey Expedition of 1826.

  54. The cotton plant, hollyhock, and abutilon are of this order, and the baobab and the silk-cotton trees are now referred to it.

  55. The powdered leaves of the baobab tree, used by the Africans to mix in their soup, as the southern negroes use powdered sassafras.

  56. Bell Valley is on the south-west of the lake, where there are many large baobab trees.

  57. Blankets they make from the wild cotton, which they dye brown; also bags for holding milk or water of the bark of the baobab and other trees.

  58. As I was under one of those splendid baobab trees, quite in shadow, I determined to wait and find out the cause of such unearthly sounds.

  59. Livingstone's wife was taken ill and died, and was buried on its banks under a baobab tree, a little below the town of Shupanga, and opposite to the town of Mulu.

  60. The Mashonas manufacture a coarse cloth made from the bark of the baobab tree, the size of blankets, and dye them brown; they are very strong and are used as mantles by the natives; they are made by hand without any machinery.

  61. The fiber is so strong as to give rise to a common saying in Bengal, "as secure as an elephant bound with baobab rope.

  62. The bark of the baobab furnishes a fiber which is made into ropes and also manufactured into cloth.

  63. Into that baobab tree I made up my mind to go.

  64. To the right of the huts as you look up the kloof, and commanding the mealie lands, stands the baobab tree that I have mentioned.

  65. Close by this hut grew a large baobab tree.

  66. We dressed his wound and gave him an injection of morphia, a cigarette, and a good drink of brandy, and left him in the shade of a baobab tree to recover from his fears.

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