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Example sentences for "baptised"

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baobab; baound; baout; baptesme; baptise; baptiser; baptising; baptism; baptismal; baptisme
  1. You are baptised men, knowing that blessed name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which Nebuchadnezzar only saw dimly, and afar off.

  2. Were we not baptised into His name at that font?

  3. The cross which was signed on my forehead when I was baptised is God's sign to me that I am to sacrifice myself and give up my own will to do God's will, even as the Lord Jesus did when He gave Himself to die, because it was His Father's will.

  4. Imagine gathered in that monster, whom St. Remi baptised a son of the Church--imagine gathered in that one monster the cunning of the fox and the cowardly ferocity of the wolf.

  5. Was it not they who baptised the murderer a son of the Roman Church?

  6. The cacique, Most Holy Father, was baptised with all his people who are become as sheep under their shepherd to increase your flock.

  7. Enciso immediately despatched two priests who were with him, and in one day one hundred and thirty men of the Comendador's enemies were baptised and became his firm friends and allies.

  8. Under the patronage and name of Peter Martyr, the child of the Anghera was baptised and, since his family name fell into oblivion, Martyr has replaced it.

  9. BOOK IV The Spaniards remained several days in that place, during which they baptised the cacique Comogre, giving him the name of Charles, after the Spanish prince, and likewise all his family with him.

  10. When this chief was about to be baptised by some Christians who were passing through, he asked them how the governor of the neighbouring island of Hispaniola was called, and he was answered that he was called El Comendador.

  11. Then went out to him Ierusalem, and all Ieury, and all the region round about Iordan, and were baptised of him in Iordan, knowledging their sins.

  12. Then came to my remembrance the words of the lord, how he said: Ihon baptised with water, but ye shall be baptised with the holy ghost.

  13. Then said he to the people, that were come to be baptised of him.

  14. Furthermore know I not whether I baptised any man or no.

  15. Then came Iesus from Galilee into Iordan to Ihon, for to be baptised of him.

  16. As soon as they believed Philips preaching of the kingdom of God and of the name of Iesu Christ, they were baptised both men and women.

  17. Then said Paul: Ihon verily baptised with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people that they should believe on him, which should come after him.

  18. After that came Iesus and his disciples into the jewes land, and there abode with them and baptised, and Ihon also baptised in Enon besides Salim, because there was much water there, and they came, and were baptised.

  19. But Ihon forbade him saying: I ought to be baptised of thee: and comest thou too me?

  20. He said unto them: Ye shall drink of my cup, and shall be baptised with the baptism that I shall be baptised with all.

  21. For Ihon baptised with water but ye shall be baptised with the holy ghost, and that within this few days.

  22. I have baptised you with water: but he shall baptise you with the holy ghost.

  23. Joseph is baptised by St. Philip, then Bishop of Jerusalem, as is also Vespasian, concerning whom the story is now silent.

  24. I parted his thick, matted hair, and kneeling, I baptised him from the flask of water I always carried at my side.

  25. He explained that all his work was thwarted by this idol, since his converts declared that they did not dare to be baptised while it sat there in the Grove.

  26. I may tell you now what she commanded me to conceal at the time, namely, that she became a Christian; so much so that by her own will, I baptised and confirmed her on the very morning of her sacrifice.

  27. Repent," can we not imagine him pleading as Peter had pleaded before, "and be baptised .

  28. Then, in the sight of all the people, the cloud descended, wrapped them all in impenetrable mist, as a sign that the chosen men were being mysteriously baptised with the Spirit, and when again they emerged they began to prophesy.

  29. The Prince complaining of illness, the Admiral assured him that if he would be baptised and break all his idols, he would to a certainty be cured, pledging his word for the result.

  30. The act of baptism with consecrated water was performed at the entrance to the church and usually the baptised received a white garment in token of his purity.

  31. In popular opinion the baptised were placed under the protection and consecration of the divine power.

  32. In 865 the baptised Duke of Bulgaria wrote to Pope Nicholas I.

  33. If not born into it, all the people of western Europe were at least baptised into it.

  34. When, in 826, King Harold Klak fled to the Emperor for aid, he, together with his whole family and train, was converted and baptised at Ingelheim.

  35. Radbod, the baptised Frisian king, had backslid when he learned that his pagan forefathers were among the damned.

  36. In 722 he ordered the Jews and Montanists to be baptised by force.

  37. Grand-Duke Vladimir, the grandson of Olga, established Christianity at one sweep when he married Anne, the daughter of Emperor Basil and was baptised at his wedding in 988.

  38. The Duke was converted and baptised and paganism was destroyed by force.

  39. Ordination was the sacrament of the hierarchy by which baptised persons were consecrated to perform the duties of priesthood.

  40. This robe, after being worn for some time, was frequently hung up in the church after the ceremony to remind the baptised one of his new status.

  41. Ebo made several journeys, later preached extensively, won many converts, baptised them, and built a church at Welnau.

  42. He permitted his child to be baptised in accordance with the Christian rite and tolerated Christian priests and monks as a matter of policy, but that was all.

  43. They had eleven children, born in Boston and baptised (except one or two) in the Second church, each a few days after birth.

  44. The child born aboard ship was baptised Andrew, after its mother's father, Lieut.

  45. He sent to France for the seeds of the most highly esteemed qualities of vegetables, which sometimes came up in shameless disregard of their certificates of baptism, and indeed of any honestly baptised family.

  46. Franco, however, baptised these two little pictures with the names of Morone and Carlo Dolci, without further qualification.

  47. My goddis ben false by water and londe, consents to be I reneye hem alle here in this place,[132] christened, his gods Baptised nowe wole I be.

  48. He was Cristened in þat welle, and bishop Turpin Floreyne the kinge alle him calle, 1480 baptised him, by the He forsoke the foule feende of helle name of Floreyn.

  49. Their sight, however, was restored to them on the bishop's praying for them; and they were then all thereby converted and baptised on the spot.

  50. Orestes answered that he was a Christian, and he had been baptised at Constantinople.

  51. And, an half mile more nigh, is a fair church of Saint John the Baptist, where he baptised our Lord.

  52. And they were baptised according to the baptism of the pagans (by which they were dedicated not to God but to the demon); and their names were Lochan, Enna, and Silvester.

  53. I have a baptism to be baptised with,[379] and he was in pain till it was accomplished, and yet this baptism was his death.

  54. Abaka Khan of Persia, that Kúblái was a baptised Christian, sent a party of Franciscans with a long letter to the Kaan Quobley, as he is termed.

  55. And even the Calif caused himself to be baptised in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen, and became a Christian, but in secret.

  56. But if I were to turn to the faith of Christ and become a Christian, then my barons and others who are not converted would say: "What has moved you to be baptised and to take up the faith of Christ?

  57. And the abbot took her and baptised her and gave her Sola for a name.

  58. Rise, therefore, and get thee to the good abbot who baptised thee.

  59. The vineyard thus baptised in blood was thenceforward known as the Vigne des Sieges.

  60. This wine is surely no Christian wight, And yet you never complaint will hear That it's not baptised with water clear.

  61. My father was baptised Etienne, my mother is Etienne, and I am Tiennette, at your service.

  62. The varlet who served a caudle baptised his head with it, and took care to let the burning liquor trickle down poor Amador's backbone.

  63. I don't think it is likely ever he was baptised at all.

  64. I don't suppose he was baptised Sugar o' Lead.

  65. They had all been baptised and then not sufficiently fed, and just left to die.

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