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  1. We crossed the broad entrance into Queenborough Harbour, where the dim bulk of a couple of battleships loomed up vaguely through the haze.

  2. We reached the end of the Swatch, and leaving Queenborough, with its grim collection of battleships and coal hulks, to starboard, we stood out to sea along the coastline.

  3. On the other hand, those who are constantly advocating the building of more and bigger battleships admit that the Peace Party presents strong arguments in support of its views, and that "the war against war" is making progress.

  4. But already there were forty of the great battleships rising to meet them.

  5. All around them, in regular rows, the great hulls of the Nansal battleships were arranged.

  6. Within a few minutes, a fleet of battleships was winging its way toward the invisible barrier.

  7. They saw a dozen or so battleships racing away from them to spread the news of the disaster; they were the few which had been fortunate enough to be outside the city when the beam struck.

  8. It can also approach a battleship or fleet of battleships in the same submerged condition, and experience has already demonstrated that its advance in that condition to within striking distance is extremely difficult to detect.

  9. No naval Power can now afford to place its battleships at a fixed station, or even in close touch with a fixed rendezvous, which is within reach of an enemy's torpedo craft.

  10. The function of battleships is to act in concert.

  11. Thus, in the conditions established by the advent of the torpedo and its characteristic craft, there would seem to be only two alternatives open to a fleet of battleships engaged in blockade operations.

  12. The day the last of those battleships passed through the Straits of Gibraltar, this little Conference was plotted.

  13. We seem to have collected about forty messages from different battleships and cruisers.

  14. A torpedo-tube for use on model destroyers and battleships is shown in Fig.

  15. A fleet of battleships and battle-cruisers can easily be made according to the foregoing instructions, and the builder should not be satisfied with producing only one.

  16. Word must have been received by wireless of the loss of the Indefatigable and the Queen Mary, while the battleships were still fifty or sixty miles away, for Beatty at this time was running south faster than Jellicoe could follow.

  17. And the destroyers of both fleets were repeatedly sent at full speed through banks of fog within which the enemy battleships were known to be concealed.

  18. The two first-class battleships were not equaled in fighting power by anything in the Spanish navy, and the New York was one of the best fighting ships of her kind in the world.

  19. The measured crash of the big thirteen-inch guns of the battleships sounded above the rattle of the guns of the secondary batteries like thunder-claps above the din of a hurricane.

  20. I therefore maintained the blockade as follows: To the battleships was assigned the duty, in turn, of lighting the channel.

  21. The sight of those magnificent battleships burning and the magazines exploding one by one as the flames reached them, made an impression upon me I will never forget.

  22. Great Britain would have released him as soon as one of her battleships could reach Havana.

  23. The fire of the battleships was powerful and destructive and the resistance of the Spanish squadron was in great part broken almost before they had got beyond the range of their own forts.

  24. As soon as day began to break, the cruisers and gunboats inside the harbor hoisted anchors and moved out to join the big battleships which were already lined outside the bar.

  25. The fire from the rapid-fire batteries of the battleships appears to have been remarkably destructive.

  26. Two thirteen-inch shells from one of the battleships had struck the Maria Teresa at the water line, tearing great holes in her side and causing her to fill rapidly.

  27. In every navy yard work was hurried night and day upon all incomplete battleships and cruisers.

  28. The work of the American battleships was as rapid as it was terrible.

  29. While the little yacht had been gaining this notable victory over the two famous destroyers the big battleships had been following the line of Spanish cruisers and pounding them with great persistence.

  30. The battleships were later destroyed by Japanese torpedo operations after the fall of Wei-hai-wei.

  31. Five of his battleships were detached for service in the East, under Suffren, of whom we shall hear more later.

  32. It appears that at Jutland the battleships were held to a rigid unit of fleet formation as in the days of the Duke of York or Admiral Graves.

  33. It is said that the latter even sent a signal to the Marlborough for the battleships to fall in astern of him, and the failure to do so made his maneuver fruitless.

  34. It consisted of 24 battleships formed in a line of six divisions screened by destroyers and light cruisers, as indicated in the accompanying diagram.

  35. At the outbreak of war her fleet of 6 battleships and 6 armored cruisers, with light cruiser and destroyer flotillas, was assembled at Sasebo near the Straits of Tsushima, thoroughly organized for fighting and imbued with the spirit of war.

  36. The Japanese hauled off, while according to Chinese accounts the battleships actually followed, but at 4.

  37. This was the third time within an hour that they had effected this maneuver, and the skill with which the battleships managed these turns in line under a rain of fire speaks well for German seamanship.

  38. Ericsson's successful application of the screw propeller in 1837 made steam propulsion more feasible for battleships by clearing the decks and eliminating the clumsy and exposed side-wheels.

  39. The Japanese engaged in two main divisions of 6 ships each (4 battleships and 8 armored cruisers), backed by four light cruiser divisions of 4 ships each.

  40. The 12-inch Krupps were to stand off battleships attempting to force the harbor, or to bombard the Morro.

  41. All that was known was that the seven battleships blew up, one after another, at regular four-minute intervals.

  42. The fleets of all the world were there, and day and night millions of tons of battleships ploughed the brine of her coasts, and nothing happened.

  43. Germany, though aggrieved, was not anxious for war, and, as a peace token, sent the Crown Prince and seven battleships on a friendly visit to the United States.

  44. It was here that he obtained his firsthand knowledge of battleships and their construction.

  45. But accident could not explain the blowing up of the seven battleships on the Hudson at four-minute intervals.

  46. Admiral Togo, with his six powerful battleships and his splendid cruisers, had absolute command of the Gulf of Pechili, and the transports from Japan were able to pour troops with perfect safety upon the shores of the Liao-tung Peninsula.

  47. Swiftly upon the track of this first message there followed the brief account of a further disaster, which placed another of Russia's finest battleships hors de combat.

  48. But the battleships answered the signal; and the course steered was back to Port Arthur.

  49. Thus the Russians had a clear superiority in battleships partially discounted by Togo's superiority in armored cruisers.

  50. Much of the sweeping character of the victory will ultimately be traced to these comparatively tiny craft, fighting under the shower of shells being hurled from the big guns of the battleships and cruisers far away.

  51. During the day we lost the battleships Kniaz Souvaroff, Borodino, Osliabya, and the cruiser Ural.

  52. We saw the use of these ships in the Jutland battle, when, using their high speed, they attacked the German battleships and kept them engaged while the slower battleships came up.

  53. Though they suffered severe losses, which probably the more heavily armoured battleships would have escaped, they held the Germans so that it was only the failing light which saved them from utter destruction.

  54. As we saw in the accounts of the battle of Jutland, the German Fleet tackled our cruisers and lighter vessels but discreetly withdrew when the battleships came up.

  55. In the American Civil War, for instance, only about sixty years ago, the battleships were made of wood.

  56. There are other battleships with even more guns than these, such as the U.

  57. Of course, there have been battleships for centuries.

  58. A fact little known to most people and productive of much surprise is that these battleships and cruisers are not such very large vessels, when compared with those of the merchant service.

  59. Since the Repulse all our battleships have been built of wrought iron or mild steel.

  60. The guns, therefore, with which the ships are armed, always form a subject of great interest, especially those large ones which constitute the armament of the Dreadnought battleships and battle-cruisers.

  61. This fine series of battleships amounted to forty in all, and formed a homogeneous and magnificent fleet, the like of which the world had never seen.

  62. The bigger and bigger guns carried by battleships necessitated stronger and stronger armour.

  63. Thenceforward our battleships were classified by the number of guns they carried.

  64. The British battleships Irresistible, Ocean, and Goliath were all sunk--the two first on the same day.

  65. The battleships of both nations were galleons at this period, but they differed considerably in their general lines and in their armament.

  66. What the Marines really begrudged was Mitscher taking all eight Marine Corps fighter squadrons, assigned to the fast carriers, plus the new fast battleships with their 16-inch guns.

  67. Battleships and cruisers steamed as close as 2,000 yards to level their guns against island targets.

  68. The Guadalcanal veterans among them realized a grim satisfaction watching American battleships leisurely pounding the island from just offshore.

  69. Galveston, a brigade of Infantry in the Los Angeles district of southern California, together with a squadron of battleships and cruisers and transports at Galveston, and a small squadron of ships at San Diego.

  70. But it is idle to build battleships unless in addition to providing the men, and the means for thorough training, we provide the auxiliaries for them, unless we provide docks, the coaling stations, the colliers and supply ships that they need.

  71. The marksmanship in our Navy has improved in an extraordinary degree during the last three years, and on the whole the types of our battleships are improving; but much remains to be done.

  72. Furthermore, the construction of such steamships insures the maintenance in an efficient condition of the shipyards in which our battleships must be built.

  73. Sixteen battleships are going under the command of Rear-Admiral Evans, while eight armored cruisers and two other battleships will meet him at San Francisco, whither certain torpedo destroyers are also going.

  74. It is desirable to complete as soon as possible a squadron of eight battleships of the best existing type.

  75. The building plan for this year contemplates two battleships and two colliers.

  76. If our new diplomacy is right, it is as strong as the world's respect for righteousness; if it is wrong, a hundred battleships cannot enforce it.

  77. Where now we are erecting battleships and forts, it is for us to build libraries and schools.

  78. As a matter of fact, England builds new battleships because Germany does, Germany increases her navy because France does, while the United States builds new dreadnoughts because other nations pursue that policy.

  79. I do not say to sink our battleships and turn free our army.

  80. No, an ocean of exception large enough to float any number of battleships for which pride and ambition may be willing to pay!

  81. He believed it to be nine sail-of-the-line, whereas fifteen battleships and seven smaller vessels were awaiting his coming.

  82. Hood was called upon to blockade Alexandria, and two of the battleships were sent to Naples for very necessary repairs.

  83. One of the most modern battleships in the service bears his name, the most famous of London’s many columns is crowned by his effigy.

  84. Our battleships had begun an angry, heavy retort but whether their great guns were finding the marks, of course, we couldn’t know.

  85. Moreover, in some of the latest battleships of the dreadnought type the practice has been followed of permitting no doors of any description to be cut through the bulkheads below the water-line.

  86. Later in the fight, several other Russian battleships capsized from the same cause, assisted by the weight of extra supplies of coal which the Russians had stowed on the upper decks above the water-line.

  87. It is claimed for the latest battleships of the dreadnought type, built for the United States Navy, that they would remain afloat, even after having been struck by three or four torpedoes.

  88. Right ahead of them was extended the line of snowy targets, seeming huge enough at such close range, small as they appeared to the battleships a mile and a quarter off.

  89. Blue had twenty-eight battleships and battle-cruisers to Red's eighteen, or fifty-five per cent.

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