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Example sentences for "battling"

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battlemented; battlements; battles; battleship; battleships; battre; battu; battue; battues; batty
  1. Fifty dollars will be given to any man, black or white, who can stay three rounds with him, and one hundred dollars cash money to the man who knocks out Battling Ole Swenson, the Terror of the Docks.

  2. For one instant he felt weak and human before Battling Ole.

  3. It said: "Battling Ole Swenson will meet all comers in this gymnasium at three this afternoon and eight to-night.

  4. A man in his shirt sleeves stood up in the ring and bellowed, "The next contestant for the reward of fifty dollars to stay three rounds with battling Ole and one hundred dollars to knock him out is Mr. H.

  5. In the silence that she had imposed on herself while her champion was battling she had been gathering courage, piling up the ammunition of resolution.

  6. Miss Harnden had entered behind her shield, nerved like a battling Amazon.

  7. It was all too plain that his horse was battling for its life.

  8. But he quickly rallied, battling the stream with mighty strokes.

  9. Mulvaney, riderless, was battling toward them through the torrent, but the stress and struggle of the second before had been instantly cut short.

  10. For the next few minutes they were struggling against the gale, battling their way to the lofty little signal station, impeded in every movement by driving rain, flying scud, intense blackness and flapping oilskins.

  11. On one occasion Melanchthon watched him during such a struggle, when he was battling against despair and the appalling thought that he had been delivered over to the “wrath of God and the punishment of sin.

  12. One such eruption of an earlier date may serve as an instance of the fits of rage to which he was liable when battling with his temptations.

  13. The defenders of Christianity were searching out evidences, and battling with deistical objections, while they slackened in their fight against the more palpable assaults of the world and the flesh.

  14. In battling for the rights of the negro, he deemed it unwise and inconsistent to increase the disabilities of the foreign-born citizen.

  15. Speech has cruelly deserted her; a sob has risen in her throat, and she is battling with it so fiercely, that for a moment she can say nothing.

  16. The drama of my life has been a mere battling with shadows.

  17. There come occasions when you get tired of your own stars and long to feel the thrill of that royal life-blood that leaps like a ruby river of love through the grimy, toiling, battling humanitarian world beneath you.

  18. The three fugitives ran to the edge of the causeway: below them, the water full of men battling for life; behind, the foe, now fully aware of their advantage and pressing on with exultant shouts.

  19. A few powerful strokes sent him beside them, and, to his unutterable astonishment, he beheld in the person who was battling with Agias for possession of the float none other than Pratinas.

  20. They were alone with Agias facing the foe; the legionaries were struggling one over another at the edge of the causeway, battling for dear life to force their way into the only galley that had not thrust off.

  21. Had you seen him on the mountains battling with wind and storm as a wood-cutter, a shepherd, but free, you might have continued to love him.

  22. It was a quiet, victory, of which the frantic mob were ignorant; for they saw only the foe confronting them, not the one battling above.

  23. It is perfectly true that he might have placed the Army of the Potomac in front of Richmond and Petersburg without any battling or any loss of life, just as McClellan had done in 1862.

  24. During the next two months the battling was well-nigh incessant, and the losses on both sides, though incurred in comparatively small engagements, amounted in the aggregate to those of a great contest.

  25. There was no further battling of consequence during that summer or autumn.

  26. The Confederates, Wheeler and Forrest, rushed hurricanelike through the country north, battling here and there with such forces as they met.

  27. In both of these efforts the Federal operations failed, but in their progress they involved some of the severest and most picturesque battling of the war.

  28. In the meanwhile there was continuous battling all along the Richmond and Petersburg lines, which covered a space of more than thirty miles.

  29. The boy could not speak, for he was battling down the horrible feeling of dread that came over him.

  30. Cheerful, I must say," said Kit, battling his way to his feet and tottering on.

  31. He was battling with a sudden rush of thought.

  32. The massacres of July were not due to Robespierre, who during that time was battling with the Committee of Public Safety, at whose hands he fell on the 29th.

  33. If Paine's suffering represented in London Washington's deference to England, all the more did he stand to France as a representative of those who in America were battling for the Alliance.

  34. His eyes went back to the flower-face of this young girl as she stood before him, fashionably attired and battling to conceal the storm of her distress.

  35. Larks were battling up, striving to sing against the very bars of heaven.

  36. Then had Bernardo turned, humour battling with reverence in his sensorium, and 'Cicca!

  37. And yet-- He lay down to rest that night, lay rigid for a long while, battling with a monstrous soul-terror.

  38. Stuart, re-living in talk one of their strenuous battling hours at sea, when every nerve was strained taut to catch the racing tide into harbour.

  39. In battling with the elements, particularly on the sea, under the protection of Thor; 2.

  40. We shall behold a truly Christian people battling against paganism in its most revolting and audacious form.

  41. He was realising his own meaning in the world; he was doing that for which he was made--killing meat and battling to kill it.

  42. The noise from downstairs was as that of a score of battling fiends.

  43. Illustration: "Slowly battling with the Waves, Jake and His Precious Burden drew Near the Raft.

  44. Slowly battling with the waves, Jake and his precious burden drew near the raft.

  45. She can't stand the physical strain thirty days in the month; she can't stand the starvation, the mistreatment, the battling that a man gets in the world.

  46. Maguire, who had just come on to relieve 4434, lived up to his duty most practically by catching the leg of the battling Jimmie, and giving it a wrestling twist which threw the tough with a thud on the pavement, clear of his antagonist.

  47. He died as he had lived, with a curse on his lip, murder in his heart, and battling like a beast!

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    Other words:
    aggressive; antagonistic; bellicose; belligerent; bloodthirsty; bloody; combative; contentious; enemy; ferocious; fierce; fighting; hostile; inimical; martial; militant; military; offensive; pugnacious; quarrelsome; sanguinary; savage; scrappy; striving; struggling; truculent; unfriendly; warlike; warring