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  1. We may also point out the essential chemical similarity between laterite and the seams of bauxite which occur, for example, in the north of Ireland as reddish clays between flows of Tertiary basalt.

  2. The bauxite is rich in alumina combined with water, and is used as an ore of aluminium.

  3. Guinea possesses over 25% of the world's bauxite reserves.

  4. Although the insurgency has since ebbed and the bauxite sector recovered, Paramaribo has failed to initiate the economic reforms necessary to stabilize the economy or win renewed Dutch aid disbursements.

  5. Guinea possesses over 25% of the world's bauxite reserves and is the second largest bauxite producer.

  6. The country possesses over 30% of the world's bauxite reserves and is the second-largest bauxite producer.

  7. The short-term economic outlook depends on the government's ability to control inflation and on the development of projects in the bauxite and gold mining sectors.

  8. Plans continue to reopen bauxite and rutile mines shut down during the conflict.

  9. The bauxite mining sector should benefit in the near term by restructuring and partial privatization.

  10. Bauxite and rutile mines have been shut down by civil strife.

  11. There are plans to reopen bauxite and rutile mines shut down during the conflict.

  12. The country possesses over 30% of the world's bauxite reserves and is the second largest bauxite producer.

  13. Low prices for key mining and agricultural commodities combined with troubles in the bauxite and sugar industries threaten the government's already tenuous fiscal position and dim prospects for 2002.

  14. A recent increase in political stability has led to a revival of economic activity such as the rehabilitation of bauxite and rutile mining.

  15. In 1987 conditions began to improve for the bauxite and alumina industry because of increases in world metal prices.

  16. In 1985 it suffered a setback with the closure of some facilities in the bauxite and alumina industry, a major source of hard currency earnings.

  17. Although the insurgency has since ebbed and the bauxite sector recovered, a military coup in December 1990 reflected continued political instability and deterred investment and economic reform.

  18. A recent increase in political stability has led to a revival of economic activity, such as the rehabilitation of bauxite mining.

  19. The country possesses almost half of the world's bauxite reserves and is the second-largest bauxite producer.

  20. The bauxite mining sector should benefit in the near term from restructuring and partial privatization.

  21. Consumer prices rose about 35%, and the current account deficit widened substantially as sugar and bauxite exports fell.

  22. The guerrillas targeted the economic infrastructure, crippling the important bauxite sector and shutting down other export industries.

  23. This bauxite is purified, and the result is a fine white powder, which is pure alumina, and consists of the metal aluminum and the gas oxygen.

  24. The bauxite is in beds or strata which often cover the hills like a blanket.

  25. Bauxite is a rather mischievous mineral and sometimes acts as if it delighted in playing tricks upon managers of mines.

  26. In some cases, as in the Georgia-Alabama region, the bauxite appears to have been formed and concentrated in deposits by hot solutions from uncooled igneous rocks.

  27. The mineral called bauxite (a hydrous oxide of aluminum) is the great ore from which aluminum is obtained by an electrical process.

  28. Bauxite is noncrystalline, relatively light in weight, white to yellowish in color, and in the form of rounded grains, or earthy or claylike masses.

  29. Bauxite is probably always a secondary mineral formed by decomposition of igneous rocks rich in certain aluminum silicate minerals.

  30. The wire to Bauxite had warned him that a crazy man was chasing him and overrunning stop-signals.

  31. It was at Bauxite Junction that we picked up Mr. Hornack.

  32. Tarbell answered, and then we all heard what Bauxite had to say: "Pusher overtook Number Four three miles west of Sand Creek and has brought her back here.

  33. In the natural order of things the engineer of the special would make the Bauxite stop anyway, signal or no signal, since it is a nation-wide railroad rule that no train shall pass a junction without stopping.

  34. They--Hogan and his fireman--hadn't suspected that they were carrying a maniac until after they had passed Bauxite and Collingwood had told them both that what he wanted to do was to overtake the special and smash it.

  35. He said he didn't; that there used to be some bauxite mines back in the hills, somewhere in this vicinity, but he understood they had been worked out and abandoned.

  36. He was remembering that the special now had a lead of only fifteen minutes, and that it would be obliged to stop at Bauxite for its orders over the main line.

  37. She ought to have had her orders somewhere west of Bauxite Junction, and Five ought to have got hers at Banta.

  38. I thought at first it was the pusher which was kept at Bauxite to help heavy freights up the branch grades, and I wondered what it was doing out on the branch "Y" and in our way.

  39. He was offering five hundred dollars for the engine, and a thousand if it should overtake the special that side of Bauxite Junction.

  40. The collision was due to happen miles from the nearest wire station; the news, when we should get it, would probably be carried back to Bauxite Junction by the pusher engine which had gone out to try to overtake the "Flyer.

  41. Bauxite is the ore from which is made the pure aluminum oxide used in the electric furnace for the production of metallic aluminum.

  42. A purer form is made from the mineral bauxite by driving off its combined water.

  43. When the fused bauxite is worked up with a bonding material into crucibles or muffles and baked in a kiln it forms the alundum refractory ware.

  44. Formerly we imported a large part of our bauxite from France, but when the war shut off this source we developed our domestic fields in Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia, and these are now producing half a million tons a year.

  45. Plans to reopen bauxite and rutile mines shut down during an 11 year civil war have not been implemented due to lack of foreign investment.

  46. Bauxite is mined at Les Baux in Provence, in Arkansas, and other places, including County Antrim, where it occurs between basaltic lavas.

  47. The decline resulted from bad weather, labor trouble in the canefields, and flooding and equipment problems in the bauxite industry.

  48. The only other states in which bauxite was produced during the period were Alabama and Georgia, which in this respect have greatly declined in importance relatively to Arkansas.

  49. The typical laterites carry more clay and bauxite than the Cuban iron ores, but this is due merely to the fact that the original rocks commonly carry more materials which weather to clay.

  50. It is only within about the last thirty-five years that bauxite has been used and that aluminum has become an important material of modern industry.

  51. The only large producers of bauxite are the United States and France, which supplied in normal times before the war over 95 per cent of the world's total.

  52. Prior to the discovery of bauxite ores, cryolite, a sodium-aluminum fluoride obtained from pegmatites in Greenland, was the chief source of aluminum.

  53. The use of bauxite on a large scale as aluminum ore dated practically from the introduction of patented electrolytic methods of reduction in 1889.

  54. France also has important reserves of bauxite in French Guiana.

  55. It is possible that, at the time when the bauxite deposits of Arkansas and other temperate regions were formed, the climate of these places was warmer than it is today.

  56. The Aluminum Company of America also controls immense deposits of high-grade bauxite in Dutch and British Guiana, and further exploration by American interests is under way.

  57. Bauxite deposits in general are formed by the ordinary katamorphic processes of surface weathering, when acting on the right kind of rocks and carried to an extreme.

  58. The complete gradation from syenite to bauxite has been shown.

  59. French bauxite has normally supplied the entire European demands,--with the exceptions that Italy procures part of her requirements at home, and that the Irish deposits furnish a small fraction of the English demand.

  60. In the Appalachian region of Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, bauxite occurs as pockets in residual clays above sedimentary rocks, chiefly above shales and dolomites.

  61. Bauxite is the principal ore used as a source of the aluminium because it is converted into pure oxide without great difficulty.

  62. The Georgia beds are turning out three-fifths of the bauxite produced in America.

  63. Until recently, cryolite, found abundantly in Greenland, was the chief source of the metal, but now bauxite is used in its place.

  64. Bauxite is a limonite iron ore in which a part of the iron has been replaced by aluminum.

  65. As bauxite promises to be in greater demand in the future than in the present, owing to the ever-increasing demand for aluminum, the prospector will do well to make himself thoroughly familiar with its appearance.

  66. Imported bauxite cost $5 to $7 a ton in New York City.

  67. Should the deposits of bauxite give out, the manufacturers of aluminum would probably fall back on cryolite.

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