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Example sentences for "berths"

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  1. He secured the berths by paying the passage money down and taking tickets at once.

  2. Men who had been violently thrown from their berths to the floor were everywhere picking themselves up and trying to collect their scattered senses.

  3. All the brave and active passengers tumbled up out of their berths and dressed quickly, while the timid and indolent cowered under their sheets and waited the issue.

  4. Fortunately we had good weather, and not a great crowd of passengers, though the berths were all full.

  5. The upper berths were constructed with iron rods running from the floor of the car to the roof, and during the day the berth was pulled up until it hugged the ceiling, there being a catch which held it up.

  6. The main body of the car was occupied by the berths and seats and at one end a kitchen and pantry provided the culinary service.

  7. Besides the berths, sufficient in number to accommodate upwards of a hundred passengers, there are four state rooms formed by folding doors, and so constructed with the berths that the whole can easily be thrown into one apartment.

  8. As time went on other similar cars, with berths arranged in three tiers on one side of the car, were adopted by various railroads, and occasional but in no manner fundamental improvements were made.

  9. Then not only are the carpets renovated but the prying nozzles of powerful vacuum cleaners suck up every particle of dust from seats, berths and cushions.

  10. The only travelers who rode in the old cars were those who were grumbling because they could not get berths in the new ones.

  11. Many of the passengers were asleep in their berths when the vessel first struck.

  12. They were almost in a state of nudity, having been compelled to rush from their berths without waiting to attire themselves.

  13. The staterooms were different from the berths in a sleeping car.

  14. Laddie thought they ought all to be tied into their berths so, if the ship rolled, they would not fall out.

  15. We could get no places at the table, got our dinners how we could on deck, had no berths or sleeping accommodation of any kind, and had paid heavy first-class fares!

  16. These Cunard packets are not very big you know actually, but the quantity of sleeping-berths makes them much smaller, so that the saloon is not nearly as large as in one of the Ramsgate boats.

  17. The performers were enjoying the novel experience of river traveling too thoroughly to turn into their berths early.

  18. Instead of the narrow berths they had expected to see, there were white enameled iron bedsteads, a washstand with the same neat finish, and several pictures on the walls.

  19. The bulk of the troops are encamped in wooden sheds, provided with berths like those in a ship, which are disposed longitudinally, so as to afford the maximum of sleeping room.

  20. The bedding in the berths was tumbled and dirty, as though it had not been made up for a long time, and the place was filled with a close, stuffy, sour smell, pervaded with the odor of stale tobacco smoke.

  21. The bulk-head of this apartment was at the after-part of the main hatchway, and on each side of it were the berths of the mates and midshipmen; between these berths the arm-chest was placed.

  22. Oh, we were all in difficulties, being cast upon our beam-ends as it were; but we got settled down in our berths at last, and then the dinner began.

  23. Well, I want to know if there's any berths here?

  24. The men can keep in their berths much of the time, and save wood.

  25. On the whole, it was thought that the berths might be made more serviceable by this expedient, than by putting their materials into the stoves.

  26. Sending Stephen to the other berths with this timely beverage, he now sat up in his berth, and rubbed his feet and legs with his hands.

  27. The fatigue they had lately undergone, united to the cold, rendered the berths very agreeable; and even Daggett begged his visiter would excuse him for not rising to receive his guest.

  28. On opposite sides of the main room were berths made of balsam poles and constructed in tiers of three, one above another.

  29. Women were present in number sufficient to give continuity to the conversation, in the course of which I glanced round at the berths in the room and finally asked where, in case I should remain for the night, they would put me.

  30. But when they book berths by you, why then it begins to look fishy at once.

  31. And yet we have more applicants for these berths on the Congo than there are vacancies for.

  32. The steamer gets paid a shilling a day, and grubs and berths you accordingly, and you earn your 'bacca money by bumming around the galley and helping the cook peel spuds.

  33. The berths are wider and higher, and the four at the end of the carriage are reserved for ladies and divided off by a curtain.

  34. It seemed wonderful, as we lay down in our berths in the car that night, to think that we had gone up the Rockies and come down on the other side in an ordinary passenger train.

  35. I heard Susan say, as I walked along the passage between the rows of sleeping berths that lined each side of the principal dormitory of our Home; "I shall lose you some day, I fear.

  36. Once aboard the lugger, I should say train, our berths were allotted to us, and we soon settled down.

  37. Agnes to Ruth as the two sisters helped Mrs. MacCall make up the berths for the night.

  38. Ten steamer berths have been built at Bordeaux, having a total length of 4,100 feet.

  39. At Montoir, near St. Nazaire, eight berths were under construction with a total length of over 3,200 feet.

  40. Eight of the men lay in their berths at the time helplessly disabled.

  41. He took down a Bible from one of the berths and went through the long-used religious service.

  42. The berths are crosswise rather than lengthwise as in our sleepers.

  43. The berths on this train were very comfortable.

  44. People often sleep in bunks one above the other like berths on a ship or sleeping car.

  45. When all berths were sold those who had none simply had to wait a week for the next train.

  46. When the end of the week came, there were still some berths vacant, a number of the men having been seized for the king's ships, the press being then very active.

  47. Four berths are provided in each compartment, but no bedding is furnished.

  48. Berths were short on the Bertha Clay, as the skipper had informed me before I had boarded his ship I would have to sleep in the chart room.

  49. The trains on that road were not as good as some we had traveled on in other sections of India, but sleeping berths were included with the equipment.

  50. The South African system--the best in the world--of providing free sleeping berths for passengers, has been adopted by the Uganda Railway Company.

  51. The three following stops were a repetition of the first, and, the Englishman finally admitting his defeat, we stretched out on berths for the night.

  52. Most trains in India have berths in the passenger coaches, but every one furnishes his own bedding.

  53. About two o'clock in the afternoon great alarm was felt in consequence of a heavy sea that struck the ship, almost filling the waist, and pouring down into the berths below, through every chink and crevice of the hatches and skylights.

  54. Such of the men as were not already up began to get out of their berths and hammocks.

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