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  1. Other boarders and lodgers of the house had already eaten and gone, to resume their swirl in the maelstrom of the camp.

  2. My authority informed me that there were among the boarders in the house two remarkable men, one of whom often petted me as a babe, and took a fancy to me.

  3. I'm afraid the summer boarders would think they had been marked out for hard fortune, after eating my meals.

  4. He sent another man to the wheel; stationed a midshipman in the waist to pass the first lieutenant's orders; placed one of the crew at the rattle; and collected the boarders in a group on the forecastle.

  5. So certain was he that such would be the case, that he held fast to the shrouds, to avoid being knocked overboard by the shock, and had even opened his lips to shout: "Boarders away!

  6. I would not believe it, and, throwing back my shoulders, I ran to the deck below to join my men in repelling boarders from one of the thern craft that had grappled us broadside.

  7. Grapplers and boarders lined the contiguous rails of each.

  8. At last a woman came and said she would take care of Anna's boarders and then Anna said that she was prepared to go.

  9. The good german priest to whom she always told her troubles tried to make her have the boarders pay a little higher, and Miss Mathilda always in her letters urged her to this thing, but the good Anna somehow could not do it.

  10. Some of the boarders were hearty good south german fellows and Anna always made them go to mass.

  11. The boarders were well scolded if they ever made a scratch on Miss Mathilda's table.

  12. Besides, the pension was good, her fellow-boarders pleasant and cheerful.

  13. A few boarders looked in through the open door, saw that there was no one sitting at table yet, except a new lady, and disappeared again.

  14. You see different boarders at your pension every day and I stayed for a much shorter time than you reckoned on.

  15. Now she was home again, tired, and was resting a little and meditating; she felt depressed, yet she enjoyed her vague reflections and the silence about her in the big house, to which most of the boarders had not yet returned.

  16. Boys admitted as boarders or day pupils from eight years of age, choristers (boarders) pay 32 guineas a year, day choristers 14 guineas.

  17. I came to the conclusion that the boarders in the house paid full price for all they had, for the butter was very strong, and the dishes were not particularly clean.

  18. I keep boarders myself; and I only charge 'em four dollars a week.

  19. To say that the boarders are interested in it is to speak feebly: they blaze with interest, they explode with it, they scorch and sizzle.

  20. When I've come to the end of them I take to English, and the boarders plunge in after me, and swim or drown in it according to their several ability.

  21. The boarders were with one accord servile to him; even Doctor Krummlaut, a clever man with far better brains probably than Bernd.

  22. I needn't tell you, darling mother, that I went back to the boarders and the midday guests not minding them much.

  23. They're in love with her, as I used to tell Frau Berg's boarders, but openly and enthusiastically, not angrily and reluctantly as the boarders were.

  24. On the contrary, the officers had that same excitement about them, that same strung-upness, that the men boarders at Frau Berg's have.

  25. Do people in London boarding houses tell the German boarders how awful Germany is, I wonder?

  26. Bernd, from habit, stiffened and became unapproachable the instant the middle class public in the shape of the congratulatory boarders appeared.

  27. I wonder if the other boarders will talk like that.

  28. Of course Frau Berg and her boarders are to the Junker dreadful beyond words.

  29. You never knew such eagerness and persistence as these German boarders have when it comes to praising what is theirs, and also when it comes to criticizing what isn't theirs.

  30. Who cares then about Frau Berg's boarders not speaking to one, and the Berlin streets and policemen being unkind?

  31. Four of the Daily Dinner Guests are men, and one of the boarders is a man; and these five men and Frau Berg were the vociferous ones.

  32. The public is that shouting, perspiring mob out there watching the soldiers, and Frau Berg and her boarders are the public, and so are the soldiers themselves.

  33. But I guess those two self-imposed boarders of ours need a little religion first.

  34. Over 100 boarders have applied, and we cannot take them.

  35. She read the church papers and the daily papers while the Carrs and their boarders were at breakfast.

  36. It was no proof of caution for Captain Broke and his few followers to leap on board, unsupported, and then they only waited for the main body to come up; and no twenty men could have repulsed such boarders as followed Broke.

  37. The boarders and marines gathered in the gangways and on the forecastle, the boatswain having been ordered to cheer them up with his pipe that they might make a clean spring.

  38. Meanwhile, on the Constitution, the boarders and marines gathered aft, but such a heavy sea was running that they could not get on the Guerrière.

  39. Broke ran forward, and seeing his foes flinching from the quarter-deck guns, he ordered the ships to be lashed together, the great guns to cease firing, and the boarders to be called.

  40. On both sides the boarders were called away; the British ran forward, but Captain Dacres relinquished the idea of attacking [Footnote: Address of Captain Dacres to the court-martial at Halifax.

  41. They had been so thoroughly trained as boarders that every man was prepared for such an emergency, with his cutlass as sharp as a razor, a dirk made by the ship's armorer out of a file, and a pistol.

  42. There was thus hardly any resistance, Captain Broke stopping his men for a moment till they were joined by the rest of the boarders under Lieutenants Watt and Falkiner.

  43. In Sullivan and Ulster counties, New York, a hundred Jewish farmers keep summer boarders besides, and are on the highroad to success.

  44. She was therefore obliged to do all the work of the school-house herself, making the unhappy boarders help her in cleaning the house and in washing the clothes.

  45. But it was impossible for him to control his wife, and make her treat the boarders with ordinary humanity.

  46. But one of the day scholars had overheard the boarders planning the raid, and he informed the farmer whose orchard it was purposed to rob, and he was on the look-out for the young rogues.

  47. My gout is bad again," he said, at which some of the more frivolous-minded boarders snickered.

  48. Gross now occupied one of the front rooms, and a corresponding place in the esteem of those less fortunate boarders to whom the mere contemplation of ten dollars a week was an extravagance.

  49. A few regular boarders seemed to be enjoying themselves, and I noticed an artist’s easel and umbrella on the porch.

  50. The good old lady--for she was past eighty--showed me her dairy, and apartments of the house which she said were usually occupied by boarders at this time of the year.

  51. In New York, when she first took her seat at a West Side boardinghouse table, the boarders asked: "Who is the nice-looking old maid?

  52. The other boarders enviously regarded Medora as she left at Mr. Binkley's side at nine o'clock.

  53. But there is no time for thought, and without a second's hesitation the boarders make a rush upon the crew of the galley with pike and cutlass.

  54. The decks were cleared for action, the lights were put out, the guns concealed, the grapnels at hand to hook on to the enemy's ship, and the boarders standing by with pikes and cutlasses to dash over the side.

  55. Lawrence, before he is carried off, orders the boarders to be summoned, but the frightened bugler cannot sound the call.

  56. The boarders are exclusively from Protestant families, selected from the common schools in all parts of the field, and are in training for the Mission service, as teachers and Bible readers.

  57. There are from twenty-six to twenty-eight boarders under the care of my daughter, Miss Watson, I aiding as I can.

  58. De Forest had thirteen native girls boarders in his family in Beirût, and Mr. Whiting had five.

  59. The whole number of boarders under our care up to the present time, is above one hundred.

  60. The charity boarders are supported by the contributions of Sabbath Schools and individuals in the United States, with especial reference to their being trained for future usefulness.

  61. The Annual Report above mentioned, speaks thus of the Sidon Seminary: "It is conducted by Miss Jacombs and Miss Stainton, and has numbered about twenty boarders and six day scholars.

  62. Most of the pupils were boarders and most of them were girls.

  63. Next followed several witnesses, all of them boarders in the house where the deceased had dwelt.

  64. Miss Sloane has lived at the Twenty-sixth Street house about three months, and as she has always been cheerful and happy, the boarders cannot reconcile this report of the doctors with what they knew of the woman.

  65. And they would have succeeded, had not forty of his boarders informed him that if he did not receive me they would quit his premises.

  66. Porter, who had been watching the whole proceeding with great distrust, had summoned his boarders as soon as the Phoebe luffed.

  67. They had been so thoroughly trained as boarders that every man was prepared for such an emergency, with his cutlass as sharp as a razor, a dirk made from a file by the ship's armorer, and a pistol.

  68. The boarders who had played at being ghosts confessed their folly, saying that they had been helped by a young novice of sixteen years of age, named Marie Aubin.

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