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Example sentences for "brazier"

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braze; brazed; brazen; brazenly; brazenness; braziers; brazing; brazo; breach; breached
  1. Sir Simon refuses justice to the old brazier Peregrine asserts his right to the estate, etc.

  2. Mucklethrift= (Bailie), ironmonger and brazier of Kippletringan, in Scotland.

  3. After thirty years absence, Peregrine returns just as the old brazier is made a bankrupt “through the treachery of a friend.

  4. Behind the altar a large luminous star shone above with a dull red glow, and upon the altar itself stood a small brazier which, burning brightly, rendered the atmosphere close and oppressive.

  5. Gradually the golden censer ceased swinging; the fire in the brazier slowly died out, and the only light in the mysterious chamber was shed by the blue flame of the lamp that had guided our footsteps thither.

  6. Illumined by a great fire that burned in a sort of brazier in the centre, there were nine flat stones ranged round, and upon these sat aged, white-bearded Arabs.

  7. Then they were lined up with their backs to the hut, and in the uncertain light shed by the flaming brazier presented a most weird spectacle.

  8. The blazing brazier was, I noticed, very similar in shape to that in the mysterious chamber in Algiers, to which Zoraida had conducted me.

  9. In the short pause that followed, the weird figure at the altar placed the Crescent upon a great perfuming-pan of gold, afterwards lighting the small brazier of wrought silver beneath.

  10. They have carried him close to the brazier for light, and the flames find reflection on the white skin of his throat where his tunic has been torn open, and there is an ugly black stain on the bandage that has been roughly tied round him.

  11. A chorus in the negative from the other men who stood round the brazier encouraged him to continue.

  12. On the morning after he had been shot, his platoon sergeant sat before a brazier and talked to a corporal.

  13. I bet I can reach their bloomin' listening post with this," he said, and he deliberately lit a piece of paper at the brazier fire and put it to the odd inch of fuse that protruded from the bomb.

  14. The brazier is kicked over by some restless or careless person, and in a moment the whole place is in a blaze.

  15. No, no, thought he, the faith whose cooling cinders lingered there was no longer that whose brazier had invaded and set all Christendom aglow!

  16. The brazier comes and breaks open the hilt and the name of Dubdrenn stands written within it.

  17. That will soon be known," says Cormac, and therewith he had the brazier summoned.

  18. He was just turning to an antique brazier to arrange for Locke's reception when Zita was announced and at once admitted.

  19. As soon as Zita was gone Balcom busied himself with the ancient brazier and was standing before a small image of Buddha.

  20. The brazier was lit, the sacks strewn on the ground, and they sat about the fire in their accustomed places and ate their food.

  21. His daughter was asleep, for there by the brazier she lay, motionless as the ground itself.

  22. Now he was looking at her, and across the brazier their eyes communed deeply.

  23. That night by the glow of the brazier she rested a mind that had never been weary before, and she craved for the presence of her father that she might gain from him the praise which her present companions did not know was due to her.

  24. She spilled a pot of boiling water to that end, and she overturned the brazier when the water boiled again.

  25. The cart was drawn to the side of the road, at a little distance the ass was browsing, and Mary had a fire going in the brazier and the potatoes ready for the pot.

  26. Mary broke in: "Wait a minute now, for I want to hear that story; let yourself help me over with the brazier and we can all sit together.

  27. A brazier with live coal may also be seen, on which heads of Indian corn are roasted, and greedily munched by the purchasers.

  28. Have a gun always loaded on the keep, and have a brazier burning hard by, with an iron in it, so that the piece may be fired the instant smoke is seen.

  29. The hangings were of heavy cloth sprinkled with stars, the ceiling was blue with gold stars, a planisphere and astrolabe stood in the centre of the room, and a charcoal fire burned in a brazier beside them.

  30. But who is this, that by the brazier red Encamped in his rude hut, With many a sack about his shoulder spread Watches with eyes unshut?

  31. The burning brazier flushes his old face, Illumining the old thoughts in his eyes.

  32. The tinder of this brazier was made of broken fragments of mummy carefully damped, and, if the admixture of moisture was properly managed, this unholy compound would smoulder away for hours.

  33. Presently the eider down and brazier were removed, and our dinner was brought in.

  34. The floor of the theatre was crowded with people, all squatting on their heels, each with his or her chow-chow box and hibatchi or brazier of burning charcoal to keep themselves warm.

  35. In the centre of the group another brazier was placed, protected by a square wooden grating, and over the whole they laid a large silk eider-down quilt, to retain the heat.

  36. Beside numberless bows and profuse politeness, he simply laid a small and very thin quilt upon the mats for me to sit on, and put a feeble brazier by my side.

  37. But the idea proved almost as cold comfort as the brazier itself.

  38. So far as mere comfort went, the first act savored largely of supererogation, as the mats were already exquisitely clean, and the second of insufficiency, since the brazier served only to point the cold it was powerless to chase.

  39. On this evening Fabricius sat in his winter room, before a fire which burned brightly in a brazier on the ample hearth, for the October nights were chilly.

  40. The lady entered her favourite apartment, which was pervaded by the perfume of the costly wood burning in a brazier on the hearth.

  41. The old man himself was down on his knees, vigorously blowing at a fire he had placed in a brazier on the hearth, whilst his wife was invisible in the depths of the sleeping box or crib, opening from the other end of the room.

  42. Her arms were stretched wide and she halted, almost touching him, with her back to the chained man towards whom she had not glanced, but she could not help seeing the charcoal brazier with the red-hot branding irons held by Fidelio.

  43. The gasping cry had come from Conrad by whom the brazier was set.

  44. At that the dwarf sprang forward, and seized the huge knobs of the iron brazier which rose far above his head.

  45. A great giant lifted up this brazier and set it down fairly with one hand.

  46. All turned toward a monstrous brazier which stood in the hall, within whose great iron bars there blazed coals and wood.

  47. A copper brazier stood on the altar, with charcoal of alder and of laurel wood, and in front a second brazier was placed upon a tripod.

  48. Brazier thereupon seized his revolver, saying, “If my regiment is to mutiny you shall be the first to suffer for it,” and then shot him on the spot.

  49. Later, some Madras cavalry and a Sikh regiment under the celebrated Colonel Brazier arrived; and these cantonments served as our head-quarters until the following November, when we once again took the field.

  50. As his eyes adjusted, he made out a small brazier there, with a cadaverous old man in a dark robe spotted with looped crosses.

  51. He reached for a brazier beside him, caught up the fire and plunged it deep into the bowl of water, screaming something.

  52. The Sather Karf lifted the fire from the brazier in his bare hand, moved it into the air and said a soft word.

  53. The chant picked up again, and now the brazier flamed a dull red, showing the Sather Karf's face changing from some kind of disappointment to a businesslike steadiness.

  54. In the middle ages the brazier in France took on a new form.

  55. The brazier satisfied the wants of Greece, but the colder climate of Rome required something better; and in their efforts to invent something better, the ancient Romans made real progress in the art of warming their houses.

  56. This French warming-pan (rechaud) was the connecting-link between the ancient brazier and the modern stove.

  57. The brazier was filled with burning charcoal and was carried from room to room as it was needed.

  58. The brazier has never been entirely laid aside.

  59. A brazier of charcoal was brought up to our room, and a large pot; whereupon Brown, taking upon himself the office of cook, commenced to prepare our meal, and very successful he was.

  60. The coffee was prepared over a silver brazier on the floor, and the cups were handed to us on trays, covered with napkins cleverly embroidered in coloured silk and golden thread.

  61. Margaret Brazier Bonneville, in his Memoirs of Thomas Paine.

  62. Soetkin then saw the executioner, who, at the bailiff's order, was blowing up a brazier of red coals, and an assistant who was lighting two candles.

  63. Yet seeing the brazier burn up more fiercely under her son's feet, she cried: "O Lord God!

  64. Raise Ulenspiegel a foot above the ground," said the bailiff; "set the brazier underneath his feet and a candle under either armpit.

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