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Example sentences for "brazenly"

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braza; brazas; braze; brazed; brazen; brazenness; brazier; braziers; brazing; brazo
  1. The enormities brazenly committed during the Spanish-American War of 1898 are sufficiently remembered.

  2. Astor's company brazenly violated this law, as well as all other laws conflicting with its profit interests.

  3. Hamilton would for any consideration write an article so brazenly false that one marvels at the audacity alike of the eulogist and the laureled.

  4. We have heard its most successful leader testify brazenly before the Mazet legislative committee that he was in politics working for his own pocket all the time.

  5. Who dares thus brazenly To set at naught King Mark's decreed commands?

  6. I did not foresee the Shamash would put himself so brazenly forward to hide his guilt, or that he would be asked to drink.

  7. But when the through ticket for Jerusalem came from the agent at Vienna, and he had brazenly endured Yossel's blessings for the same, his artistic instinct demanded to see how the Bube was taking her hero's desertion.

  8. He saw how things were going, and lied brazenly in George's defence.

  9. She had confessed brazenly that she was living on this young man's earnings.

  10. In the towns the embezzlements are often more brazenly carried out than in the country.

  11. At first, misinterpreting the trend of his questioning, she had believed him brazenly fishing.

  12. But for Mrs. Burr brazenly to hurl her daughter at his head was incomprehensible.

  13. He opened his eyes after awhile to ask her why she had stopped reading, and when she told him, he declared brazenly that he had merely closed his eyes to shut out everything but her words.

  14. Skeletons were not only being taken from their closets, but paraded brazenly before the eyes of the world.

  15. Inez Rodman, very fair and slender, easily five feet nine, was scorned by the older women but was brazenly popular with their husbands and the younger set of boys and girls.

  16. Coyotes moved brazenly by day across the home fields, stealing refuse from the very door-yards.

  17. And the giant fish mocked me each time, jeered and flouted me, came brazenly to the surface and derided me with antics weirdly human.

  18. He has not only confessed all the foul details, but he came brazenly out with the assertion that a man has a right to lead his own life--and he barely thirty!

  19. Swiftly--I regret to say, almost with a show of temper--she snatched the four of diamonds from its lawful place and laid it brazenly far outside the game.

  20. With this I brazenly snatched a pink rose from those within her arm.

  21. I knew that he plucked flowers meant to be given to her, only to lay them carelessly on the floor beside his seat when school "took in," lacking the courage to bestow them brazenly upon his idol as others did.

  22. I looked at her, as she would have glided brazenly over that false play to rejoice in the true plays it permitted.

  23. Rarely have I known a woman, however rigid her integrity otherwise, who would not brazenly amend or even repeal utterly those decrees of Fate which are symbolized by the game.

  24. He was brazenly proud of what he would do for his own community in this regard.

  25. To be ignored so brazenly in the face of the storm he had been brewing with inward satisfaction, to be treated as though he were no more than a figurehead in his own house!

  26. I come here to herd sheep," Leander had brazenly retaliated.

  27. But no sooner had his lady left the room than Leander began quite brazenly to call attention to himself as a man and an individual, coughing, rattling his dishes, and clearing his throat.

  28. John Norton sneered at the tortures of Brend, and brazenly defended his tormentor; but the Boston mob succored the victim as lie lay fainting on the boards of his dark cell.

  29. The Kearney girl stared brazenly at him as she strolled slowly by, a slim and sinister figure.

  30. Two days later she came in and brazenly asked to have it changed into nickels again.

  31. It had made him boisterously arrogant, blusteringly disdainful of his intellectual superiors, and brazenly foul-mouthed.

  32. Hardly a day passes over our heads but what we see in some newspaper where Catholicism is brazenly declaring to the intelligent public that miraculous cures are being performed by some "hoodoo saint" of their idolatrous creed.

  33. Without another word, and leaving the door ajar, he went and perched himself on a stool, from which position he brazenly surveyed the new assistant.

  34. Failing Henry's assistance, he brazenly proceeded to engage in the pastime by himself.

  35. This paper he brazenly showed me while I was struggling to beg Madame de Ferrier's pardon, and to let her know that I aimed at something definite whether I ever reached port or not.

  36. Lazarre, the dauphin from the Indian camps, brazenly asks you to marry him, Eagle!

  37. Oh, you bold child, how brazenly you repeated the word!

  38. Oh, how boldly and brazenly you pronounce the word!

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brazenly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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