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  1. But when the calif proposed his plan to his counselors, some of them objected to it very strenuously.

  2. Mohammed applied to the calif to grant him certain privileges and powers which had occasionally been bestowed on other sultans who had rendered great services to the Mohammedan empire.

  3. The difficulty was now to contrive some means by which this message could be conveyed through the sultan's territories, which, of course, lay between the dominions of the calif and those of Genghis Khan.

  4. Salam, the traveler whom the calif sent to ascertain whether their accounts were true, traveled at the head of a caravan containing fifty men, and with camels bearing stores and provisions for a year.

  5. Mohammed made this demand of the calif through the medium of an embassador whom he sent to Bagdad.

  6. When the calif heard of the misfortunes which had befallen the sultan's army, and his narrow escape from the dangers of a formidable invasion, he was at first overjoyed, and he resolved at once on making war upon the rebellious sultan.

  7. So it was finally decided to send a message and invite him to join the calif in making war on the sultan.

  8. To this the calif replied that the emergency was so critical that they were justified in availing themselves of any means that offered to save themselves from the ruin with which they were threatened.

  9. And the worst of it was, that the calif was now aware of his designs, and would be able, he knew, before the next season, to take effectual measures to defend himself.

  10. To accomplish this purpose the calif resorted to a very singular device.

  11. Mohammed received the calif's embassador very honorably, and in his presence concealed the anger which the answer of the calif excited in his mind.

  12. It seems that some difference had arisen some time before this between the Sultan Mohammed and the Calif of Bagdad, who was the great head of the Mohammedan power.

  13. So the Calif lingered in the tower four days, and then died like a dog.

  14. Baudas is a great city, which used to be the seat of the Calif of all the Saracens in the world, just as Rome is the seat of the Pope of all the Christians.

  15. And when the Calif and all his Saracens beheld, they stood amazed at the wonderful miracle that God had wrought for the Christians, insomuch that a great number of the Saracens became Christians.

  16. The Christians on hearing what the Calif had said were in great dismay, but they lifted all their hopes to God, their Creator, that He would help them in this their strait.

  17. Calif at Baudas who bore a great hatred to Christians, and was taken up day and night with the thought how he might either bring those that were in his kingdom over to his own faith, or might procure them all to be slain.

  18. The Calif wist not what to answer, and said never a word.

  19. And even the Calif caused himself to be baptised in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen, and became a Christian, but in secret.

  20. The Calif therefore called together all the Christians in his territories, who were extremely numerous.

  21. According to a legend, this was the first date-palm seen in Spain, and was planted by the calif himself, in front of his palace, as a souvenir of his early home.

  22. Not right, but might, however, prevailed with the Arabs, and about the year 661 the first calif of the Ommiades seated himself at Damascus.

  23. The calif was killed, and eighty Ommiades of influence, invited to a feast at Damascus, were murdered in cold blood.

  24. But this was only a playful manifestation of power, which caused the calif to be regarded as eccentric, rather than cruel or bloodthirsty.

  25. The unfortunate Musa was in attendance at the court, and when the casket arrived the Calif took out the head of Abdalasis and held it up before his victim: "Dost thou know this head?

  26. His Highness Prince Abdul Medjid Effendi, heir to the throne of the Sultans and future Calif of the Muslims, is an accomplished artist himself,” said Kadry.

  27. They wanted to know the difference, if any, between Mahommedans and Muslims, what the Muslim creed was, and what the title of Calif meant.

  28. That calif founded an academy at Bagdad, which acquired much celebrity, and gradually raised itself above all the other academies in his dominions.

  29. He repaired to Ispahan, where he lived much respected at the court of the calif Ola-Oddaula.

  30. Avicenna was born in the year 978, at Bokhara, to which place his father had retired during the emirate of the calif Nuhh, one of the sons of the celebrated Almansor.

  31. The calif Malek-Adel endowed it richly, and was often present at the lectures with a book under his arm.

  32. The successor of Mostanser was the calif Haroun-Al-Raschid, the perpetual hero of the Arabian tales.

  33. In the thirteenth century the calif Mostanser re-established the academy and the medical college at Bagdad: for both had fallen into decay, and had been replaced by an infinite number of Jewish seminaries.

  34. The three Abdalrahmans and Alhakem carried, from the eighth to the tenth century, the country subject to the Calif of Cordova to the highest degree of splendour.

  35. Calif Mdowija, who died in 679, is regarded as the founder of the Arabian posts.

  36. The divinization of the Calif Ali by some Shiah sects was the product of religious fanaticism under the guidance of Aryan conceptions of the incarnation of the divine.

  37. Its populations belong to it by descent; its head is the Calif (now the Sultan of Turkey).

  38. THE CALIF OMAR The Calif Omar, one of the first Califs after the Prophet, is deeply venerated to this day, and is continually quoted as a lover of truth and justice.

  39. The calif was subsequently pursued from place to place in the desert, and was at length overtaken by Colonel Wingate at Om Dubreikat.

  40. The calif then attacked the extreme left wing of the army, but was again driven off.

  41. Though the Mahdism, of which the late califa had been the leading spirit, had degenerated into a struggle of slave-traders versus civilisation, the calif at least showed conspicuous courage in the manner in which he faced his death.

  42. But before the Franks could appear in the field, the interposition of the calif had restored peace to the contending parties, both of whom immediately resumed their wonted dislike to the European invaders.

  43. Ortok, towards the end of the tenth century, made himself master of the holy city, whence his children were for a time driven out by Mostali, Calif of Egypt.

  44. With the decline of classical antiquity, the doctrine of the spherical shape of the earth was lost, and only one investigation, that by the Arabs under Calif Al-Mamun in A.

  45. And here on a lofty hill, overlooking the city, King or Calif Al Hamar began the mighty fortress of the Alhambra in the early years of the thirteenth century.

  46. The Palace of the Alhambra is said to have been started by Mohammed: but the foundations were probably laid by Calif Al Hamar, who is also distinguished for having begun to pay a yearly tribute to the kings of Castile.

  47. At the same time[434] the deputies who had been despatched to the calif of Egypt returned, with very unfavourable accounts of their entertainment.

  48. Suffice it, that in the days of Charlemagne the fame of that great prince produced from the calif Haroun al Raschid many liberal concessions in favour of the Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem, now in the hands of the unbelievers.

  49. Nothing could afford a nobler proof of a great, a liberal, and a delicate mind, than the choice evinced by the calif in his gift.

  50. The children of the late calif were confined in the harem; and Motshadi, calif of Bagdat, was prayed for as God's vicar on earth.

  51. Mills has chosen the opinion of Robertus Monachus, who states that the message of the calif was haughty and insolent.

  52. They[328] detailed the mild and liberal measures which the calif had employed towards the Christians of their country, and they engaged the leaders to send back ambassadors to the court of their sovereign.

  53. Guibert says, that the calif promised even to embrace the Christian faith, in case the crusaders overcame the Turks, and restored to him his Syrian dominions.

  54. The calif paid him singular honours; and at last raised him to the highest rank in his army.

  55. The calif received him kindly, and made him ample amends for all the neglect of his friends.

  56. The calif was not ignorant of this fault in Kalan, for the courtiers that surrounded him took care that this error should not remain concealed.

  57. However, about a twelvemonth afterwards, when Nadir attended the calif at a general review, a private soldier received a blow from his officer, for holding down his head as the calif passed.

  58. Some little time afterwards, the calif gave Kalan a commission to the furthest part of Persia, and fixed even the day and hour when he should expect him back.

  59. In about an hour or two after this event, it was reported, that the calif had dispatched a messenger; but no one could tell whither, or on what account.

  60. The calif knew not which to admire most, the generosity of Nadir or the soldier.

  61. In the course of the five following days, the name of Kalan was forgotten; but on the sixth, to the astonishment of every one, the calif ordered him again to be brought before him.

  62. The calif then ordered him to fetch his father, that he might have the sire and son always near him.

  63. The son of the Calif raised the lid of the coffin, and beheld a woman, as fresh as if she had only been lately buried.

  64. When Balkis died, he had her body conveyed to Tadmor in the desert, the city she had built; but her grave was known to none till the reign of the Calif Walid, when in consequence of a heavy rain, the walls of Tadmor fell.

  65. This they were unable to read; so they sent it to the Calif Omar, who was also unable to decipher the writing; but a Jew at his court read it, and it was an assurance given to the apes against invasion by King Solomon.

  66. And in after days, in the time of the Calif Omar, some of his troops invaded this valley, and, with great amazement, beheld the apes stone a female which had been taken in adultery.

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