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Example sentences for "ceding"

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  1. Germany can enslave herself, ceding the property of her private citizens to foreign States or citizens to be disposed of as they wish.

  2. That is to say, that Great Britain could well pay her debt to the United States, ceding the greater part of her credits towards France and Italy.

  3. He provided for the maintenance of a Hyderabad Subsidiary Force by ceding to the British government all the territories which he had received on account of the Mysore wars.

  4. By the treaties with France and Spain, respectively ceding Louisiana and the Floridas to the United States, provision was made for the security of land titles derived from the Governments of those nations.

  5. The instructions given to these commissioners are remarkable for their reiterated assertion of the Indians' unquestioned right to do as they please about ceding these lands.

  6. If accepted, it follows that when the treaty ceding Spanish sovereignty in the Philippines was ratified, that archipelago became an integral part of the United States.

  7. Treaties ceding territory not infrequently provide for the assumption by the new sovereign of a proportional part of the general obligations of the ceding state.

  8. The generosity of this man in gratuitously ceding that land endeared him to these immigrants.

  9. And Germany, on her side, was ceding some territories in the region of Lake Tchad!

  10. The latter could not acquiesce in the ceding of such a privilege to a third Power without her assent, without her being even consulted.

  11. They did so, protesting to the last, but finally "ceding to violence.

  12. In a hand-bill the Council of the Republic recited its wrongs: Ceding to the force of bayonets, the Council of the Republic has been obliged to separate, and temporarily to interrupt its meetings.

  13. He would not have invited me to tea a few days before, and had allowed me to pass and repass before ceding to his wife's persistence.

  14. So I came to the conclusion that I had done right in ceding to Mrs. Averill's insistence, though it occurred to me on second thoughts that I should need another suit of clothes.

  15. This Court continues pertinaciously to insist on our ceding that navigation, nor will they, as yet, listen to any middle line.

  16. Mr Fitzherbert told me, that the Count de Vergennes had "fifty times reproached him for ceding the fisheries, and said it was ruining the English and French commerce both.

  17. Louis was summoned to Paris, and compelled to sign a treaty, ceding part of his dominions and placing his custom-houses in the hands of French officers.

  18. It was quite clear that the opposition to the ceding of Transylvania originated in Hungary.

  19. At any rate, there could be further parley as to ceding "old" Dobrudsha again.

  20. The German Social Democrats never agreed that Alsace-Lorraine ought to be given up, and never have our Social Democrats voted for ceding Trieste, Bozen and Meran.

  21. I replied that there was no question either of separating from Germany or of ceding any Hungarian territory, but that we must be quite clear as to what we had to guard should we be carried further through the German lust of conquest.

  22. Not until my return to Bucharest and following on my reports did the Archduke conceive the plan of ceding Transylvania to Roumania and thus adding Greater Roumania to the Habsburg Empire.

  23. The principle was acknowledged: the question was to apply it, and to carry out the imperfect titles as the ceding government would have done, if it had continued.

  24. I had an interview with the leading chiefs, and made known to them the inevitable fact that the Senate would reject the treaty as it stood, but would ratify it with a supplemental article ceding all their lands in Georgia.

  25. THE GRACE OF LIFE Side by side with these primitive conditions stands a romantic story of Ojin's self-denial in ceding to his son, Osazaki, a beautiful girl whom the sovereign has destined to be his own consort.

  26. He, therefore, sailed with his son and a large following of high-born men to Denmark and obtained the promise of help from King Valdemar the Great on condition of ceding to him the greater part of Viken.

  27. Look at the papers, which the white men keep the most carefully," meaning the treaties ceding their lands, "and they will tell you.

  28. In ceding these lands, she ceded only the right claimed by herself, on the ground of original discovery, which was simply a priority of right to purchase of the original occupants of the soil.

  29. By this, Spain retired to the line of 42 degrees, ceding to the American Republic all her rights above that line.

  30. It was one of the legitimate consequences of the treaty of Paris in 1763, ceding Canada to Great Britain.

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