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  1. When this is present, a solution of nitrate of silver gives a curdy white precipitate, soluble in ammonia; whereas a solution of the pure chlorate remains clear.

  2. The chloride of potassium of commerce is usually a secondary product in the manufacture of chlorate of potassium and other substances.

  3. Prepared by projecting well-dried and finely powdered chlorate of potassium in small portions at a time, into warm nitric acid.

  4. Chlorate of potash, in large doses, was formerly much employed.

  5. Thirty grains of chlorate of potash should be given three times a day, whilst the food should be nutritious and such as to tempt the animal's appetite.

  6. When treated with chlorate of potassium, to which a quantity of hydrochloric acid has been added, aniline assumes a rich indigo-blue colour.

  7. The salt of commerce is frequently contaminated with large quantities of sulphate or chlorate of potassium.

  8. The chlorate requires to be handled with great care.

  9. In Germany the proportion of phosphorus used is much larger, and nitre, or some metallic peroxide, replaces chlorate of potassa.

  10. In England the composition contains a considerable quantity of chlorate of potassa, which imparts a snapping and flaming quality to the matches tipped with it, and but little phosphorus, on account of the moisture of the climate.

  11. Powder the chlorate of potash and the sulphuret of antimony separately in a mortar, and mix them on paper; after which, add them to the other ingredients, previously powdered and mixed.

  12. Mix a little chlorate of potass with spirit of wine in a strong saucer; add a little sulphuric acid, and an orange vapour will arise and burst into flame.

  13. Or, put a few grains of chlorate of potash into a table-spoonful of spirit of wine; add one or two drops of sulphuric acid, and the whole will burst into a beautiful flame.

  14. Weigh five ounces of dry nitrate of strontia, one ounce and a half of finely-powdered sulphur, five drams of chlorate of potash, and four drams of sulphuret of antimony.

  15. The use of the chlorate is simply as a solvent of iodine.

  16. The solution of chlorate of potash is made by diluting, one part of a saturated solution of the salt with ten parts of water.

  17. Mercurial stomatitis may sometimes be prevented by the administration of potassium chlorate during exposure.

  18. Potassium chlorate in doses of one or more grains may often be given with advantage, at intervals of from four to two hours.

  19. Wood[46] recommends enemata of solution of chlorate of potassium and laudanum.

  20. Potassium chlorate internally, two grains every four hours to a child twelve months old, is curative in the majority of cases.

  21. Then he put in a little chlorate of potassium, and the family tried it all round; but it tasted no better.

  22. It contained chlorate of potash and sulphur mixed.

  23. From the results of the examination it is concluded that this preparation is a mixture of alkali chlorate and nitrate and boric acid, probably produced by fusing together the constituents.

  24. Reinsch’s test for arsenic was reliable where chlorate of potass was not present.

  25. Babo consists in oxidizing the substances by strong hydrochloric acid and chlorate of potash.

  26. We believed, no doubt, at the time, that the arsenic we found was in the bottle which contained chlorate of potash—a cooling mixture.

  27. No; it was done to prove whether the chlorate would eliminate the arsenic as fast as it was given.

  28. I did not form my theory to account for the absence of arsenic from the tissues of the body, that it had been carried off by the chlorate of potass.

  29. Could the copper wire-gauze dissolved by 7 grains of chlorate of potash and its associated hydrochloric acid deposit one grain of arsenic?

  30. So they were so far as copper was used, but the presence of the chlorate of potash in the other case made all the difference.

  31. I shall certainly continue to use it, but shall take care not to do so with chlorate of potass.

  32. Assuming that he took 1 ounce, 7 grains of chlorate would dissolve, at the most, 22 grains of copper.

  33. With the evidence of a dentist (Pedley) who had attended the prisoner about the middle of February last, and recommended the use of chlorate of potass for foulness of breath, the evidence for the defence was closed.

  34. All that the experiment proves is, that chlorate of potass does not eliminate the whole of the arsenic, because it eliminated all but half a grain.

  35. The previous treatment with sulphurous acid prevents any interference by oxidizing agents such as chlorate of potash, nitrates, iodine, &c.

  36. Coloring matter is also generally present in lucifer-match tops, which contain phosphorus and chlorate of potash, or nitre; hence, the vomited matters after either of these has been swallowed may be variously colored.

  37. Sucking chlorate of potash has been recommended to check the salivation.

  38. This is to be heated, and, as it boils, from time to time crystals of potassic chlorate are added, until the solids are reduced to a straw-yellow fluid.

  39. On boiling an insoluble chromium compound with chlorate of potash and nitric acid, the chromium passes into solution as chromate.

  40. Ferrous salts should be peroxidised by means of permanganate or chlorate of potash.

  41. The antimony is separated as sulphide, redissolved in hydrochloric acid, and oxidised with a crystal of chlorate of potash.

  42. This sulphide may be oxidised with hydrochloric acid and chlorate of potash; and the selenium separated in the manner described.

  43. In other words, each pound of chlorate would require an expenditure of nearly 5.

  44. The best yield of chlorate was obtained when from 1 to 4% of caustic potash was present.

  45. The same may be said of the hydro-chlorate of soda, the hydro-chlorate of ammonia, the muriate and nitrate of alumine added to alcohol.

  46. This is chlorate of potassa, and this other sulphuret of antimony.

  47. Here is a salt called chlorate of potassa, which is now made in large quantities for bleaching, and chemical and medical uses, and for pyrotechnic and other purposes.

  48. The following is the action of the sulphuric acid in inflaming the mixture of sulphuret of antimony and chlorate of potassa.

  49. This is based upon chlorate of potash, a compound very rich in oxygen, which it is prepared to give up readily to burn any other suitable element which may be at hand.

  50. A bottle labelled "Sulphuric Acid" stood at one end of a shelf, while at the other was a huge jar full of black grains, next a bottle of chlorate of potash.

  51. The centre one, I venture, contained sulphuric acid and chlorate of potash separated by a close-packed wad of cotton wool.

  52. Mix some chlorate of potash with lump sugar, both being powdered, and drop on the mixture a little strong sulphuric acid, and it will instantly burst into flame.

  53. The most rapid and convenient process of all is to heat a mixture of two parts chlorate of potash, and one of powdered black oxide of manganese, in a common clean oil flask, to which a cork and bent tube has been adapted.

  54. If the gas is required very pure, a small quantity of the salt called chlorate of potassa may be heated in a retort, and oxygen gas will be evolved, and may be collected as before.

  55. Chlorate of potassa has been used in the place of nitre, for the manufacture of gunpowder, in consequence of its decomposition by charcoal.

  56. This salt is the hyperoxymuriate or chlorate of potassa.

  57. The chlorate of copper is a deflagrating salt.

  58. Mix ten grains of chlorate of potassa with one grain of phosphorus, and drop the mixture into sulphuric acid; detonation and flame will be the consequence.

  59. By evaporation, the chlorate of barytes will crystallize in fine rhomboidal prisms.

  60. Pauly had invented a musket, or fowling piece, which was discharged by percussion, instead of flint and steel, by using a priming powder made of chlorate of potassa.

  61. Make a mixture of arsenic and chlorate of potassa.

  62. Cadet's invention is as follows: In a glass tube or tube of elder, is enclosed a match covered with a mixture of chlorate of potassa and sulphur; above which is fixed a small glass bulb containing sulphuric acid.

  63. Perchloric acid, composed of seven primes of oxygen and one of chlorine, is obtained from chlorate of potassa, treated in a particular manner.

  64. It is quite easy to construct a box fitted with the proper apparatus for boiling and provided with a glass door for observation, and a method of introducing the chlorate of potash through a small aperture or tube.

  65. A mixture of chlorate of potash and white sugar surrounds the tube and holds it in position; c is a primer filled with mealed powder in connection with the charge of the mine.

  66. Horsley's powder is a chlorate mixture formed of potassium, chlorate, and galls.

  67. The chlorate of lime is dissolved in 10 parts of water and filtered.

  68. He uses for bleaching a modification of the chlorine bleaching process commonly employed in cotton bleacheries, the material for which is sold by druggists as chlorate of lime.

  69. The brown fiber is placed in a bath of cold water and chlorate of lime.

  70. He also prepared potassium chlorate and attempted to use it in the manufacture of gunpowder as a substitute for saltpetre.

  71. Manganese dioxide and sulphuric acid oxidize it to benzoic and o-phthalic acid; potassium chlorate and sulphuric acid breaks the ring; and ozone oxidizes it to the highly explosive white solid named ozo-benzene, C6H6O6.

  72. After washing and drying this is incorporated with the chlorate with the aid of alcohol, in which it is soluble.

  73. The chlorate mixtures must not contain ammonium salts.

  74. A German chlorate explosive made at the Sprengstoff-fabriken Kriewald bei Gleinitz.

  75. They are dipped into a vessel containing the liquid until a quarter or a third of the weight of the chlorate has been taken up.

  76. A German chlorate explosive introduced in 1915 in consequence of the scarcity of nitrates due to the War.

  77. The chlorate and starch are first heated together with water, and when dry the oil is mixed in.

  78. The ends of these sticks were then dipped into a compound of chlorate of potash, sulphite of antimony, and gum.

  79. About seventy years ago a young man named Lauria, in Lyons, France, watched his professor pound some sulphur and chlorate of potash together.

  80. He had discovered for himself the principle of the match; all he needed besides was something which would make the chlorate always stick to the sulphured wood.

  81. He observed that some of the chlorate remained on the stick.

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