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  1. He has slavered you with pretty speeches and soft words, as the cobra slavers his victim, and he will devour you, as the cobra does.

  2. Mowgli crawled out through the hole into the passage again, and the last that he saw was the White Cobra striking furiously with his harmless fangs at the stolid golden faces of the gods that lay on the floor, and hissing, "It is Death!

  3. Twice and thrice have men found their way here," the White Cobra answered savagely; "but they never spoke till I came upon them groping in the dark, and then they cried only a little time.

  4. Who could fight, they said, against the Jungle, or the Gods of the Jungle, when the very village cobra had left his hole in the platform under the peepul-tree?

  5. The White Cobra had been following him closely.

  6. The White Cobra had outlived his poison, as a snake will.

  7. A hurrying cobra slipped down over a rock and drank, gave them "Good hunting!

  8. I told a man once in India that there was a cobra in the corner of the room in which we were sitting, just to see what he would say.

  9. It was the situation in the Umballa bungalow over again--save that there was no pistol at hand, and Andrews knew now that the cobra was made of bronze.

  10. He could shoot at the bronze cobra again, for instance, and aim a little high.

  11. And--" "The bullet knocked the cobra over.

  12. For it was the cobra with the history that he continued to regard.

  13. For the cobra had toppled over, not limp and outlying, but stiffly; its coils intact, facing him, disklike.

  14. In another second he would have, and I told him there was a cobra in the corner to distract him.

  15. In the dim light he marked the cobra instantly, for a ray had been caught by its glistening brown, upreared body, and its spread hood stood out fairly distinct against the glazed panes of the long casement which stood partly ajar.

  16. Unlike the rattler, the krite and cobra give no audible warning, except a slight hiss, and directly opposite is the effect of the bite.

  17. Mrs. McIlrath declared the building was an "old cobra trap," and constantly on the watch for scorpions and snakes, it was but natural that when we retired our dreams were of reptiles.

  18. By which you will perceive that the triumphant crushing of Lady Marabout's Cobra didn't afford her the unmixed gratification she had anticipated.

  19. One day a large cobra fell into the well that was in the yard before the chief door of the king's palace, and everybody was afraid to draw water because of it.

  20. When the amats told the king that a cobra was in the well, he gave orders that it was to be taken out, but nobody was brave enough to go down the well and kill the snake.

  21. There was a cobra swinging its head about two and a half feet off the ground within a yard of him.

  22. And do either of you know how to make acceptable explanations to a she-cobra whose young have been trodden on?

  23. On his head he wears the royal war helmet, in the front of which a golden cobra rears its crest from its coils, as if to threaten the enemies of Egypt.

  24. They were nearly at right angles to the body, like the head of a cobra at spring.

  25. That is the Bisara of Pooree, and it were better for a man to take a king cobra in his hand than to touch the Bisara of Pooree.

  26. It is made of dark wood, apparently rosewood; the legs being shaped like bull's legs, having silver hoofs, and a solid gold cobra snake twining round each leg.

  27. The arm-pieces are of lightwood with cobra snakes carved upon the flat in low relief, each snake covered with hundreds of small silver annulets, to represent the markings of the reptile.

  28. Still more watchful is a cobra when he fights with a mongoose.

  29. The Hindus regard the cobra as a god, and are loath to kill him.

  30. If a cobra comes into a hut, the owner sets out milk for him and protects him in every way, and when the reptile becomes practically tame and finds that he is left undisturbed, he does his host no harm.

  31. If the same cobra bites several victims one after the other within a couple of hours, the first dies, the second becomes violently ill, while the third is less affected.

  32. THE COBRA The cobra, or spectacled snake, is the most poisonous snake in India.

  33. When the charmer begins to play with a cobra he fixes his eyes on it and never removes them for a second.

  34. He has his cobra in a round, flat basket.

  35. The cobra lives in old walls or heaps of stone and timber, under roots, or in dead trunks in the forest, in fact anywhere where he can find a sheltered hole.

  36. This, you know, is the land of the cobra and the tiger, not to mention a few other animals and reptiles equally unpleasant in their nature.

  37. The missionary listened gravely and then inquired: "Where is the cobra now?

  38. Sure enough a second cobra was there, wriggling and squirming in a way to show that he had received some of the bullets intended for his companion.

  39. I have discovered a remedy for the bite of a cobra which will stand one in good stead, should a native be bitten.

  40. When they saw a huge cobra flying through the air toward them, there was a scampering and screaming, which might have been less had they known that the grip of the shears had dislocated the serpent's neck.

  41. Every day she spent some time sprinkling them with water or removing the dead leaves, never suspecting what proved to be the fact that while thus employed, she continually moved about a spot where an immense cobra lay coiled.

  42. The end of the veranda reached, the frog leaped off, and the cobra dropped to the ground in hot pursuit, but a box, standing near, offered shelter.

  43. A frog was hopping along the front veranda, with an immense cobra chasing it.

  44. The cobra glided around the box, seeking some avenue by which to reach his victim, but, finding none, moved off in the grass and disappeared.

  45. However, the cobra has been known to strike two persons in instant succession, proving fatal to both within ten minutes of each other.

  46. Now neither the Cobra nor the Cerastes is actually a water serpent.

  47. But the uræus was not merely the goddess who destroyed the king's enemies and the emblem of his kingship: in course of time the cobra became identified with the ruler himself and the dead king, who was the god Osiris.

  48. He stopped for an instant, then added, meditatively, "I wonder what makes Gastrell keep that horrible cobra as a pet.

  49. That woman whose body has been found may have been stabbed, but I believe that big cobra had something to do with her death.

  50. So saying, the old Cobra dived down again into his hole.

  51. And she told him how her sister had tried to drown her, and how the good Cobra had saved her life and taken care of her and her child.

  52. Then the Cobra gave the Muchie Rajah and the Muchie Ranee and Muchie Lal all the most costly gifts he could find in his treasure-house; and so they went home, where they lived very happy ever after.

  53. To this upper end of his hole the Cobra took the Muchie Ranee, where he and his wife took care of her; and there she lived with them for some time.

  54. And she told him how the Cobra would never let her go, and said, "I will first tell him of your coming; for he has been a father to me.

  55. The Fakeer's daughter took the stones and determined to do as the Cobra had told her, though she hardly believed it would have the desired effect.

  56. The old fellow with the certificate picks out a small box and raises the lid; a huge cobra thrusts out its hideous head and puffs its hooded neck to the size of a man's hand.

  57. The jungle resounds with the strange noises of animals and birds, and a friendly native, who speaks a little English, confides the joyful information that the deadly cobra everywhere abounds.

  58. Not one of these is harmful, but one naturally grows curious about whether a cobra or some other less desirable member of the reptile world is not likely at any time to join their interesting company.

  59. The cobra that I watched on the basal slopes of Table Mountain, and that raised his head and expanded his hood when I pitched a pebble on to the granite slope over which he was gliding, must have had a vague percept suggested thereby.

  60. If, when I am watching the cobra at the Zoo, it suddenly strikes at the glass near my face, I involuntarily start back.

  61. The most beautiful reptile which I saw was the cobra de coral, or coral snake or worm.

  62. Manoel killed a cobra de veado, or antelope snake (Boa Constrictor) which he brought home to shew me.

  63. The first one wasn't much dance; it was mostly slow, snaky motions with the arms and other things, and it was to portray a mother cobra mourning her first-born.

  64. And right off I was struck by the fact that Safety seemed to be his old self again; his air of false gayety and nervous strain had left him and he was cold and silent and deadly, like the poisonous cobra of India.

  65. The Indian mangouste is described to be the most deadly enemy of the cobra di capello, and the battles between them have been frequently described.

  66. The bite of the cobra di capello is not so immediately fatal as is commonly supposed; fowls have been known to live two days after being bitten, though they frequently die within half an hour.

  67. The Singhalese remark that if one cobra be destroyed near a house, its companion is almost certain to be discovered immediately after,--a popular belief which I had an opportunity of verifying on more than one occasion.

  68. I have heard of the cobra being found on the crown of a coco-nut palm, attracted, it was said, by the toddy which was flowing at the time, it being the season for drawing it.

  69. New species discovered in Ceylon Buddhist veneration for the cobra de capello The Python Tree snakes Water snakes Sea snakes Snake stones Analysis of one Cæcilia Frogs Tree frogs List of Ceylon reptiles CHAP.

  70. Venomous species rare Tic polonga and carawala Cobra de capello Tame snakes (note) Anecdotes of the cobra de capello Legends concerning it Instance of land snakes found at sea Singular tradition regarding the robra de capello Uropeltidæ.

  71. One curious tradition in Ceylon embodies the popular legend, that the stomach of the cobra de capello occasionally contains a precious stone of such unapproachable brilliancy as to surpass all known jewels.

  72. Angry as the cobra appeared, it did not turn aside to attack her.

  73. To her horror, she now saw little Jan running down the slope, and coming directly upon the path where the cobra lay coiled!

  74. His object was to stun the latter by the fall; and the more effectually to do this, he would have carried the cobra still higher, had not the latter prevented it by attempting to coil itself around his wings.

  75. He had seen the bird dart down between them; but so adroitly had it seized the cobra and carried it off, that Jan, looking only at Trüey, had not perceived the serpent in its beak.

  76. It would be impossible for him to leap aside or over the reptile, as the antelope had done; for even then Trüey had noticed that the cobra had darted its long neck several feet upwards.

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