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Example sentences for "confectioner"

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  1. I didn't drink it," said the boy, and walked out of the shop leaving the confectioner calculating.

  2. The bun was given him; he ate it and was walking out of the shop when the confectioner called after him, "Hi, you haven't paid for your bun.

  3. It sits with us at the table, which a confectioner out of a back street has furnished and where everything, down to the very flowers, is hired for the occasion.

  4. The confectioner rightly thought that, in order to sell wares, they must be known; and in order for them to be known, they must be made known.

  5. Philippe had given his first performance--the confectioner had exchanged the barley-sugar trick for the magician's wand.

  6. This burlesque scene met with extraordinary success, and the receipts swelled day by day, until the confectioner had disposed of all his wares.

  7. Philippe Talon was born at Alais, near Nîmes; after having carried on his sweet trade of confectioner for some time in Paris, his want of success compelled him to expatriate himself.

  8. Right enough, after searching diligently amongst his ancestor's collection, the confectioner found the missing articles, carried out the instructions given him by his visitors, and never saw them again.

  9. One winter's evening, probably in preparation for Christmas, this confectioner was surveying the day's handiwork.

  10. The confectioner promised to see to this little matter, the visitors tried to get up a smile of gratitude, and faded away.

  11. How the centre of fashion shifted to the Old Town in the days of Wenceslaus IV, and we move with it down the Karlova Ulice, look at various matters of interest and listen to a story about a confectioner and his nocturnal visitors.

  12. During my studies with Weinlich the only little dissipation I allowed myself was my daily evening visit to Kintschy, the confectioner in the Klostergasse, where I passionately devoured the latest newspapers.

  13. A confectioner of the name of Hascha was my rival.

  14. The confectioner retired behind a large screen, having first showed Hokey Pokey the hole of the Rat King, which was certainly a very large one.

  15. The shop was full of the most beautiful sweetmeats imaginable, and everything was bright and gay; but the confectioner himself sat upon a bench, weeping bitterly.

  16. A confectioner told me, candy is never made in this country by women, but it is in England.

  17. A lady confectioner told me that a woman who ornaments fancy candies is poorly paid, and it is dirty, sugary kind of work.

  18. A lady confectioner says: "It requires a very honest person to be in a confectionery, because small sums are being constantly received and no note taken of them.

  19. A confectioner in Boston, who employs four American girls in attending store and making goods, writes: "We consider the occupation very healthy, never having had a case of sickness with girls while working at this business.

  20. A French confectioner told me he had employed a woman to make chocolate cream, paying $3 a week for ten hours a day, and could employ her all the year, as the demand for chocolate cream is very great.

  21. James Donaldson, the brother of Donaldson of Granville Street, was also a Confectioner and carried on business at the corner of George and Barrington Streets, now occupied by Cragg Bros.

  22. Chenalette was the most famous confectioner ever known in Halifax.

  23. It sits with us at the table, which a confectioner out of a back street has furnished, and where everything, down to the very flowers, is hired for the occasion.

  24. A confectioner from the town also came out and put up a stall there; then came another confectioner who hung a bell over his stall, which was covered with pitch to protect it from the rain, but the clapper was wanting.

  25. One of them held out her hand, in which was a heart made of sugar, more beautiful than any confectioner ever sold.

  26. The Palace Confectioner Hassan, may still become the richest merchant in Bagdad.

  27. I was stingy with them, and no one durst beg any from me, because I had said that they were very expensive, and that in all Corfu there was no confectioner who could make or physician who could analyse them.

  28. Arithmetic was not her forte, and the confectioner at length gave up in despair, very much I fancy to Miss Polly's relief.

  29. The confectioner says no amount of money can buy that bird.

  30. A few years ago a confectioner bought a Parrot, and, though the bird talked very plainly and volubly, the man was not satisfied.

  31. Yussuf rode up on the beast, which was not half as large as himself, and stopped at the shop, where the confectioner was superintending his work-people.

  32. The confectioner requested to know if his highness would wait till a dinner was prepared for him.

  33. The confectioner heeded him not, when Yussuf strutted into the shop.

  34. To such, the importance of this little volume, ready at call, to assist the confectioner in making a fine line of counter goods, is too plain to require discussion.

  35. The confectioner and his wife were casting indignant glances at the proprietors of the Hotel des Folies.

  36. Nature being satisfied, he called for pen and ink, and with the aid of Mr. Stubbs drew up the following proclamation which to this day remains posted in the salle à manger a copy whereof was transmitted by post to the confectioner at Paris.

  37. AGNES enters, excited and frightened, but trying hard to control herself; she makes for the gateway, where the confectioner is seated on his chair.

  38. The confectioner and I are the oldest tenants in the place, and he, too, has had a few experiences of his own--he is one of those people who never succeed but are always in some kind of trouble.

  39. He sets up the chess pieces] They are carrying on up there so that they make the chandelier rattle--and the confectioner is heating up down below.

  40. A confectioner in 1805 had to keep his wits about him, for after every victory of Napoleon he was expected to do the whole thing in sugar.

  41. But if near a confectioner in the city these can be bought cheaper than they can be made.

  42. If a lady is not near a confectioner she should learn to make this herself.

  43. They tell of one confectioner who abandoned his sugar-pots to turn playwright, about the time that Alphonse Karr forsook literature to sell bouquets.

  44. It was in the house of this famous confectioner Zotti that Vittoria and her mother had lived after leaving England for Italy.

  45. The countess let them eat, and then gave her son a letter that been delivered at her door an hour back by the confectioner Zotti.

  46. The confectioner lifted his fingers and his big brown eyes after them, expressive of the unutterable thoughts.

  47. The confectioner and those whom he employs depend upon their work for the means of supporting themselves and their families.

  48. I did, and the supper will cost at least twenty more; for I have spoken to the confectioner to supply us with ice cream, cake, jellies, and other luxuries.

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