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Example sentences for "crimped"

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  1. Where the two factions met, the principals kept apart by the crowd, a broad-shouldered giant with the voice of a bull and a beard that crimped low on his chest, harangued the multitude from a wagon-box.

  2. Sandy's prompt arrival and subsequent events had crimped that plan and he fell back upon all the crooked tactics that he possessed in gambling.

  3. By this I mean the woman who is always togged up and crimped and curled and looks as if she were not worth a row of pins except as a means of livelihood to the modistes and the milliners and the hairdressers!

  4. Neither is it artistic, for the correctly crimped and waved side-locks are too mechanically planned to look at all natural.

  5. Smiling cordially, she held out her hand, but he took no notice of it, and for a moment his eyes rested on the sea, where a freshening wind crimped the long swells of water dyed by the after-glow into the gold of a daffodil.

  6. When crimped, it should not be kept longer than a day or two, as all kinds of crimped fish soon become sour.

  7. It was a narrow, natural basin, hollowed out by the water in a clayey soil, about two feet deep, surrounded with moss and with those tall, crimped grasses which are called Henry IV.

  8. From this we may perceive the antiquity of starch and crimped ruffs.

  9. Why must their ruffs be always crinkled like endive leaves, and not crimped with a crimping iron?

  10. The coil is often indented or crimped throughout, from the center of the bottom to the rim of the vessel.

  11. Certain districts are particularly rich in remains of this peculiar ware and furnish many examples of crimped ornament.

  12. They consist of straight, curved, or crimped fillets, applied to the surface of the vessel as shown in Fig.

  13. The fillets are alternately crimped and plain.

  14. However, while a sheet of birch bark could be crimped or gored into a scow-form canoe such as the Asiatic birch-bark canoe, no example of this form from North America is known.

  15. That can be caused when the case is crimped, the bullet is crimped into the case.

  16. It is nothing more than where the case has been crimped in.

  17. The neck of the case is tightened around--is crimped into the bullet.

  18. Special the diameter of the bullets where they are crimped is .

  19. There is a cannelure, that would be the position at which the projectile is crimped and held in the cartridge case.

  20. Special bullets, at the portion of the bullet where the case is crimped into the bullet are approximately .

  21. Gabriella saw a handsome, slightly florid face, with the vivacious smile of a girl and a beautiful forehead under a stiffly crimped arch of gray hair which looked as hard and bright as silver.

  22. Above the bodice was nearly always seen the V-shaped opening of the under petticoat bodice, and across and above that, the white embroidered or crimped chemise.

  23. Here are the openings winged with fern, and ruffling to the west wind; and the crimped oval leaves of the alder rustle over the backs of the bathing cows.

  24. The Knitting Swede had crimped them all out of a Norwegian bark, plied them with drink, and put them on board the Golden Bough after he had promised to find them a high-waged coasting ship.

  25. She had the same nose, slightly too long for her small face, the same short upper lip and light hair, only her brother's was straight and hers was crimped, as wet sand is crimped by a placid outgoing sea.

  26. Her nimble, thin fingers searched for and found three crimped wire hairpins which she secreted in the meshes of the plait.

  27. As she piled the sliced apples thickly into the crimped pie crust, she thought wistfully of Mrs. Carson, who was kind to her although she was a hard taskmistress.

  28. Its broad brim, spread forth grandly and exfoliated, and its round crown swelled and crimped and consolidated until the whole became a prodigious cabbage, rivalling in magnitude the capacious head of the Doubter.

  29. The vagrant population of France was swept off from the streets at night, and conveyed to Havre de Grace, to be shipped to the projected colonies; even laboring people and mechanics were thus crimped and spirited away.

  30. When the shell is to be crimped a slight difference in the size is unimportant, but for fine target work using black powder, it is preferable not to crimp the shell.

  31. Nearly all varieties of smokeless powders require a certain amount of confinement in order to secure complete combustion, and do not give good results unless the shell is crimped securely to the bullet.

  32. If the shells were originally crimped they will have to be opened with the tool so as to admit the bullet without shaving off or abrading its surface.

  33. Smith & Wesson Long are special makes of the long rifle cartridge that are furnished with a crimped shell, preventing the bullet from becoming dislodged and thus adapting this popular cartridge for use in revolvers of this caliber.

  34. In ammunition for military service the shells are crimped on the bullets to hold them in place.

  35. Dainty confectionery, in crimped papers, can be made of small radishes covered with icing of different colors.

  36. Then Emeline was left to put her house in order, and dress herself for the day--her corsets laced tight at the waist, her black hair crimped elaborately above her bang, her pleated skirts draped fashionably over her bustle.

  37. Her lovely mop had been crimped out of all natural wave; her youthful digestion menaced by candy and chewing gum; her naturally rather sober and pensive disposition completely altered, or at least eclipsed.

  38. Their crimped hair nauseated her, their rouge and powder and cologne.

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