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Example sentences for "croup"

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  1. Behind them on the croup each carried his provisions--a few strips of tasajo with some cold tortillas tied in a piece of buckskin.

  2. They were in single file--the muzzle of each horse close to the croup of the one that preceded him.

  3. To prevent turning in the saddle, other thongs, extending from strong leathern waist-belts, stay them to croup and pommel, and hold their bodies firm.

  4. The ordinary croup of infants is spasmodic croup, and is very rarely dangerous, although the symptoms seem very alarming.

  5. The room should be very warm, hot cloths or poultices should be applied over the throat, and either a croup kettle or an ordinary tea-kettle kept boiling in the room.

  6. Distance is measured--mounted, from the croup of the horse in front to the head of the horse in rear; dismounted, from the back of the trooper in front to the breast of the trooper in rear.

  7. The nurse spoke to Peter and set about fixing a croup kettle beside the crib.

  8. And one night when Pat was suddenly assailed by croup Peter almost worried himself sick.

  9. In turning to the right, the whip may be made equally useful by driving out his croup to the left.

  10. It was fixed behind a man's saddle, on the croup of a steady horse, trained to go at an easy though shuffling pace between a walk and a trot.

  11. Should he not, his croup may be so turned, outward, that he cannot do his rider any mischief.

  12. If the horse do not readily obey the hand in turning, or bring forward his croup sufficiently, he must be urged to throw himself more on the bit, by an animation of the leg or whip.

  13. These attacks of croup seem much worse than they really are.

  14. Each night the paroxysms of croup returned with great severity, and the little fellow's strength seemed fast giving way under them.

  15. The horses are merely wiped down with woollen rags, and covered with very good djellale, or rugs that envelop both the croup and the chest.

  16. At the end of these seven or eight days, say the Arabs, the belly disappears, while the neck, chest, and croup show firm flesh.

  17. In a case of life or death if you feel your horse's wind failing, take off the bridle if only for an instant, and strike him on the croup with a spur sharply enough to draw blood.

  18. Into the improvised saddle I mounted--the girl, from a rock, leaping upon the croup behind me.

  19. He to whose croup I was attached was last in the line; and, consequently, I was trailed along without coming in contact with the others--the long lazo separating me from his horse by a distance of more than a dozen yards.

  20. The rider upon the croup was Frank Wingrove!

  21. The thick tresses of her golden hair escaping from the comb swept down upon the croup behind her.

  22. The little creature was higher at the croup than at the withers, and entirely without a tail, or with a tail only one inch long, that had more the appearance of a stump.

  23. Then saw Dalmahoy house with its toune at some distance on the croup of the hill.

  24. Saw Pittedy, stands on the croup of a hill pleasantly but by; ware Boswuells.

  25. Ramorney, Heriot; saw Scotstarvet, formerly Inglistarvet, on the croup of a hill; besyde it is the Struther.

  26. These leaves are curative of croup in poultry.

  27. When used in a diluted form it is highly beneficial for relieving the same symptoms, if they come on as an attack of illness, particularly for the spurious croup of children, which wakes them at night with a suffocative cough and wheezing.

  28. I carry a better larder on my horse's croup than a general takes with him when he goes on a march.

  29. The saddle and croup straps are frequent agents of infection.

  30. In the flanks, the muscles of the croup and of the shoulders, or of the entire body it has chills lasting from 15 to 30 minutes, and frequently a grinding of the teeth which warns one that a severe attack may be expected.

  31. When there is a twin birth the second foal usually comes with its hind feet first, and the backs of the legs, the points of the hocks, and the tail and croup are turned upward toward the anus and tail of the mare.

  32. He who had called himself a disciple bowed in sign of obedience, assisted Morgan to fasten the valise to the croup of the saddle, and respectfully held the bit while the young man mounted.

  33. Unfasten the valise that is on the croup of my saddle, Baptiste, and give it to me.

  34. True croup is generally preceded by what is known as "a cold.

  35. In croup there is pain and difficulty in swallowing, fever and cough, which are usually absent in asthma.

  36. Wash your rooms and passages at least once a week; use plenty of clean water; but do not let your children stay in them while they are wet--it may bring on croup or inflammation of the chest.

  37. The difficulty of breathing may become so excessive that the clinical diagnosis of croup is unquestionable, and tracheotomy resorted to, while expiration is comparatively free and the voice not markedly affected.

  38. Knapp distinguishes between croup and diphtheria of the eyelid according to the facility or impossibility of removing the deposit.

  39. When, after the operation, there is scarcely any relief, and particularly when the case takes a very rapid course, it is probably one of ascending croup which commenced in the trachea.

  40. Jurine, in his prize essay of 1807, denies the gangrenous nature of angina maligna and emphasizes the frequent complication of membranous croup with membranous pharyngitis.

  41. Pretty looks upon those cases of croup that have their original seat in the tonsils as contagious.

  42. It has already been stated that catarrhal or false croup is frequently observed during the stage of invasion.

  43. Louis referred a number of cases of croup in adults to pharyngeal diphtheria as their source.

  44. Croup is known (whether sporadic or in the form of laryngeal diphtheria) by the barking cough of the early stage and its whistling character toward the fatal end.

  45. The false membrane of croup he looked upon as an aggregation of mucus.

  46. Stokes makes a distinction between primary and secondary croup according to the original seat of the affection (1837).

  47. He also endeavored to prove that croup and angina maligna were two distinct diseases, notwithstanding all that had been said since the time of Aret├Žus in favor of their identity.

  48. He still believed the child had died of a croup affection, the most violent he had ever seen.

  49. The doctor called in thought it was from a croup fever.

  50. It was a freak; had a high croup and muscles as stretchy as India-rubber, and strong--like the difference between the muscles of a mule and the muscles of most horses.

  51. Look at that high croup and that straight rump.

  52. Hippocrates mentions {336} canalization of the air-passages, and suggests that in inflammatory croup with difficulty of respiration, canulas should be carried into the throat along the jaws so that air could be drawn into the lungs.

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