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Example sentences for "daffodils"

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daemonum; daer; daerah; daffing; daffodil; daft; dag; dagas; dagegen; dagged
  1. Illustration] [Illustration] Spring in the Garden No daffodils "take the winds of March with beauty" in our Berkshire gardens.

  2. What daffodils we have in that month of alternate slush and blizzard bloom in pots, indoors.

  3. The daffodils beneath the trees Are all a-row together.

  4. I can hardly keep March and spring and Sunday and daffodils Out of my rhyme of song.

  5. In the early light of morning I saw a bed of daffodils growing close by and I plucked a few and laid them on his breast because I loved him.

  6. Because," said Tarling, "I was reading an article on horticulture in this morning's papers and I learnt that daffodils do not grow in the Argentine.

  7. Well," said the other slowly, "the daffodils I saw this morning which were found on Lyne's chest were Golden Spurs.

  8. Those daffodils tell me of pity and compassion, and perhaps repentance.

  9. Why should he be found with daffodils on his chest?

  10. The daffodils in Miss Rider's flat are the variety known as the Emperor.

  11. In fact, I knew that this morning when I'd seen the daffodils which you had taken to Scotland Yard.

  12. That is where the daffodils were plucked, I'd like to swear to that.

  13. We seem to see nothing but daffodils in this murder!

  14. How exquisite these single daffodils are!

  15. She searched in the kitchen garden, but there was nothing to be seen except the daffodils nodding their innocent heads under the gooseberry-bushes.

  16. Illustration: A fish globe with daisies] The tall glass sets off two or three long stemmed roses: and a few yellow daffodils or the narcissus with their leaves look equally well in it.

  17. In our gardens we plant the sunshiny daffodils by themselves, the sweet peas grow in a mass together, and we have beds of roses.

  18. Rilla was standing among the budding daffodils with tear-filled eyes.

  19. One spring day, when the daffodils were blowing on the Ingleside lawn, and the banks of the brook in Rainbow Valley were sweet with white and purple violets, the little, lazy afternoon accommodation train pulled into the Glen station.

  20. I've been thinking of the daffodils in the garden at Ingleside," he wrote.

  21. White Foxgloves should be planted at the edge and a little way back, Daffodils for the time when the leaves are not yet there, and Lily of the Valley, whose charming bloom and brilliant foliage come with the young leaves of May.

  22. The sheets of crocuses in the low March sunlight, and of daffodils shaking in an April wind, add a glory to the spring at Kew, but it is a glory that can belong to other lawns and other vistas of flowers.

  23. John Evelyn of Wotton knew the Tangley manor moat and garden; possibly some of the daffodils which brighten the grass in April are descendants of bulbs he planted.

  24. Treat them boldly; put strong kinds out in glades; imagine colonies of Daffodils among the Oak and Beech Ferns, fringed by early Aconite, in the spots overshadowed by the branches of deciduous trees.

  25. Each is a rural poem; the characters are simple; the poetic accompaniment supplied by the daffodils in one poem is supplied in the other by the sea.

  26. The days will pass: the daffodils will change to roses, to asters, to snow; but the unbroken pattern of desolation will change not.

  27. Indeed, the daffodils not only fill the whole poem with their fluttering beauty, they play the part of the old Greek chorus.

  28. Cymoent tore the daffodils from her hair, and fell on the ground in a faint.

  29. They were picking the daffodils and making them into garlands for their fair heads, when they heard the message of the birds, 'Marinell is dead, dead, dead.

  30. They are daffodils and lilies and snowdrops.

  31. I think the ground is full of daffodils and snowdrops and lilies and iris working their way out of the dark.

  32. Violets and daffodils began to sprout from the carpet and birds sang in the window frames.

  33. The birds fled from the windows and the daffodils retired under the carpet.

  34. Our daffodils are no longer to have the praise of their daring, for we no longer relate them to the lagging swallow.

  35. Distance of vital time set the springs far apart, and made the daffodils strangers.

  36. There was a large bowl of daffodils in the middle of the table, and she took them out of the water, deftly dried their stalks, and gave them to him.

  37. In February the spring bulbs, Daffodils and Forsythia, appear.

  38. In June and July the place is a glory with Lilies, Columbine, and Delphinium that are counted in hundreds, and earlier there are Tulips and Daffodils by the thousands.

  39. To the northeast of Alma is the lovely garden at Garra-tigh, where Daffodils bloom, as in Alma, three weeks later than near the city of New York.

  40. The Crocus season opens in early March; Daffodils follow a little later; late Tulips and German Iris come near May 1; Sweet William and Peonies about May 20; and soon after the Delphiniums and Hollyhocks appear.

  41. She threw a few daffodils at them and then danced away.

  42. The daffodils lay on the gravel walk and they all looked at them but no one picked them up.

  43. Not double daffodils I took, but singleā€”freshly come From wintry village fields.

  44. Fair daffodils I took across the western sea away, To cheer my lonely cabin and to talk to me of home.

  45. Now the mild thin air brings a breath of spring in its wake and the daffodils in the garden wait the kisses of the sun.

  46. Light of heart and foot with the new wine of the year I sped on again, stray daffodils lighting the wayside, until I heard the voice of the stream and reached the field gate which leads to the lower meadows.

  47. A great oak stands at the meadow's neck, an oak with gnarled and wandering roots where a man may rest, for it is bare of daffodils save for a group of three, and a solitary one apart growing close to the old tree's side.

  48. As I climbed the hill the moon rode high in a golden field--it was daffodils to the last.

  49. Back by the door there was a sudden commotion, and the sophomore faction broke out into tumultuous applause as a tall and stately gentleman appeared carrying a "shower bouquet" of daffodils with a border and streamers of violets.

  50. He divided interest with a sprightly little lady in a brilliant purple gown, whose arms were so full of violets and daffodils and purple and yellow ribbons that she looked like an animated flower bed.

  51. Daffodils peeped out their yellow faces from tufts of encumbering weeds; and stooping down, Rotha found an abundance of polyanthus scattered about among the other things, and periwinkle running wild.

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