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  1. The Egyptian dentists must have been very skilful.

  2. We have aurists, dentists and oculists, surgeons for fractures of the bone, and others for internal diseases.

  3. I am afraid he can hardly help betraying his favoritism, as people who have any one showy point are apt to do,--especially dentists with handsome teeth, who always smile back to their last molars.

  4. Don't tell us, as some old dentists used to, that everybody not only always has every tooth in his head good for nothing, but that he ought to have his head cut off as a punishment for that misfortune!

  5. Let me ask the Patres Conscripti of our Academy Royal, why Dentists are not admitted A.

  6. If instead of inveighing against advertisers, honorable and capable dentists worked through dental and medical societies to secure adequate public supervision of dental practice, more progress would be made against dental malpractice.

  7. By 1785 itinerant dentists had built up a lucrative practice.

  8. I realize that advertising is "unethical" among dentists as among physicians.

  9. It is said that of forty thousand American dentists not over eleven thousand are readers of dental journals, and probably not three hundred contribute to professional literature.

  10. Good dentists really "come too high" for both the poor and the comfortably situated.

  11. Many dentists will say that they must learn dentistry before they learn the economics and sociology of clean teeth.

  12. Doctors and dentists themselves have not been trained to realize that the teeth are a most dangerous source of infection when unclean.

  13. To supplement this work, the dentists have prepared for free distribution a leaflet which tells in short, clear sentences how to care for the teeth.

  14. Teachers can persuade dentists and physicians to write stories.

  15. Before the invention of the electric dental engine, dentists used to suffer from this and the profession talked about the "dentist's limp.

  16. Even in so acute a process as toothache it is possible to mistake the particular tooth that is giving trouble, and, as dentists know, a perfectly quiescent tooth is sometimes blamed for pain that is coming from another.

  17. In this manner he learned pretty much all that was known at that time by dentists in general.

  18. From which it may be seen that twenty-five centuries and more before our time the Etruscans dentists already practised a system of bridge work, and, relatively to the age, carried it out with sufficient ability.

  19. He was born at the beginning of the eighteenth century, and devoted himself betimes to the dental art, gathering instruction therein partly from different dentists and partly from the few odontological books he was able to find.

  20. We are now, therefore, able not only to affirm that the Etruscans knew how to execute a kind of bridge work, but that later the dentists of ancient Rome even carried out crown work.

  21. White undoubtedly stands forth as one of the noblest and grandest figures in the history of dentistry, and his name will ever be recorded with honor and veneration by dentists of all ages.

  22. One of the most distinguished German dentists in the second half of the eighteenth century was Adam Anton Brunner.

  23. And first of all, we find in it the proof of what we have already said elsewhere, namely, that even before Fauchard, there were not only tooth-pullers but also dentists properly so called.

  24. With the provision of dentists another risk was removed, at all events in parts.

  25. Similarly the failure of the Australian Government to provide dentists in the first instance is difficult to understand.

  26. General Hospital to borrow two dentists from the New Zealand Government, to fit them out with Red Cross money and goods, and in this way to meet informally the difficulty.

  27. Amongst professional men, it has been observed that physicians and dentists are by far more prone than others to orthoepical errors.

  28. All of the local dentists have been brought into close contact with the school system by the efforts of the Dental Society to introduce mouth hygiene into the schools," says Dr.

  29. That simple creed adopted by teachers, principals, mothers, manufacturers, dentists and trade unionists has become a great motive force in the upbuilding of the Cincinnati schools.

  30. By his machinations a meeting of Boston dentists was called and a committee of twelve appointed to make a formal protest against anesthesia.

  31. There he continued to use gas for about two years, but failed to secure its introduction into general surgery, owing to prejudice and ignorance on the part of dentists and physicians alike.

  32. Now people are paying dentists high prices for keeping them so that they have no teeth to fill.

  33. Dentists at first pulled teeth and put in new ones.

  34. Caroline had always feared she would come, to tell Caroline what she thought of people who pretended to be other people, and let you be good to them, with dentists and pianos, and all the time were deceiving you!

  35. I have seen no advertisements that strike a greater chill than the scanty notices of early dentists and dentistry that appear at the latter part of the past century.

  36. There were few New England dentists eo nomine until well into this century--but three in Boston in 1816.

  37. No emperors are dentists; All dentists are dreaded by children.

  38. From the presence of artificial teeth and the mechanical appliances for fixing them, dentists may recognize their own work beyond a doubt.

  39. The act is not applicable to dentists (ib.

  40. Joseph Wilson, Thomas Kennard, and William Nickless, are also practising dentists in the city of Philadelphia.

  41. He devotes several hours a day, to the manufacture of these articles for one of the principal surgeon-dentists of Arch street.

  42. Dentists will tell you that the way candy injures the teeth is by sticking to them and fermenting, forming acids, which destroy the tooth structure.

  43. Perhaps it was the simple home charm of the surroundings, the soft drowsy hum of the gas pump, the twittering of the dentists in the trees--did I say the trees?

  44. Just as physicians, surgeons and dentists must all have licenses.

  45. Scientific treatment of the eyes and of the teeth have both become special professions; you'll find good oculists and good dentists in nearly every town.

  46. The dentists are particularly important, as their information would be invaluable if the skull belonging to these bones should be discovered.

  47. Some girl outside was babbling about writers and doctors, and dentists and college students, and little secretaries and big secretaries.

  48. Doctors and dentists are fine--writers and poets are sick.

  49. It was an absurd and obscene kind of impaling reserved for people who were made to be laughed at--for slaves and provincials, for dentists and small tradesmen, as you would say.

  50. It is a well-known fact that male dentists doing careful and conscientious work, cannot, as a rule, stand the strain for many hours daily after they have reached middle age, and the intending student should consider this point.

  51. The general public apparently welcome the advent of women dentists as the few qualified women in London and the Provinces have excellent practices.

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