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  1. Chion and Leonidas of Heraclea, disciples of Plato, conspired against the despots Clearchus and Satirus.

  2. But there being now three despots among the partisans of C├Žsar, who sought to grasp his sceptre, Which should prevail?

  3. Thus Athens and Corinth, before the Persian wars, were beautiful cities, from the lavish expenditure of the public treasury by the tyrants or despots who had gained ascendency.

  4. He relieved the poverty and distress of the people by selling the public lands, and employed his forces to expel remaining despots from the island.

  5. He invited the Syracusans to demolish the stronghold of tyranny, where the despots had so long intrenched themselves.

  6. Mardonius was sent with a large army into Ionia, who deposed the despots in the various cities, whom Artaphernes had reinstated, and left the people to govern themselves, subject to the Persian dominion and tribute.

  7. It substituted a horde of petty despots for one and it developed a petty local tyranny in the place of a general despotism.

  8. Its material prosperity was very great, and great buildings remain to this day as monuments of an art and architecture the foundations of which were mostly laid before the despots were at the height of their power.

  9. At the close of this period, the republican phase of their government declined, and each was ruled by a succession of tyrants, or despots (podestas).

  10. The despots were of different classes, according to the method by which they obtained power.

  11. In many of the cities the excessive power of the despots made their reign a prolonged terror.

  12. Abyssinian despots sully not their dignity by condescending to divulge even the smallest design to the most confidential of their courtiers.

  13. The military circumstances that now unite themselves to France, are such as the despots of the earth know nothing of, and can form no calculation upon.

  14. The despots of Europe have formed alliances to preserve their respective authority, and to perpetuate the oppression of peoples.

  15. But to reason with despots is throwing reason away.

  16. This is an attempt at power equalled only by the conduct of the minor despots of the most despotic governments in Europe, and yet those Justices affect to call England a Free Country.

  17. The interference of foreign despots may serve to introduce into their own enslaved countries the principles they come to oppose.

  18. But all the despots of all times and of all nations said the same.

  19. The despots of the Old World will envy Mr. Lincoln.

  20. Those despots can no more carry out their hobbies.

  21. Broils were still frequent between the nobles and the plebs, but Biordo was the first of the brigand despots who tried to free Perugia from Papal encroachments.

  22. Of despots such as these, shall Southern bands Ne'er own the mastery, till every heart is dead.

  23. Let the sharp saber tell him How despots are laid low!

  24. The despots of Northern Italy did not wish their subjects trained to arms.

  25. This idolization of a tree was a striking instance of the childish caprice and folly by which the actions of the ancient despots were so often governed.

  26. He at once left Anaxidamus, with orders to guard the bridge with vigilance, and give no quarter to any of the mercenaries; because they were the men on whom the despots of Sparta always depended for supporting their power.

  27. At that time, if Histiaios the despot of Miletos had followed the opinion of the other despots and had not made opposition to them, the power of the Persians would have been brought to an end.

  28. Then Cleomenes came to the city together with those of the Athenians who desired to be free, and began to besiege the despots shut up in the Pelasgian wall.

  29. They thus spoke; and the despots of Ionia sent each one by night to his own people announcing to them this.

  30. Alcmaionidai were haters of despots equally or more 111 than he.

  31. Aristagoras then being driven out of Sparta proceeded to Athens; which had been set free from the rule of despots in the way which I shall tell.

  32. With despots leagu'd, to their disgrace Aid the base cause that you abhor, And hurl on France the storm of war.

  33. But a spirit there is in the order of things, To me it is perfectly plain, That will strike at the scepters of despots and kings, And only king Bacchus remain.

  34. This gaudy vision to restore Shall fate its laws repeal, And cruel despots rise once more To plan a new Bastille!

  35. Despots and kings begun their part, And millions fell by rules of art; Or malice, rankling all the while, Lay hid beneath the treacherous smile.

  36. By wars and death while despots thrive What pity one remains alive!

  37. I met him with awe, but no symptom of fear As I roved by his mountains and springs, When he said with a sneer, "how dare you come here, You hater of despots and kings?

  38. According to Herodotus he rendered great service to Darius while he was campaigning in Scythia by persuading his fellow-despots not to destroy the bridge over the Danube by which the Persians must return.

  39. During this period the Greek cities were left under native despots supported by Persia, Aristagoras, son-in-law of Histiaeus, being ruler of Miletus in his stead.

  40. Like all despots who rule through fear, Curly had a following.

  41. The universities founded Chairs of Astrology, Popes consulted the stars on occasions of importance, nor did the Despots dare to act without the advice of their soothsayers.

  42. Around despots of the stamp of the Visconti there must of necessity reign the solitude and silence of a desert, where arts and letters cannot flourish, though Pactolus be poured forth to feed their roots.

  43. Especially was this true during the reigns of the powerful despots of the eighteenth dynasty, when the relations between Egypt and Palestine were exceedingly close.

  44. Despots like Herod the Great and Napoleon, corrupt political bosses, who play into the hands of certain classes at the expense of the general public, and men who employ grafting methods in business or politics, belong to this class.

  45. But nearly four hundred years before Innocent, the Doria had been high admirals and almost despots of Genoa.

  46. Every friend of liberty familiar with the history of our Revolution, and feeling the necessity of repelling the slanders with which despots are loading it in the eyes of nations, misleading them against us, will understand these grounds.

  47. Under such menaces the majority for sparing Louis shrank with the New Year; French pride arose, and with Danton was eager to defy despots by tossing to them the head of a king.

  48. The most tyrannical and bloodthirsty among their despots was held in some contempt if he were not also something of a poet, or at least instinctively appreciative of polished wit and courtly eloquence.

  49. With the days of Despots done, It will come!

  50. With a sullen, setting Sun, With the days of Despots done, With the wrath of God begun, It will come!

  51. Italian despots gained their power by violence and wielded it with craft.

  52. Duke Frederick was a prince remarkable among Italian despots for private virtues and sober use of his hereditary power.

  53. Urbino acknowledged them as semi-despots in their double capacity of Imperial and Papal deputies.

  54. The Medici were conscious that they, selfishly, had most to gain by supporting despots who in time of need might help them to confirm their own authority.

  55. By far the most important people, next to the despots and the captains of adventure, were ambassadors and orators.

  56. When he helped to establish despots in Milan and Bologna he was rendering the presidency of his own family in Florence necessary.

  57. The Italian despots felt they could not trust Piero, and this want of confidence was probably the first motive that impelled Lodovico Sforza to call Charles VIII.

  58. At the same time the Neapolitan despots shared the uneasy circumstances of all Italian potentates, owing to the uncertainty of their tenure, both as conquerors and aliens, and also as the nominal vassals of the Holy See.

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