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Example sentences for "doesnt"

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doer; doers; does; doeskin; doesna; doest; doeth; dof; doff; doffed
  1. If it suits thee to goa maunderin abaat seekin' foi sorrow, it doesnt me.

  2. It's a pity tha doesnt try to mak her believe it.

  3. Awd nowt to do wi it, tha should let stuff alooan at doesnt belang to thi; but ha did they taste?

  4. You want the next election to be fought on principles: that is what it comes to, doesnt it?

  5. He doesnt listen even in the House of Commons.

  6. But Creative Evolution doesnt stop while people are laughing.

  7. Mind: it's not that he doesnt see a joke: he does; and it hurts him.

  8. Knox] I tell you, Jo, this doesnt sit well on you.

  9. It doesnt matter whether you set yourself up against it or not, Mr. Gilbey.

  10. Your Uncle Phil doesnt like spirits; and he makes a merit of it, and is chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee.

  11. But Shaw doesnt write his plays as plays.

  12. That means telling me to mind my own business, doesnt it?

  13. She doesnt know about--about His Grace, you know.

  14. Thats one of your prettiest literary attitudes, Mr Trotter; but it doesnt take me in.

  15. But I'll cut him dead if he doesnt treat you properly.

  16. You mustnt mind what your master says, Juggins: he doesnt mean it.

  17. Ive waited for you to find out that happiness is within ourselves and doesnt come from outward pleasures.

  18. But it doesnt matter to me what you do with them, Mable.

  19. Mon Ami: Sounds like a scourin pouder, doesnt it, Mable?

  20. One doesnt get out of these things for nothing.

  21. If she doesnt get out of my reach, I'll do it.

  22. Oh, it doesnt matter: I'm only too glad to be rid of it.

  23. It doesnt matter, Mrs Tarleton: in Jinghiskahn it was a punishable offence to expose a Bible for sale.

  24. He doesnt need Turkish baths: he needs to put on a little flesh.

  25. Democracy reads well; but it doesnt act well, like some people's plays.

  26. She had me there, though she doesnt know it, poor innocent lamb!

  27. But you cant call him that in his own office: besides, it doesnt suit him: it's not flamboyant enough.

  28. John doesnt know it; and Johnny doesnt know it; but you and I know it, dont we?

  29. To Bentley] Johnny doesnt mean any harm, dear: he'll be himself presently.

  30. When strikes is on he is very kind and doesnt expeck no ships finished—he looks the other way] The Leck N^o 13.

  31. It lives on salt-water and blue-books and what it doesnt know isnt worth a dead star-fish.

  32. Everybody likes it as long as it doesnt get singing.

  33. I dont mean to say he doesnt bat very nice but he might just as well go for long drives out into the country.

  34. As long as she doesnt get too kittenish there is noboddy cant do it like her] The Sarabee N^o 48.

  35. He has heard the East a calling so he doesnt like London there is not enough houris and dymios and things about.

  36. I lernt to draw off the Veenus of Mealo and that doesnt help you very much with these picktures.

  37. It wears a indian shorl on state occajions, it doesnt fancy kilts.

  38. Mrs H says she doesnt know where the next meal is coming from, but I feel she exaggerates.

  39. In the face of this, simply maddening that she doesnt get into action directly against the Grass.

  40. Maybe it's advanced enough to halt the Grass even if it doesnt kill it.

  41. Weve been on the right track for months, but the train doesnt get anywhere.

  42. BBC spoke cautiously about "perfection" of the compound for the first time, opening the way to the implication that it doesnt work as yet.

  43. Doesnt your mad inventor know the seeds would find these apertures in an instant?

  44. Well, it doesnt seem to do them any harm.

  45. Do you think for an instant what happens to any man doesnt happen to everyman?

  46. Well, folks, I'm sorry, but this gentleman doesnt know exactly what's in the tanks.

  47. The leopard doesnt change his spots or the Red his (or her) color," asserted Assemblyman Brown.

  48. But when a man makes a sacrifice of that sort for a woman, he doesnt go and brag about it to her; at least, not if he's a gentleman.

  49. And of course when he says he doesnt believe in morality, ordinary pious people think he must be wicked.

  50. He wants to see you because he doesnt know how bad he is.

  51. Oh, she aint in a hurry: she doesnt mind how long she waits.

  52. And it doesnt affect the criminal law on the subject of bigamy.

  53. If you feel restless, try bromide, If that doesnt answer, a stimulant, you know: a little phosphorus and strychnine.

  54. It doesnt exactly hurt me; but it unsettles me completely.

  55. The vaccine doesnt affect the phagocytes at all.

  56. It doesnt matter about me; but Jennifer has actually to economize in the matter of food.

  57. If that doesnt seem to set you on your feet you stand gard all nite.

  58. It doesnt look as if it had ever exploded.

  59. Hes got one of these Drench coats so it doesnt make any difference to him if everybody else dissolved.

  60. She is not squeamish, and she is full of fun; but she knows as well as anybody how to pull up a man who doesnt behave himself.

  61. She doesnt know what sort of world she is in, thanks to the misrepresentations of those who should have taught her.

  62. It doesnt matter now," said Marmaduke; "for I intend never to speak to her again.

  63. It doesnt do for a man in my position to start borrowing the moment he makes the acquaintance of a man in Lord Carbury's," he said.

  64. If somebody doesnt go out and do something, there will be a shindy," said Marmaduke.

  65. He doesnt want me to go and live with him, does he?

  66. I wish he would say definitely that he doesnt intend to come, instead of shilly-shallying from week to week.

  67. The only person you know who has seen much of him is Marian, and she doesnt speak ill of people behind their backs.

  68. She doesnt want money; and I want the child; so she has the advantage of me.

  69. Why doesnt he get Rubinstein to play with him, since he is so remarkably fastidious?

  70. To me, believing in a doctrine doesnt mean holding up your hand and saying, 'Credo.

  71. I darent trust Lucy to her; and she knows it; for she wouldnt let me take the poor little creature away, although she doesnt care two straws for it.

  72. Well, as to that, she doesnt stand much on ceremony; but then, you see, that cuts two ways.

  73. And she says she doesnt know whether she's going to be married or not till she's finished the pamphlet.

  74. When her blood boils about it (and it boils at least once a week) she doesnt care what she says.

  75. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "doesnt" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.