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  1. Vomiting is early and persistent, generally assuming a faecal character between the second and the ninth day.

  2. Faecal Impaction is not uncommon in adult females who have suffered from chronic constipation.

  3. Faecal impaction requires the regular and repeated administration of large enemata, given through a long tube, together with the administration of calomel and belladonna.

  4. Of these the commonest are malignant growths and faecal impaction.

  5. Among the second are constipation, diarrhoea, the absence or increase of colour in the faecal matter, whether solid or fluid.

  6. After that, with groping and smelling they came near to the faecal matter and the corrupted humours.

  7. A specimen of faecal matter examined by Playfair yielded 15 per cent.

  8. Faecal matter decomposes much more rapidly when mixed with urine than it would otherwise do, ammonia and fetid gases being given off in considerable quantities.

  9. Liebig calculated that the daily average amount of faecal matter passed by a man is 5-1/2 oz; Lawes says that it averages in healthy male adults, 4.

  10. The small wound leads into a faecal fistula, and a bent probe passed along it would probably find its way into the bowel.

  11. Sometimes the wound by which the abscess has been evacuated, by nature or by art, refuses to heal completely, a little discharge of a faecal odour continuing to escape.

  12. These receptacles, which are frequently nearly filled with decaying faecal substances, are very often found to be insecurely covered over with tiles, stones, or boarding.

  13. The old method of getting rid of sewage (even when deprived of the faecal matter) by turning it into rivers and streams, has, more particularly since the Report of the Rivers Pollution Commissioners in 1870, been gradually abandoned.

  14. These stools, when examined, appear to contain the faecal matter suspended in large quantities of mucus and greenish bile, as if the turgid capillaries of the irritated intestinal canal and liver had been freed from their load.

  15. The most frequent cause is the caecum (the lower pouch of the colon) getting filled with hardened faecal matter, in which case the ileo caecal valve is obstructed, and the natural passages of the bowels stopped.

  16. For this reason it is advisable to solicit the bowels before taking the treatment, as, if even no faecal matter is expelled, pent-up gases are frequently liberated.

  17. Hot water is the best solvent for impacted faecal matter, and, on the other hand, water below the temperature of the body is likely to cause pain.

  18. To test it in this respect he has frequently discontinued its use for a week, with the result of a regular movement, as soon as enough faecal matter had accumulated to demand it.

  19. Firstly, the colon must be kept clean, as the faecal accumulations there irritate the sensitive nerves.

  20. It was known to be always full, but no one ever asked whether or not it was natural in its fullness of faecal matter, and as a result, probably the profession knows the least about this important organ, of any in the human body.

  21. Again, as we have pointed out, the colon is a wonderfully elastic organ, and it would be an impossibility to distend it with water to the same extent that it is frequently distended by faecal accumulations.

  22. It is undoubtedly a fact that the loculi of the colon contain small faecal accumulations extending over weeks, months, or even years.

  23. In the majority of cases it arises from an obstructed colon, a fermentation being generated there from the long retained faecal matter, consequently a positive and sure cure is to thoroughly cleanse that organ.

  24. The accumulation of hardened faecal matter distends the sigmoid flexure, causing inflammation, until from its own weight it falls down, producing prolapse of the bowels.

  25. These become the seat of faecal accumulations, only too often unnoticed by the physician.

  26. In the first place, the opening in the eye of the tube became clogged with the faecal matter, and, secondly, with the double tube employed for the return flow, the opening was too small to allow of the passage of solid substances.

  27. Sudden storms in summer, or sudden thaws in winter, usually cause large increments in turbidity accompanied by soil washings that often carry appreciable quantities of faecal matter into surface water supplies.

  28. It was used at Brest for the dissolution of faecal matter and a prolonged trial was given to it at Worthing in 1894.

  29. They are most commonly expelled by the glands of this surface somewhere in the lower or faecal portion of the intestinal canal, which is more engaged in secretion, but less active in absorption, than the upper part.

  30. By the administration of a medicine of this sort, we are enabled to act upon this surface, producing simply an increase of the faecal secretion, or causing, when the action is violent, an outpouring even of the fluid part of the blood.

  31. The cytoplasm contains granules of BaSO4 and pellets of faecal matter.

  32. Dysentery gives rise to an inflammation of the large intestine and sometimes of the lower part of the ileum, resulting in extensive ulceration and accompanied by faecal discharges of mucus, muco-pus or blood.

  33. Often the motions contain very little faecal matter, but consist only of membranes, mucus and a little blood.

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