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Example sentences for "fasted"

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fassen; fasst; fast; fasta; faste; fasten; fastened; fastener; fasteners; fasteneth
  1. I can only give the reader some faint idea of the place, which, they said, was called the fasting room, and here incorrigible offenders fasted until they starved to death.

  2. She embraced every opportunity to exercise her authority, and often have I fasted two whole days for accidentally spilling a little water on the kitchen floor.

  3. On fast days, no food whatever was allowed; and we always fasted for three meals before receiving the sacrament.

  4. He had not fasted for years in the wilderness, and communed with the spirits of the hidden creatures without learning the secret of their immobility.

  5. So Morosine went into the palaestrum, and fasted with prayer.

  6. The Baptist fasted and tamed his natural flesh in the wilderness, and beheld not only the Incarnate Son of God, but the descent of the Eternal Spirit upon Him.

  7. Elias fasted on Mount Carmel, and beheld the skirts of the glory of the Most High.

  8. And after this he compelled us to eat always two at a table to watch each other lest we fasted unduly, for some among us said that if one fasted for a love of the holiness of saints and then died, the death would be acceptable.

  9. But I must tell you why I have fasted and laboured when others would sink into the sleep of age, for without your help once more I shall have fasted and laboured to no good end.

  10. So the war-prophet repaired to his secret lodge to make the mystery, while the warriors fasted until it was done.

  11. So the boy lay down again on the buffalo skins, and fasted for ten days, and at the end of that time he turned his face to the wall, and fasted for twenty days longer.

  12. You have fasted a long time,' said she, 'longer than anyone ever fasted before.

  13. Not all, grandmother,' answered he; 'there are still some who keep away from me and say that I have not fasted long enough.

  14. When they reached the hut where Ball-Carrier had fasted so many years ago, the old woman spoke for the first time since they had started on their way.

  15. The boy said nothing, but lay down for the third time on the buffalo skins, and fasted for twenty days more.

  16. Get up, my grandson, you have fasted long enough.

  17. At this time both people and priest fasted four days.

  18. Thus, at the festival in honor of Camaxtli, the priests fasted one hundred and sixty days, and passed several hundred sticks, varying in thickness from half an inch to an inch and a half through a hole freshly made in the tongue.

  19. During the three days preceding the ceremony the fathers and assistants fasted and abstained from women.

  20. The priest prepared a number of little balls of fresh incense on small boards made for the purpose, for those who fasted to burn before the idols.

  21. This feast was celebrated in a different manner from others, because no one fasted before it, with the exception of the beadle (munidor) of the occasion.

  22. A deceased high-priest was buried, clad in the robes and ornaments appertaining to his office, in a sepulchre or vault in his own palace, and the people mourned and fasted fifteen days.

  23. Upon the day appointed for the sacrifice a grand festival was held, previous to and after which the lord fasted and performed certain prescribed ceremonies.

  24. The saint, as usual, followed him there, and with his clergy fasted and prayed to the Lord three days, and as many nights.

  25. He fasted forty days and forty nights upon the mountain.

  26. He could be hungry, as He was when He fasted forty days in the desert.

  27. And under the rock is the cave where Moses dwelt when he fasted forty days and forty nights.

  28. From thence we ascend a lofty mountain, to the spot where our Lord fasted forty days, and where he was afterwards tempted by Satan, about three miles from Jericho.

  29. If a person fasting in accordance with law died during or in consequence of the fast, the person fasted upon was held guilty of murder.

  30. Besides, our Lord fasted forty days from the use of all the good gifts of God in the shape of food.

  31. The Israelites fasted from flesh in the desert, and were terribly punished for asking for it; over seventy thousand of them having died as a punishment for their carnal desires.

  32. Had any lover gone into the desert for her, fasted and prayed for her, learned for her sake the right answer to the ceaseless question that echoes in every woman's heart?

  33. Sadly the lover went away, went into the great solitude, fasted and prayed.

  34. He is a poor man who having gone to a tirtha hath not fasted for three nights, who hath not given away gold, and who hath not distributed kine.

  35. Having fasted there for three nights, one should eat jujubes.

  36. And they took their bones, and buried them under a tree at Jabesh, and fasted seven days.

  37. And they gathered together to Mizpeh, and drew water, and poured it out before the LORD, and fasted on that day, and said there, We have sinned against the LORD.

  38. So we fasted and besought our God for this: and he was intreated of us.

  39. And he said, While the child was yet alive, I fasted and wept: for I said, Who can tell whether GOD will be gracious to me, that the child may live?

  40. I heard of a woman in Lancashire that had fasted two and twenty days, and I travelled to see her; but when I came to her I saw that she was under a temptation.

  41. Having now fasted two full hours beyond my usual hour for supping, I fell to with hearty appetite; and this was the first time since four months that I felt the power or will to eat.

  42. That morning I ate heartily, for I had fasted on the previous evening; and this day was a festival.

  43. The Mayas believed that ablution washed away all evil; and previous to the ceremony the parents fasted three days, and they were particular to select for it what they considered a lucky day.

  44. They ascribe the origin of this custom to a mythical personage, called Szeukha, who, after killing a monster, is said to have fasted for sixteen days.

  45. Previous to the wedding-day the parents fasted during three days.

  46. They camped at nightfall near a band of savages who had long fasted and lacked powder, which, owing to its scarcity, the French did not dare give them.

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