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Example sentences for "frizzy"

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frizzed; frizzes; frizzled; frizzling; frizzly; fro; frock; frockcoat; frocked; frocks
  1. She had taken off her big flaunting hat and hung it on a bush, and her face was not unpretty, topped by its aureole of frizzy yellow curls.

  2. He had always had a habit of twisting and biting at one of the short, thick ends of his frizzy light brown moustache.

  3. The men who pull them have funny chignons of frizzy black hair sticking out under their little red caps, and it would be easy to mistake them for women.

  4. At the gate of a creepered cottage amongst fruit-trees, high above the road, a youth with black hair and pale-brown face stood beside a girl with frizzy brown hair and cheeks like poppies.

  5. Somehow, it was impossible to look at this girl, with her glowing cheeks and her glowing eyes, and her hair frizzy from ardor, and to distrust her utterances.

  6. Frizzy hair fell over her brow like vine branches.

  7. Like Agnetta she had a great deal of colour, frizzy black hair, and a good-natured expression, but her face was just now clouded by some evident vexation.

  8. Agnetta always sang out of tune, and tumbled over her own feet in the dance; but she consoled herself by remembering how well she should look as Queen dressed all in white, with her red cheeks and frizzy black hair.

  9. Most of the native peoples of Africa south of the Sahara, but not all, have black or blackish skins, flat noses, thick lips, and frizzy hair.

  10. In scattered islands and in Papua and New Guinea we find another series of black and brownish peoples of a more lowly type with frizzy hair.

  11. Zoe is here with me, too," said Mary, and the frizzy head of Zoe Oppner appeared over her friend's shoulder.

  12. One of them was a frizzy haired soubrette and the other a blonde.

  13. She had discarded the dripping overall which she had been wearing when I had followed her across the common, and now stood before me with her black, frizzy hair unconfined and her beautiful, wicked face uplifted in a sort of cynical triumph.

  14. She was extremely dark, had jet-black, frizzy hair and very remarkable eyes, the finest of their type I have ever seen.

  15. And very straight she sat, with defiant, frizzy head and narrow lips, when she heard the front door open and close.

  16. It is only in the wavy, and now and again in the frizzy types, that the difference in the sexes is marked.

  17. Among those races with frizzy hair, red is almost as common as among those with wavy hair.

  18. Guersaint's arm, and Pierre walked beside her on the other hand, experiencing a sudden feeling of sympathy for this gay little woman, who was so full of life and so charming with her fair frizzy hair and creamy complexion.

  19. Little Madame Desagneaux, with her pretty milk-white face showing amidst her mass of fair, frizzy hair, was quite upset.

  20. This Libyan race is distinctively a white race, with dark curly hair; the Eastern Hamites are equally distinctively a brown people with frizzy hair.

  21. By the term is meant a brown people with frizzy hair, of lean and sinewy physique, with slender but muscular arms and legs, a thin straight or even aquiline nose with delicate nostrils, thin lips and no trace of prognathism.

  22. The unsightly hands were gloved; only his black features and frizzy hair marred the dignity of the man as he stood before the hushed audience, during the opening bars on the piano.

  23. The frizzy hair had gone altogether wrong, and had a wild look, suggestive of the witches in Macbeth, and the scraggy neck and poor old shoulders showed every year of their age in the ghastly morning light.

  24. He thought of the hard, mean, frizzy little woman who kept his house for him; once the belle of a Michigan town, now dry and withered up at thirty.

  25. She was a skinny little woman with a great pile of frizzy light hair on a small head.

  26. I believe she hates Frizzy and me, just because we are our mother’s daughters.

  27. Very handsome it was to be with six bridesmaids, Miss Frizzy and Miss Jerry for two of them.

  28. Their hair is black, rough, but less frizzy than that of the Mulattos.

  29. The frizzy type (frise in French, lockig in German) is that in which the hair is rolled spirally, forming a succession of rings a centimetre or more in diameter (Fig.

  30. But it is among peoples with frizzy and slightly woolly hair that the head-dress attains a high degree of perfection.

  31. The physical type is handsome; nose almost aquiline, eyes without the Mongoloid fold, wavy or frizzy hair, dark skin.

  32. I myself have noticed Fuegians with frizzy or wavy hair (Hyades and Deniker, loc.

  33. It is only in the categories of wavy and in part of frizzy hair, that the differences are appreciable.

  34. The occurrence of individuals with wavy or frizzy hair is also as frequent among the Arawaks as among the Caribs.

  35. Thus the half-breeds between Negroes and American Indians have, most frequently, the hair frizzy or wavy.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "frizzy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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