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  1. There were a good many gipsies located in the district, but on a visit to the encampment in company with the police the girl did not recognize her two visitors.

  2. Leland obtained most of the materials that went to make his work entitled The English Gipsies and their Language.

  3. So the gipsies call all who do not belong to their race.

  4. Do you not remember that queen who, when she heard the gipsies singing under her windows, all in a moment longed to go with them?

  5. The gipsies came on to his little estate, and not only took his water, but took away anything portable that happened to be lying around.

  6. Hosts who entertained Borrow in the country had to take their chance of an incident of that kind happening, for the gipsies seemed to scent their protector out.

  7. Hake that his friends the gipsies were in a difficulty about their water-supply, and that he had taken upon himself to give them permission to fill their buckets at the good doctor’s well.

  8. Two families of gipsies set up an encampment on the common.

  9. Even the real gipsies did not sleep upon the bare ground--what was to be done?

  10. If the little gipsies had not been thus found, through the guidance of a divine Providence, they might, and very probably would, have starved to death before assistance came to them.

  11. A general attack was made on the poor little gipsies by a nimble army of musquitoes, who seemed to be in a perfect frenzy of delight, at the fine supper provided for them.

  12. Rosy streaks shoot up into the zenith; and the birds sing with a rollicking gladness, as if they rejoiced over the rescue of the weary little band of gipsies--soon to be gipsies no longer.

  13. Reduced at length to great distress, and without victuals and ammunition, the gipsies made so violent and bold a sortie from their fortress, that they broke through and routed the ranks of the Imperialists.

  14. But, strange to say, the gipsies demurred against the proposed improvement of their condition.

  15. There are no black people in Hungary; but there are gipsies who are brown, and Bantornyi's "Association for the Improvement of the coloured Population of Hungary" would have enchanted all the Wilberforces and Gurneys of Great Britain.

  16. Because, my lord, the sheriff will not allow the gipsies to live in the village since Barna Jantzi's house was burned.

  17. Then Frank will fiddle again, and after that we'll all go to bed as gipsies ought to at this time of night.

  18. But now all our troubles were forgotten; and no wonder, for such a dinner as our cook and valet Frank placed before us in the tent, surely gipsies never sat down to before.

  19. His caravan came behind ours, and sure enough these two gipsies had plenty to say, and they saw plenty to laugh at.

  20. He had journeyed with the gipsies into many parts of Spain, but had always returned to Granada as his home, as the centre for his work and life interest.

  21. The gipsies call him their English king; he has lived here several years.

  22. Where the priest goes, he can go--to brigands, to thieves, to all the gipsies everywhere.

  23. The death of his father and the thoughts of Mildred (and Aunt Janet) combined to make him think that gipsies and cholera patients did not completely fill the void in his heart.

  24. The gipsies have a legend that our Saviour was born out in a field like themselves, and brought up by an Ash fire.

  25. All the time I had been breathlessly watching Jonathan I had, with the tail of my eye, seen him pressing desperately forward, and had seen the knives of the gipsies flash as he won a way through them, and they cut at him.

  26. The gipsies may not have known the language, but there was no mistaking the tone, in whatever tongue the words were spoken.

  27. When the time comes we shall have the gipsies on all sides.

  28. Neither the levelled weapons or the flashing knives of the gipsies in front, or the howling of the wolves behind, appeared to even attract their attention.

  29. They are peculiar to this part of the world, though allied to the ordinary gipsies all the world over.

  30. Outlined against the snow as they were, I could see from the men's clothes that they were peasants or gipsies of some kind.

  31. I have always been told that these gipsies were vagrants, who lived by stealing all they could lay their hands upon; and, if he has been brought up in that way, I fear that he will not easily be reformed.

  32. His mother was with the party of gipsies to which he belonged, but he had no father.

  33. Speaking of the gipsies in his chapter on "Les Careurs," Vidocq calls them a species characterised and depicted with so little truth by the first romance-writer of our time.

  34. This advice he followed for three days, during which time only two of the gipsies called and paid.

  35. The only known house-settlement of Gipsies in the world is in Scotland, not very far from Edinburgh.

  36. And the picture is not very far from the truth after all; for all the actions it paints, the gipsies have many a time performed.

  37. Some of the gipsies now set off in pursuit of it, and endeavor to catch it.

  38. Nothing so low as that Gipsies don't grind their music, sir; they make it.

  39. But the gipsies are not singular in these terrible titles.

  40. In England, at one time, the gipsies burned their dead, and they still keep as close as they can to that ancient practice, by burning the clothes and some of the other effects of the deceased.

  41. This theory accounts for the fact that the gipsies call themselves Egyptians, while their language and many other peculiarities are strongly redolent of Hindostan.

  42. This gipsy fray at Hawick is known among the English gipsies as "the Battle of the Bridge.

  43. At one time the gipsies had all Scotland divided into districts, each of which was assigned to a particular tribe, and wo to the Tinkler who attempted to plunder within the limits of any other territory than his own!

  44. A party of messengers and constables at last arrived to his relief, when the Taits were all apprehended and imprisoned, but as none of the gipsies were actually slain in the fray, they were soon set at liberty.

  45. She was too poor to keep me herself, and felt certain I was a child the gipsies had stolen and then wanted to get rid of.

  46. Pottery is made from the red clay of the foothills, and a number of gipsies work at this industry.

  47. Nor are they unwholesome, for the gipsies appear to take pride in keeping their habitations clean.

  48. Some of the Triana gipsies are the swarthiest and weirdest of their race.

  49. The city was thronged with sight-seers; every hotel and boarding-house was overcrowded, and hundreds of cattle and horse dealers, gipsies and itinerants slept on the fair ground in booths or upon the bare earth.

  50. There has, sir; but don't you think of gipsies and this here matter of Sir Massingberd as having anything to do with one another.

  51. There has been a gang of gipsies about the place this long time, has there not?

  52. Now no gun has been heard to go off by any one, although it was thought that Sir Massingberd expected some raid to be made last night, by the gipsies or others; at all events, he seemed more alert than usual, Oliver tells me.

  53. As to the deep impression that Borrow made upon his gipsy friends, that is partly explained by the singular nobility of his appearance, for the gipsies of all countries are extremely sensitive upon matters of this kind.

  54. The reader has only to compare the dialogues between gipsies given in that photographic study of Romany life, In Gipsy Tents, by F.

  55. Now that the better class of gipsies are migrating so rapidly to America that scarcely any are left in England, Borrow's pictures of them are challenged as being too idealistic.

  56. She had asked him, with an irony she had no doubt he would miss, to meet her in the hollow where the gipsies had encamped and where so many of their interviews had taken place.

  57. There were gipsies camping in the sheltered dip.

  58. The gipsies had departed; the ashes of their fire made a black patch on the ground and a few rags fluttered in the wind.

  59. The writer has reason to know that the gipsies looked upon Borrow with no small amount of curiosity, for they were unaccustomed to meet with gorgios of his position who took so keen an interest in their sayings and doings.

  60. Now, however, some people who are not gipsies know more about these things than we do ourselves.

  61. The gipsies of the first quarter of the present century possessed the distinctive characteristics of their type in a far more marked degree than their descendants of to-day.

  62. He himself attributes his success with the gipsies to his knowledge of the Romany tongue and customs, while they firmly believed that he had gipsy blood in his veins.

  63. They were afraid the men should put the words into their books, and then it might be awkward for the gipsies when they wished to have a little talk amongst themselves on matters that were nobody’s business but their own.

  64. The reason for this, assigned by the gipsies themselves, is not a flattering one to East Englanders.

  65. Borrow has gone out of his way in “The Gipsies of Spain” to give a full description of this Gipsy Will and his notable companions.

  66. Very few of the gipsies can read, so they did not learn the language in that way; most of us who know anything of it picked it up from our fathers and mothers when we were young.

  67. The charge of the gipsies in a body was evidently intended to overwhelm him by numbers.

  68. In these parts the gipsies were practically brigands, and would rob and even murder without the least compunction.

  69. It was only momentary, however, and as the rest of the gipsies joined him, the whole party, now six in number, rushed at the solitary defender.

  70. I felt too that the manners of these gipsies were assimilated to those of the shepherd tribes of the remotest antiquity, and that in truth I saw before me a family of the pastoral ages, as described in the Book of Genesis.

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