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Example sentences for "golf"

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  1. One or two people carrying golf clubs had passed along the monotonous road during the morning and Max had longed to be a caddie.

  2. The various LaCrosse, the Golf and the Snow-shoe Clubs, tend very much to develop the muscle of our city youths, combining healthy exercise, with pleasure and health.

  3. This was undoubtedly his last game in Scotland, and probably the last game of Golf he played.

  4. Then I met another acquaintance, Count von Oppersdorff, the urbane Silesian Roman Catholic political leader, a familiar and welcome figure on our Berlin golf links.

  5. The Lord Mayor of London opened a new golf course at Croydon.

  6. At football, golf and polo, You men have made your name.

  7. He had the trick of wearing clothes well, lived in nice rooms, played golf at the country club and was always his jolly, cheerful self.

  8. Married life is more than parties and golf and dinners at the club.

  9. I was out at the golf club dance last night," he said, after a pause, with a certain abruptness which I had found characterized his more important parts of speech.

  10. Judy had on the golf suit, Sallie Marks the dinner coat and Margaret the rakish sporting costume.

  11. The third young man wore a smoking jacket and white duck trousers, and the fourth was dressed in an English golf suit and visored cap.

  12. There is a splendid swimming pool attached to the gym, and there are golf links, of course.

  13. A golf fiend is seldom a tennis fiend, and there are lots of walking fiends who don't like either.

  14. The two girls chose a big sunny room on the third floor looking over a portion of the golf links.

  15. Here's a cartoon of you playing golf with a human skull for the ball!

  16. I come down here expressly to play golf with you, and you want to bunker me in the very house!

  17. In order to reach his mother's house, he had to pass through St. Ia, and he had barely entered the little town when he saw Count von Weimer, who had expressed his congratulations so fervently on the golf links.

  18. He remembered it as it sounded above the singing of the waves down by the Cornish sea; he remembered it on the tennis courts at Penwennack, and on the golf links at Leiant.

  19. Then he remembered what Captain Trevanion had said at the close of the golf match: "In this field of battle you have beaten me, but in the next I shall be the conqueror.

  20. On September 2 I saw a flock of 12 plovers on the Tawau golf course.

  21. Mary Bewery herself had no thought of Bryce in her head when, the morning after that worthy's return to Wrychester, she set out, alone, for the Wrychester Golf Club.

  22. Marston is sent to dig out a couple sets of old golf clubs from the attic, and he is put to caddyin' for the Doc, while I carries the bag for the boss.

  23. He didn't like it, either, because I wouldn't use the baby golf course.

  24. And as the balls was softer than the regulation golf kind, with more bounce to 'em, all sorts of carom strokes was ruled in.

  25. His stumpy legs looked ridiculous in his baggy golf knickers of rough tweed, which he wore with gaiters extending half-way up his short, stout calves.

  26. There were two or three prospectuses, a notice of a golf match, a couple of notes from West End tradesmen enclosing receipts and an acknowledgement from the bank.

  27. Hell's thousand of new golf courses, gambling joints and bars would be available only after downtrodden souls had worked a millennia or two at common labor jobs.

  28. Register with the pro at your favorite golf club so you can qualify.

  29. I believe so; one of those old chaps in raglan vests and golf trousers.

  30. My doctor and I played one game of croquet on the golf links and went to sleep on the lawn.

  31. A couple of New Yorkers were playing golf on a New Jersey course on Election Day when they saw a fine-appearing old gentleman looking at them wistfully.

  32. During a match at St. Andrews, Scotland, a rustic was struck in the eye accidentally by a golf ball.

  33. Neither do I want her conversation to consist of nothing but golf and hockey, like some of the young ladies of my acquaintance, whom I'm afraid I scarcely admire.

  34. There's not much golf where I come from," he said briefly.

  35. What mattered it that he wore white trousers and canvas strapped shoes, a soft felt hat to the golf course, that he perspired freely and that he bellowed like the bull of Bashan, what did it all matter?

  36. He found from one of the men servants, old Markabee it was, in which direction lay the golf course, to which Messrs.

  37. A few were sturdy middle-aged men of means, who had come there for golf and not for lounging in beach-tents or promenading on the asphalt: these formed a clique apart.

  38. Yet these are people who occasionally ride, or play at golf or whist, and who never expect the cards and the golf clubs to play the game by themselves, nor the very best horse to carry them to some destination without riding.

  39. But the doctor says I must n't play golf for six months.

  40. I--I hope your golf will be better than you think.

  41. She must go to England and golf with him, and from there to his camp.

  42. As for himself, he was ready to admit frankly that after to-day golf on an English course would for a time be a bore.

  43. The way of it was like this-- I'd been up early and out to the golf course for a lesson from the professional; when I came home a little before eleven Brown was waiting.

  44. I might have confined myself to tacit disapproval, however, or a word of advice to Molly, and perhaps one stern warning to the man, had I not gone into the golf club at Pau on our last day there.

  45. I nicked into a cab and told the man to drive to the golf club.

  46. In an evil moment a golf rage overpowered me, and I yielded, seeing no special reason why I shouldn't.

  47. A golf course," they repeated to one another, grinning.

  48. This farmer differed from the city man as a hillock differs from an artificial golf bunker, though form and substance are the same.

  49. She had bright red hair and big grey eyes, and she wore a golf cape.

  50. It was a small colored poster sketch of a red haired girl in a golf cape, which had evidently been the cover design of a magazine some years ago.

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