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  1. Shelley, if he did not drop out on the way, is probably next to How to Be a Golfer Though Middle-aged.

  2. You who are a golfer will readily find excuses, I hope.

  3. It boasts a porch, over which a Virginia creeper spreads its amorous leaves; rose-bushes waft a welcome and the sure hope of peace to plowman or golfer after the day's striving.

  4. Smith proved to be just the best golfer I had ever met, being, when at the top of his form, almost exactly as good as I was.

  5. I thought at first it was part of his sporting way, but it turned out that (absurdly enough) he also was convinced that he was really the better golfer of the two, and could afford these amenities.

  6. I always had a feeling that I was really a better golfer than he, and this made me friendly towards his game.

  7. Your true golfer is a man who, knowing that life is short and perfection hard to attain, neglects no opportunity of practising his chosen sport, allowing neither wind nor weather nor any external influence to keep him from it.

  8. There is a story, with an excellent moral lesson, of a golfer whose wife had determined to leave him for ever.

  9. A really first-class golfer is what you need in the family.

  10. Some six years after that was written an American golfer became Amateur Champion of Great Britain.

  11. Yes; I know that Mr. Travis was not born in the United States, but qua golfer he is American pure and simple.

  12. The professor took a fall swing with his brassey, and, for a wonder, the ball went as straight and true as any golfer could desire.

  13. Were I not a golfer I might not have thought of the solution.

  14. Where the layman sees waving grass and romantic tangles of undergrowth, your golfer beholds nothing but a nasty patch of rough from which he must divert his ball.

  15. The cry of the birds, wheeling against the sky, is to the golfer merely something that may put him off his putt.

  16. But what I do say is that a golfer should be cautious.

  17. Every golfer has his day, and this was plainly Mitchell's.

  18. The talking golfer is undeniably the most pronounced pest of our complex modern civilization," he said, "and the most difficult to deal with.

  19. He was a golfer who rarely despaired, but he was playing three, and his opponents' ball would undoubtedly be on the green, possibly even dead, in two.

  20. Fifty feet from the tree James was eighteen, Peter twelve; but then the latter, as every golfer does at times, suddenly went right off his game.

  21. The main difference, we are told, between the amateur and the professional golfer is the fact that the latter is always aiming at the pin, while the former has in his mind a vague picture of getting somewhere reasonably near it.

  22. It was nicely perched up on the grass, and to have plunked it on to the green with an iron should have been for any reasonable golfer the work of a moment.

  23. He was not a golfer when you made that condition," I said.

  24. Love (says the Oldest Member) is an emotion which your true golfer should always treat with suspicion.

  25. For there can be no doubt that the man was a golfer, and a bad golfer at that.

  26. And the true golfer wants to win whenever he starts, whether he is playing in a friendly round or in the open championship.

  27. I thought the real, simon-pure golfer didn't mind the weather.

  28. But Joel, nevertheless, derived not a little encouragement from that result, and bade fair to become almost if not quite as enthusiastic a golfer as West.

  29. West drew a golf ball from his pocket and, throwing it on the turf, gave it a half-shot off toward the river, following leisurely after it and pondering on the possibility of making a crack golfer out of a country lad in a straw hat.

  30. The Golfer at Home, which appeared in the Cornhill Magazine a few years ago.

  31. One little fact that incontestably proves the eminent respectability of the game is that 'the minister' can be a golfer without the least fear of the straitest-laced of presbyteries.

  32. As we have seen at St Andrews, the ardent golfer has little time for thought or conversation unconnected with the game.

  33. For there whar lassies bleach their claes, And bairnies toddle doun the braes, The merry Golfer daily plays On the Links o' Innerleven.

  34. Old Robert Lindsay plays a decent game, Tho' not a Golfer of enormous fame.

  35. The next we shall drink to our friends far and near; To the mem'ry of those who no longer appear, Who have play'd their last round, and passed over that bourne From which the best Golfer can never return.

  36. Then fill up your glass, and let each social soul Drink to the putter, the balls, and the hole; And may every true Golfer invariably find His opponent play fair, and his fair one prove kind.

  37. Hang up that snoring Albert hat-- Yon foraging-cap for me; And now a Golfer I walk forth, Frae worldly care set free.

  38. Just as the keen golfer delights in the skilful use of eye and limb, and is exhilarated by the difficulties and the physical exertion of the game, so the keen reader of a book enjoys the strenuous mental exercise it affords him.

  39. The true golfer is he who plays golf for its own sake and without any ulterior end, without thought of consequences, although consequences of some kind are inevitable.

  40. In playing this stroke a great deal depends on the mastery which the golfer obtains over his forearms and wrists.

  41. However, I freely admit that there are times when it is advisable to play a fancy shot when there is an excess of wind, and the golfer must judge according to circumstances.

  42. Score play tests the qualities of both the golfer and the sportsman.

  43. They are of different makes, and to the average golfer they appear quite ordinary irons and very much like others of their class.

  44. When a golfer is thus anxious for the display of his skill, surely an ordinary single-ball match is the proper thing for him.

  45. In the twinkling of an eye the sly golfer had flung himself into paradise, unhooked his apron, let it fall to the ground, and seated himself down on it.

  46. Besides, what is the use, and what great glory is it to be reputed the first golfer in the world?

  47. The wheelwright of Coq was very fond of Paternostre, who, next to himself, was the best golfer in the country.

  48. Returned home, the great golfer shut up his souls in a sack and went to bed, enchanted to have beaten Mynheer van Belzebuth.

  49. When experience had thus bereft him one by one of his delusions, the unhappy golfer became mortally weary.

  50. What is best," replied the wheelwright of Coq, nobly, "is to be the first golfer in the world.

  51. The great golfer saw that the old reaper bore him a grudge, and that he was going to conduct him to the paradise of the lost.

  52. A few years since a golfer traveller found his way to the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, and he saw the wild Red Indian at golf, and thought that it suited him better than his old game of lacrosse.

  53. The royal and ancient one has decided apparently that it will not recognise it in any way whatever, and that it will give a bad time to any golfer who potters about on a lawn with hoops and bells and wooden sledgehammers.

  54. In all things he was the golfer first and the ordinary individual afterwards.

  55. All the time the golfer pursues the little ball, alone with plain nature and his human adversary.

  56. There is one of them who tries less than any golfer who has ever been born, and he does more when trying less than those others trying hard.

  57. The English golfer does not generally love St. Andrews at first sight, but he shows that interest in her which leads him to talk about her and awakens the suspicions of his friends.

  58. But the caddie was himself a golfer of a very stern and human school, and in his great annoyance he exclaimed, "Man alive!

  59. The golfer is generally a strongly human man, who is not careless of natural beauties as are too many in these increasingly prosaic and strenuous days.

  60. I am assured that the "professional champion of Ceylon" is a Cingalese caddie who holds the record for the Ridgeway course, made when he was playing against a British golfer of thoroughly good class.

  61. Another day the golfer would recount the story of his play at a fateful hole, and of the narrow margin by which a fine long shot failed to clear the hazard.

  62. Come night, we have had our day, and this talk by the fire, while the white mists gather again upon the links outside, is yet more cheering to the heart of the golfer than all the evenings of summer.

  63. Once he has begun, the golfer with the great heart must finish his game, and generally he does so.

  64. Your true golfer is easily roused in times of misfortune; and there was a red gleam in the eye of the professor turned to me.

  65. There is a type of golfer who really almost ceases to be human under stress of the wild agony of a series of foozles.

  66. I thought a golfer would sacrifice anything to win a game.

  67. Of the faults that a golfer may drift into, slicing, hooking, and topping are the most common, and these are often too the most difficult to cure.

  68. The winner of the competition shall be the champion lady golfer for the year, and the trophy shall be held for that year in the club from which the winner shall have entered.

  69. This will cut a large divot out of the ground, which must be replaced and stamped down, ever remembering the text, "It is the duty of every golfer to replace, or to cause to be replaced any turf cut in the act of making a stroke.

  70. It came in the light of a revelation to the non-golfing many, who were not used to such a beautiful exhibition, and were not aware to what pitch of perfection a lady-golfer might rise.

  71. He held it as an axiom that if a golfer kept his hand in with short mashie practise he would never be off his game.

  72. Edgell was a golfer of distinction and before the war had been a scratch man at the club on the Downs.

  73. Illustration: Aunt Jabisca (pointing to earnest golfer endeavouring to play out of quarry).

  74. Any golfer knows what it means to lose confidence in his wood, and Windy had reason to doubt his driver.

  75. The young golfer improves his game and changes his company, graduating from Class B into Class A; the middle-aged golfer is past improvement, so he learns his limitations, hunts his level and stays there.

  76. Gentlemen, allow me to present the champion one-armed golfer of Iowa and the Middle West!

  77. The only golfer who'll never amount to anything is the one who can't be told when he makes a mistake!

  78. Do you know, it strikes me that for a golfer with absolutely no consideration for others, you're quite considerate--of yourself!

  79. Judging by his appearance and manner this fourth golfer had been neck-deep in grief, to say nothing of cactus and manzanita.

  80. Not being a golfer yourself, you can't understand a golfer's feelings.

  81. That old boy has been a great golfer in his day, and it wasn't so long ago neither.

  82. A good, mechanical golfer can play with any clubs!

  83. Is there a golfer in all the world who needs to be told what happened to Mr. Robert Coyne?

  84. You'll never know how a real golfer feels when his shots go bad on him," was the consoling response.

  85. Cutts is no Chick Evans, or anything like that, but, considering his physical limitations, he is a remarkable golfer and steady as an eight-day clock.

  86. Now there comes to every experienced golfer a time when from a full heart he curses the Royal and Ancient Pastime.

  87. You don't suppose that old chump is going to try to make a golfer of himself, this late along?

  88. The impression that he is a golfer is heightened by the fact that he is dressed loudly in very bad taste.

  89. There is also the well authenticated story of a young lefthanded golfer in our Middle West who played a match with Harry Vardon, in which he made a brilliant showing.

  90. Who's the best lefthanded golfer you ever saw?

  91. No one but a golfer or a day laborer would wear such shoes.

  92. The tender mercies of the golfer are cruel.

  93. Till despair my overburdened spirit sinks; Till I wish that every golfer was in glory, And I pray the sea may overflow the links.

  94. If he'd been anything of a Golfer he'd have known most of these holes couldn't be done under three or four.

  95. The golfer has certain human qualities, delighting in receiving presents.

  96. Letters of a Modern Golfer to his Grandfather.

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