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  1. The Book of Golf and Golfers, compiled, with assistance, by Mr Horace Hutchinson, is in the first place a picture-gallery of famous golfers in their respective attitudes of play.

  2. Nevertheless the new golfers were very loyal indeed to the club that had ever of old held, by tacit consent, the position of fount of golfing legislation.

  3. A very considerable increase, it is true, in the number of English golfers and English golf clubs had taken place before the discovery for golfing purposes of the links at Sandwich.

  4. Four or five rounds are not more than the average of golfers will make an india-rubber cored ball last them, so that the outlay on the weapons is very moderate.

  5. A few more clubs were formed; the numbers of golfers grew; but it could not be said that the game was yet in any sense popular in England.

  6. The Royal and Ancient Club was appealed to by English golfers to step into the place, analogous to that of the Marylebone Cricket Club in cricket, that they were both willing and anxious to give it.

  7. Peering through the crowd of inquisitive faces, Smith sees two golfers and hails them heartily.

  8. I have known girls to become golfers as an excuse for wearing pink jumpers, and one at least who did it because she had read in the beauty hints in the evening paper that it made you lissome.

  9. Yet the finest golfers are always the least loquacious.

  10. Statisticians estimate that the average of crime among good golfers is lower than in any class of the community except possibly bishops.

  11. You can class the various types of golfers by their mannerisms, even if you have never seen them with a club in their hands.

  12. The fact is, and the best golfers are coming to realise it, that a man can play so much that he goes stale.

  13. The hours expended by golfers in travelling between their places of business and the links will foot up to an enormous total each year.

  14. And old Major MacLeod, the keenest of golfers and the most touchy of Celts, declared that this condemned old Island was not dead yet when it could turn out such a gang of sturdy young ruffians.

  15. He caddied that summer only for golfers of the better sort, and for Sharon Whipple, choosing his employ with nice discrimination.

  16. Some of the golfers were returning to the club-house.

  17. Yet here were our golfers and laborers like the lambs who gambol under the shadow of the knife.

  18. They freely admit that they are the worst golfers in the world, and in a pinch they could prove it.

  19. While studying golfers he had come to know the value placed on golfing tools.

  20. They are our star golfers and members of the team.

  21. He's one of the best golfers in the state and a tough proposition to beat.

  22. These were the golfers who motored down from London.

  23. He was too like all the other broad-shouldered young golfers in Norfolk jackets--far too like them, to help in so dire a need as ours.

  24. Golfers are becoming shy of being detected on their way to or from the links by men in uniform.

  25. For an hour the assembled golfers roared with laughter as the two stormed, expostulated, and swore to the truth of the tale.

  26. Resolute and fearless golfers often cut them out entirely, nor are ashamed to acknowledge their terror.

  27. I saw, a short time ago, one of the finest golfers in England, Mr. A.

  28. It seems to me that these famous golfers are confronted by a mechanical problem in this matter.

  29. The bane of about eighty-five per cent of golfers is a pitiful attempt to cultivate style.

  30. Yet we find this fine player producing, for the guidance of golfers as to what takes place at the moment of impact, the same photograph which he shows them for stance and address!

  31. Most of the leading golfers fall into the error of stating that cut is obtained by something which is done by the wrists at the moment of impact, but this is unquestionably an error.

  32. In many cases, if it were not for laying the toe of the club back a little in this manner, golfers would be inclined, although as a matter of strict and accurate golf they should not be, to drag the ball across towards the left of the hole.

  33. If golfers will only bring themselves to ignore the wind, then it, in turn, will almost entirely ignore their straight ball.

  34. I think very few golfers will be inclined to dispute the opening statement that "Putts most generally go wrong because the strength or the line, or both, were misjudged.

  35. Quite a number of golfers would think that it is not a matter of very great importance if the centre of gravity of a golf ball is untrue.

  36. It was still early for the golfers and the bridge players and there were only a few people there.

  37. The rainy afternoon had driven the golfers to cards, and as one of the men, Terry O'Connel, was on the point of leaving, I took his place.

  38. The real golfers play over with a good mashie shot that lands them dead on the green, but dubs, like Paisley, play around with two easy mid-iron shots.

  39. Golfers have now tried all things known, and more short putts are missed than ever.

  40. A quarter of a million British golfers know that this is true, and they know the reason why.

  41. And there are old and experienced golfers in France.

  42. All this sounds very simple, very obvious, but it often takes the best part of a season to drive the lessons home into the minds of golfers who are losing matches through their weakness in fighting quality.

  43. Most golfers will be with Willie in this matter, and those who have not tried already that way of putting, the sole of the club being kept clear from the turf when the stroke is being made, might do so to their very likely advantage.

  44. Here were the redskins before all others, and then the white men and golfers came, and still it is almost as if the soil were redolent of the Indian trail.

  45. LXXV WOULD but the god of Golfers ere too late Arrest the sure-advancing step of Fate, What matter if we play the Odd or Like?

  46. Diogenes didn't know he'd been hit, but if that had happened to one of you material golfers there'd have been a sickening end to that tournament.

  47. If it be so, I thought, some change will surely come into those unchanging eyes at the sight of all these merry, happy golfers on their way to their hotel and their cars and luxurious homes.

  48. The Cape Pleasant golfers did not make themselves slaves to the game.

  49. It was to enable them to avoid just such golfers as Gossett that the Cape Pleasanters had founded their club.

  50. Because other conceited golfers do the same, having originally seen it done with effect.

  51. It is sad that there was no contemporary chronicler to do for the old golfers of Blackheath what John Nyren of immortal memory did for the cricketers of Hambledon; but the club has not lacked its vates sacer, and in Mr. W.

  52. Most golfers know the delightful picture of the gentleman in a red coat with blue facings, gold epaulettes and knee-breeches, who stands in so dignified an attitude, his club over his shoulder.

  53. Prospective members by the score jostled each other eagerly on the waiting list, and parliamentary golfers distinguished the course above its fellows by cutting their divots from its soft and yielding mud.

  54. Whenever one is too much inclined to laud the golfers of the present to the detriment of those of the past, it is always a wholesome thing to remember that score of 149 round Prestwick.

  55. Throughout all this controversial warfare one fact has remained unchanged, namely, that, whatever they may think of its precise merits as a test of golf, most golfers unite in liking to play there.

  56. Gradually, however, the more thoughtful of golfers evolved definite theories as to what were the particular qualities that constituted a good or bad hole, and longed for an opportunity of putting their theories into practice.

  57. To build an artificial sandhill is not a light task, and it is characteristic of the whole-hearted enthusiasm of the golfers of St. Anne's that they have raised several of these terrifying monuments of industry.

  58. This last hole lives in my memory from the fact that it gave to my companion a temporarily undeserved reputation among the golfers of Nottingham.

  59. It seems to me that golfers in considering their putts very often take too little pains to come to an accurate determination of the speed of the greens.

  60. Though in previous chapters I have strongly advised golfers to play a half shot with one club in preference to a full shot with one more powerful, I only do so obviously when the distance is fixed and the half shot will reach it.

  61. It was fortunate for me that the common land at Jersey was years ago the ideal thing for a golfing links, and that golfers from abroad found out its secret, as they always do.

  62. But it often seems that ladies will not admit these difficulties, and persist in their attempt to make golfers of themselves unaided.

  63. There are some golfers who do not accomplish it in many years, and happy are they when at last they have done so.

  64. I counsel all golfers when playing in wet weather to have covers or hoods attached to their bags, so that the heads of their instruments may always be kept in shelter.

  65. Some golfers think that an iron or a cleek is just the right length for them when there are still a few inches of stick projecting inwards, towards their bodies, when they have made their grip.

  66. Some of the gems of North Britain are hidden away in inaccessible corners, and the golfers who would reach them must make tedious journeys by land and sea.

  67. Perhaps some golfers may reflect that this is just as well, though with all their faults and dangers I certainly do not condemn them as a hazard.

  68. I regard the ordinary mashie as the best club with which to make it, but there are some good golfers who like the niblick for this task, and it is undoubtedly productive of good results.

  69. The ball was the best of the Marport season, as the Glorious Golfers were a body of young men with plenty of money and a great love of amusement.

  70. It will be a splendid ball," prattled Chris sipping his tea and devouring very crumbly cake, "the Glorious Golfers are going to spend a lot of money in decorating the rooms.

  71. He was slicing abominably, and lunatic asylums are very largely kept going by golfers who fail to stop themselves slicing.

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