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Example sentences for "grandstand"

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  1. It was intended that the overflow from this grandstand should sit on the grass.

  2. I got some money for grandstand seats on our island to see the boat races and I'll treat you to a soda.

  3. I makes a grandstand finish, and then has the nerve to face the audience and do a matinée bend.

  4. The little car, with a burst of speed, overtook the champion, and the two cars shot past the grandstand side by side and sped into the second lap.

  5. Other men of national prominence in the world of sports greeted Ford enthusiastically as one of themselves, while the crowd in the grandstand still cheered spasmodically.

  6. The crowd, astounded, hysterical with excitement, saw him streak past the grandstand a quarter of a mile ahead of the nearest car following.

  7. The tradition was growing rapidly that the proper thing was to invite the "town-girls" to the college proms and dances, and to sit beside them in the grandstand during football games.

  8. Outside, there were carpenters hammering professionally upon a hasty grandstand of timber.

  9. The attendants had hurried away with their buckets of oil, and now the crowds in the grandstand and on the plain settled down to wait.

  10. A sort of grandstand had been erected along one side of the plain.

  11. On a broad platform before the grandstand stood a line of men armed with gas-guns.

  12. They acted queer when Dick came to the grandstand before the game commenced.

  13. He saw nothing and heard nothing until on the grandstand he perceived a slender girlish form arise, wave a banner, and fairly scream: "Dick!

  14. They came on foot, in carriages and automobiles, and on bicycles, and soon the grandstand and the bleachers were filled to overflowing.

  15. On that grandstand sit all the section bosses and other track maintenance experts.

  16. Annually the superintendent of maintenance may run a special train, with a specially devised observation grandstand at its rear or pushed ahead of the engine.

  17. The grandstand seemed to be a waving mass of color with the various little flags, and the gay wraps of the school girls, intensely interested in this battle of brawn and skill between their brothers.

  18. Frank, as he came in from the field, dusty and disheveled, looked eagerly at a certain part of the grandstand where Helen sat alongside her chum Minnie.

  19. Those who had remained in the grandstand cheered as the procession swept past, and among these was Minnie Cuthbert.

  20. Lanky, as they came upon the field, and the waving flags and handkerchiefs made the grandstand look like a vast flower garden in a strong wind.

  21. People were already gathering on the grandstand and they held their breath for very fear, Beth held hers also.

  22. People on the grandstand heard the sweet childish cry of joy and saw Dollie a moment after come to a standstill.

  23. There was a record-breaking crowd, and the rebuilt grandstand was taxed to its capacity.

  24. Work on rebuilding the grandstand was in full swing.

  25. Sammy Chirp called my attention to Gresham and Collaton talking together rather furtively down under the grandstand a few minutes ago," he said.

  26. Courtney in Johnny's ear, so vociferously that all the grandstand turned in that direction and three park policemen headed for the riot.

  27. Nearly all the spectators in the grandstand and on the bleachers were now on their feet.

  28. Evidently, the outsiders living in that vicinity were of the opinion that the game would be well worth seeing, for long after the grandstand and the bleachers were filled, the crowd kept coming in the several gates.

  29. As you have a grandstand we will play on your grounds.

  30. The grandstand was already comfortably filled, many coming into the part reserved for the Hall folks on tickets of invitation issued by Sam and indorsed by Captain Putnam.

  31. The lumber came out of a boathouse that had been torn down to make place for a new structure, and as many of the cadets took to carpentering naturally, the grandstand was quite a creditable affair.

  32. It was a dreary, misty afternoon, and, from the grandstand you could hardly see the fielders.

  33. Two strikes," barked the umpire, and some of the people in the grandstand rose as if to leave, evidently thinking that the game was practically over.

  34. As if by one impulse, every soul in the grandstand and bleachers rose to his or her feet, and a perfect pandemonium of yells broke forth.

  35. The train that brought Bert and his comrades on the day before was packed with wildly enthusiastic supporters, and a whole section of the grandstand would be reserved for them.

  36. There was a good crowd on the benches and in the grandstand when Andy and his mates came out for practice.

  37. Ikey Stein, sitting in the grandstand near an elderly gentleman, yelled, shouted and stamped his feet at the Yale victory.

  38. A storm of applause from the grandstand rippled away in opposite directions along the line sitting by the fence; boys with their mouths full of fingers whistled incredibly.

  39. Of course the majority of the Rockville supporters felt blue over the outcome of the game, and they lost no time in leaving the grandstand and disappearing from view.

  40. Down in the grandstand the supporters of Rockville and of Oak Hall were having lively discussions over the merits of the two elevens.

  41. The grandstand was rather a small affair, and it speedily became filled with visitors, for the annual football game between the two schools was always a great drawing card.

  42. A small grandstand had been erected in the plaza, and there we stood with the Secretary and the few white teachers and the missionaries from about, while the procession was reviewed.

  43. I think it is my duty to advise you that the Moros who filed past the grandstand were brought from remote and distant places with the exclusive purpose of giving greater eclat to your reception.

  44. For we were in the pilot's seat of America's largest bombing plane, grandstand seats with nothing between us and the show but air, of which 15 there was a plenty.

  45. Good thing I reserved a seat in your grandstand for myself, wasn't it, pardner?

  46. From early in the morning until after the races started, crowds continued to pour into the grandstand and overflow into the paddock.

  47. Gaily decked in bright colors, the grandstand presented an attractive appearance.

  48. He paused half-way down, seating himself on a grandstand chair in one of the arena boxes, where he thought over the latest exploit of the show's enemy.

  49. Manuel landed with a crash in the midst of the lower grandstand seats.

  50. It is to be hoped that in the general cleanup which the game is undergoing, the grandstand and bleachers will not resent a little dictation from the authorities.

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