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  1. In an age when money is the only ideology - they did not adhere to the party line.

  2. Enamoured with the new ideology of free marketry cum democracy, the West first assumed the role of the omniscient.

  3. The criminal world has replicated those parts of the state, which were rendered ineffective by unrealistic ideology or by pure corruption.

  4. The IMF is a result of an ideology and its instrument.

  5. To serve as an ideology in the Althusserian sense (hiding the discordant, the disagreeable and the ugly while accentuating the concordant, conformist and appealing).

  6. In the name of capitalist ideology (another religion, really) it demands "privatisation" of the medium.

  7. Sadly, the ideology only becomes reality when it is part of every day life in the developing nations.

  8. The nation state structure and ideology enthusiastically adopted by Homo Balkanus in the wake of the collapse of the rotten Ottoman edifice - has proven to be a costly mistake.

  9. From time immemorial the entire ideology of our soldiers was contained in the well-known formula: "For God, for the Czar and for the Mother Country.

  10. Most seriously viewed of the adverse tourist influences are the introduction of unacceptable ideology and foreign encouragement of moral laxity which, according to the authorities, pervades the area.

  11. Under this concept art, music, and literature are required to promote communist ideology and present an idealized picture of communist society.

  12. The broad faction retained the ideology of social democracy, but the narrow faction became the Bulgarian counterpart of the Russian Bolsheviks; its leader was Dimiter Blagoev, the so-called father of Bulgarian communism.

  13. In keeping with the socialist ideology of the state, the population is entitled to free health care and an extensive system of social benefits.

  14. The fourth main task was to continue in the active struggle against "bourgeois ideology .

  15. The role of women, which had begun to change in the 1930s, was greatly altered under the influence of ideology and of economic realities.

  16. For the leadership the importance of education lies in the fact that it is the best means for orienting the people in the official ideology as well as for training the professionals, technicians, and skilled workers needed to run the country.

  17. These forces are political, social, and economic; beneath and through them works the subtle impulsion of a national conception of right and might which the author sums up as the "ideology of caste.

  18. Moreover, we refer to your Excellency's solemn promise to respect our national character and to refrain from enforcing on us any ideology alien to us.

  19. An instructive illustration of this shift from theology to ideology is to be found in the circular letters (Rundschreiben) and in the speeches of the Reichsorganisationsleiter Dr.

  20. A popular exposition that reveals the national and Romantic roots of this ideology appeared in the Hammer (Oct.

  21. Democracy is based on empowerment, while the terrorists' ideology is based on enslavement.

  22. They realize they are a target of this ideology of terror.

  23. They are the long-term antidote to the ideology of terrorism today.

  24. They are more reliant on smaller cells inspired by a common ideology and less directed by a central command structure.

  25. Our strategy involved destroying the larger al-Qaida network and also confronting the radical ideology that inspired others to join or support the terrorist movement.

  26. In place of an ideology that justifies murder, democracy offers a respect for human dignity that abhors the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians.

  27. Terrorism ultimately depends upon the appeal of an ideology that excuses or even glorifies the deliberate killing of innocents.

  28. Through outreach programs and public diplomacy we will reveal the terrorists' violent extremist ideology for what it is--a form of totalitarianism following in the path of fascism and Nazism.

  29. What unites the movement is the ideology of oppression, violence, and hate.

  30. Responsible Islamic leaders need to denounce an ideology that distorts and exploits Islam to justify the murder of innocent people and defiles a proud religion.

  31. Today, we face a global terrorist movement and must confront the radical ideology that justifies the use of violence against innocents in the name of religion.

  32. The strategy to counter the lies behind the terrorists' ideology and deny them future recruits must empower the very people the terrorists most want to exploit: the faithful followers of Islam.

  33. Some of these students came here ostensibly to study for degrees, but devote most of their time to spreading Nazi ideology and meeting with secret Nazi agents and military spies.

  34. Plato himself, that ideology which is nowadays called Platonic.

  35. St. Augustine, The Philosophical Doctrines of, compared with the Ideology of the Modern Schools, 481.

  36. The last five books of The Trinity are, indeed, a complete ideology which for novelty, sublimity, insight, and scientific force cannot be equalled in the whole range of human science.

  37. St. Thomas appears to intend to collect from St. Augustine the true meaning of Plato, or again to remand to Plato the admirable design of the ideology of St. Augustine.

  38. An ideology is a system of deep-rooted beliefs about fundamental questions in human life and affairs.

  39. Ideology also plays a part in psychological warfare.

  40. To some kinds of people, ideology is business.

  41. Confucian leadership of China, while propaganda-conscious, used ideology as an economical, stable method of control and avoided its maleficent features.

  42. The last two great wars have shown an increasing emphasis on ideology or political faith (see definition, page 30 below) as driving forces behind warfare, rather than the considerations of coldly calculated diplomacy.

  43. This ideology in its substance means that capitalism is the only form of production which is capable of extending all over the earth and of reducing the whole human race to conditions which resemble each other everywhere.

  44. For ideology it was necessary to substitute the history of legal institutions.

  45. We know, moreover, how this ideology of natural law arose.

  46. Just as this engendered, in the order of its works, the most intensive period of history that is known, it also produced its own ideology in the notion of progress.

  47. To the formation of the ideology of natural law another element contributed, the Greek philosophy of later epochs.

  48. In our century, legislating has become an epidemic; and reason enthroned in legal ideology has been dethroned by parliaments.

  49. Yet, in fact, this juridical ideology reflects, in the struggle for law and against law, the revolutionary period of the bourgeois spirit.

  50. In fact, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention were afraid that the revolutionary ideology of freedom and equality had unwisely and unintentionally unleashed a social revolution.

  51. The black power ideology spread across the nation rapidly, providing the movement with fresh impetus and a philosophical framework.

  52. His philosophy had been influenced by the writings of Henry Thoreau and Mahatma Gandhi with the result that he developed an ideology of nonviolent resistance.

  53. There was a pamphlet by Jean Paul Sartre, and this pamphlet was called "Ideology and Revolution.

  54. That would be different, quite apart from the ideology of Communist Russia?

  55. The Italian language was made compulsory in all secondary schools, and fascist ideology and orientation were inserted into the school curricula.

  56. Finally, a new intelligentsia was created, thoroughly imbued with the Communist ideology and recruited generally from among the children of the Party leaders, workers, and peasants.

  57. Marxism-Leninism--From the Albanian Communist viewpoint, the ideology of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin as reflected in the experience of the Soviet Union until the death of Joseph Stalin.

  58. The spreading of the Marxist-Leninist ideology is also a task of the front, as is the purging of any attitudes that are considered backward and reactionary.

  59. Many civilizations have divided their attention between civil ideology and religious ideology.

  60. But the ideology and techniques of Europeanization are widely recognized, accepted and put into practice.

  61. The logical ideology of such a formula was egomania, suspicion, fear and hatred.

  62. It is not possible to discuss ideology without some reference to the closely related problems of means and ends.

  63. Our next task is to analyze and classify this information under four headings: the politics, the economics, the sociology and the ideology of civilization.

  64. In the course of this development an ideology was built up and modified in such a way as to justify and strengthen the entire project.

  65. For convenience in our discussion we will take up, first, civilized societies as collectives, and then the operation of civilized ideology as expressed in the lives of individuals.

  66. In the early stages of western civilization, religious ideology took precedence over secular ideology.

  67. With the rise of the bourgeoisie, secular ideology moved into the foreground, making loud religious professions, but also making sure that business-for-profit had the last word in the determination of public policy.

  68. Reciprocally, changes in ideology lead to changes in social structure and function.

  69. In other cases, notably Roman civilization and western civilization, religious ideology was subordinated to secular interests.

  70. This ideology is strengthened by the belief that the group has special qualities and is protected by powerful entities that will guarantee its success in the survival struggle.

  71. In some cases religious ideology took precedence, resulting in a theocratic society under the leadership of religious devotees.

  72. These multiple aspects of ideology are summed up under the term "religion".

  73. These characteristics embodied an ideology of relative value disengaged from political discourse, and even more from moral precepts.

  74. It used to be the backbone of the ideology of religious suppression-either under communism, or wherever a dominant religion takes upon itself the eradication of any other religion.

  75. Cook’s Essay on Ideology in the Aids to Faith, 1862.

  76. The ideology of De Tracy, in the early part of the century.

  77. This apparently was the reason why De Tracy gave the name of Ideology to the science of metaphysics in the Elémens d’Idéologie.

  78. The true understanding of the famous decisions of 1861 is absolutely necessary to this end, so far as ideology is concerned; and F.

  79. Vercellone, on the ideology of St. Augustine, which appeared in a recent number; and we beg to thank him for his kindness.

  80. Of course, an invariant ideology could be useful only on short-range.

  81. Any change of any ideology will distroy it.

  82. Before us and our friends is the challenge of an ideology which, for more than four decades, has trumpeted abroad its purpose of gaining ultimate victory over all forms of government at variance with its own.

  83. Their ideology is that of a capitalistic class and their power depends entirely on the future development of industry and trade in Russia.

  84. The simple ideology, the easy catch phrases in which the language of this ideology is couched, the primeval character of the passion aroused, contribute to the success which the party enjoys among working people and homeless paupers.

  85. In Russia the ideology of Marx-Lenin was still present.

  86. The one place outside of one's own country, where one's ideology could be spoken of with impunity, was within the halls of the U.

  87. The role of ideology in modern government has suffered curious neglect among students of politics for a considerable time.

  88. The world of fact in the Confucian ideology does not correspond with the beliefs accepted as fact by the dominant West.

  89. By 1922 Sun Yat-sen and his followers possessed a well-defined ideology and a definite new revolutionary program but they had neither a way of propagating the ideology nor a method of realizing the program.

  90. Christianity as a Political Force Ever since the establishment of American and British Protestant missions in the nineteenth century, Christianity has been a conditioning force for a democratic ideology in Asia.

  91. The revolutionaries were men who had passed through the transition from the old Confucian ideology to that of the West with relative ease.

  92. They accept, in other words, the guidance of Confucian ideology in much the same way that Americans who are not churchgoers still accept the major premises of Christianity, simply because their whole environment is charged with it.

  93. The new ideology had to make headway against other propagandas, the partially adequate ways of thought which had grown up since the establishment of the Republic.

  94. Bureaucratism demonstrates the limitations of opportunist ideology as a foundation for government.

  95. The Political Doctrines of Sun Yat-sen The ideology which the Nationalists were to teach was one which had lain dormant in the party for more than thirty years.

  96. The Collapse of the Imperial Society Western ideology has failed to enter China as a constructive whole, but it has smashed whatever reality there was to the old world view.

  97. A program which is rooted in no ideology is one lacking context; unless a program refers to some accepted scheme of thought it is words in a vacuum.

  98. The Nationalists began to feel the necessity of an ideology with which to replace that of the Confucian monarchy.

  99. I was not at all worried about ideology contrary to my own or with which I disagreed, and it looked to me that he was a person of this ideology or philosophy which he calls Marxism, indeed nearly a religion.

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