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Example sentences for "imperialists"

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imperial; imperialis; imperialism; imperialist; imperialistic; imperially; imperii; imperij; imperil; imperiled
  1. Through it, and by storming the bastion, the Imperialists entered, and there Bourbon met his death from an arquebus-shot, which passed quite through his belly.

  2. The same author supposes that the Imperialists who had marched from Montevarchi were about twenty thousand Germans, eight thousand Spaniards, three thousand Italians, with but six hundred horse.

  3. In the campaign which followed, Siena was under French protection, whilst Florence efficiently co-operated with the imperialists against her, the Pope maintaining an armed neutrality.

  4. With the imperialists ravening like hell-hounds in Rome and Florence in revolt against the Medici, Pope Clement soon had his hands too full of more deadly business to interfere with Siena.

  5. The latter scene is a splendid rendering of mediaeval naval warfare--note especially, on the right, the episode of the capture of the prince and the frenzied efforts of the imperialists to rescue him.

  6. The imperialists drew their lines closer and closer round the city, while the heroism of Montluc and of the Sienese themselves prolonged the resistance for eight months.

  7. In spite of repeated efforts on the part of the Ghibellines, in spite of King Robert's supine incapacity, the imperialists gained no permanent advantage.

  8. Nor could we even depend upon the protection of the United States flag, as the Imperialists would for some time, at least, remain in possession of the capital.

  9. Only the energy of despair could contemplate a bare escape from the trap in which the Imperialists were now caught.

  10. Imperialists and exploiters will fight hardest in the open, but the ecclesiastic will fight longest in the dark.

  11. We wanted but a sign from the Colonies themselves to declare ourselves Imperialists for ever, and we received a hundred signs.

  12. Not in their most visionary dreams had Imperialists contemplated such a consummation as this.

  13. Early in =1525= Europe was startled by the news that Francis had been signally defeated by the Imperialists at Pavia, and had been carried prisoner to Spain.

  14. This Ukraine and this Finland and the German imperialists and the English imperialists.

  15. But if we wait a week the country will be so disorganised that the German imperialists will be victorious.

  16. Dismay reigned amongst the imperialists at this crushing blow, and as soon as Olivares received {248} the news at the end of September he sent for Hopton, late at night.

  17. On the appeal of the Emperor, Fernando turned aside, and a critical moment when the imperialists were delivering the attack he arrived before the Protestant city of Nördlingen (September 1634).

  18. The Imperialists rallied and retook it, throwing the Swedes into some confusion.

  19. Then, early in 1648, Wrangel effected a junction with Marshal Turenne, and the combined Swedish and French armies overran all Bavaria, defeated the Imperialists in a bloody battle, and stood ready to invade Austria.

  20. Duke Bernard effected a junction with Marshal Horn, and, with his usual daring, determined to attack the Imperialists at once.

  21. He accompanied the latter when he took refuge in the camp of the imperialists in April, 1793.

  22. The Junta of San Salvador went so far as to pass a resolution favoring annexation by the United States of North America in case the Mexican imperialists crossed its borders.

  23. The Italian imperialists exhorted their countrymen to forget Mazzini and remember Julius Cæsar; for were they not the heirs of the Roman Empire?

  24. Naturally the 'British' imperialists wanted a subjugated Irish; naturally the English Liberals wanted a free, participating Irish.

  25. Mr. Lloyd George brought to the Council of Four the subtlety of a Welshman, the intricacy of a European, and an urgent necessity for respecting the nationalist egotism of the British imperialists and capitalists who had returned him to power.

  26. And the unrestricted submarine campaign, for which the German imperialists had accepted the risk of this fresh antagonist, was far less successful than had been hoped.

  27. The French imperialists were bluntly given the alternative of war with the United States or clearing out of America.

  28. But the new Imperialists were blind to that difference.

  29. These Imperialists remained in power for ten years.

  30. Imperialists could not attack without great risk of unsuccess.

  31. Antony de Leyva gave notice to the Imperialists that the town was not in a condition for further resistance.

  32. He was present in 1525 at the battle of Pavia, where he was wounded and taken prisoner with his king, but soon released, since the Imperialists let go on easy terms gentlemen of whom it was impossible to make a rich booty.

  33. Blaise de Montluc defended the fortress of Sienna for nine months against the Imperialists with an intelligence and a bravery which earned for him twenty years later the title of Marshal of France.

  34. But before long he quarrelled with the Pope and returned to the service of the Venetian Republic, until in August, 1486, at the age of seventy, he fell fighting with heroic valour against the Imperialists in the battle of Trent.

  35. The Empire is to-day regarded by Imperialists as essentially national, and not as essentially international.

  36. The Tory Imperialists attacked them for assisting the Canadian Ministry in its negotiations.

  37. Imperialists often speak of the Empire as if it consisted entirely of self-governing dominions of white men.

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