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  1. The consequences of the imperialistic policy--which brought about an era of armaments and made international difficulties more acute--have now fallen upon Europe like a storm-flood.

  2. The French Socialists opposed the military preparations made by France, you Germans did not do the same in your country, or at least, only up to the point where the imperialistic feelings of the Kaiser and his party might be hurt.

  3. The new Russian government repudiated all imperialistic aims and adopted the formula: "Self-determination, no annexations, no indemnities.

  4. In this way, the natural bloc of Social-Revolutionists and Mensheviki was created, which gave simultaneous expression to the political lukewarmness of the middle-class intellectuals and its relation of vassal to imperialistic liberalism.

  5. It were too rash to make such an assertion in view of the great strength of the German imperialistic party.

  6. The imperialistic ring that is pressing around us will lie burst asunder by the proletarian revolution.

  7. It would be absurd and childish to appraise the politics of the imperialistic countries from the point of view of any considerations other than those considerations of naked interests and material power.

  8. In every case however, the introduction of some form of communism has been the ruin of those projects actually materialized, for this in itself is imperialistic in its nature.

  9. But more specifically Canute inherited the extensive plans, the restless dreams, the imperialistic policy, and the ancient feuds of the Knytling dynasty.

  10. Canute had inherited the imperialistic ambitions of his dynasty, and piracy and empire are mutually exclusive terms.

  11. With grim irony the Bolshevist officials posted in and around the shops placards explaining that, unlike imperialistic and capitalistic governments, the Soviet authority had no intention of suppressing strikes or insurrections by armed force.

  12. The imperialistic idea that is destined to give the impetus, the scope and the goal to the striving for power of the great (Der Weltwirtschaftskrieg, 1914, p.

  13. The national Great Power must go and in its place must step the imperialistic World Power.

  14. They are hungry for your souls, and hide their imperialistic designs behind liberal-sounding phrases.

  15. On one side were the imperialistic claims of a national state that had lost its vitality, and on the other side, the strivings of the dismembered Servian nation to reintegrate itself into a national whole and become a living vital state.

  16. In the first place, it weakens Russia economically, culturally and militaristically, and so prevents its development as an imperialistic rival.

  17. But surely we had still less reason to support the purely dynastic rights of the Hapsburgs and the imperialistic interests of the feudal-capitalistic cliques against the national struggle of the Serbs.

  18. When the decisive moment came, there seemed to be no irreconcilable enmity to imperialistic policies in the consciousness of the German workingmen.

  19. The only way in which the proletariat can meet the imperialistic perplexity of capitalism is by opposing to it as a practical programme of the day the Socialist organization of world economy.

  20. It is not the national aspirations of the Serbs, Poles, Roumanians or Finns that has mobilized twenty-five million soldiers and placed them in the battlefields, but the imperialistic interests of the bourgeoisie of the Great Powers.

  21. But it was too late so far as South Africa was concerned; too early so far as Imperialistic sentiment at home was concerned.

  22. The sending of Sir Bartle Frere to the Cape in 1877 was an illustration of the Imperialistic principles which actuated the Beaconsfield Government.

  23. In the same year the fiftieth anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession to the throne was celebrated with great splendor at London, and became a means of strongly emphasizing Disraeli's imperialistic idea.

  24. Disraeli soon gave proof of the sincerity of his imperialistic views.

  25. A colonial conference, which met in London in April, 1907, gave new impetus to the imperialistic movement and to the closer union between the United Kingdom and the colonies.

  26. Home and foreign wars thereafter became common; and in 1751 Clive opened the period of imperialistic expansion, determining national developments on that main line, concurrently with that of the new industry.

  27. The middle and latter part of the eighteenth century is the period of the rise of (1) the new machine industries, and (2) the new imperialistic policy of Chatham.

  28. When McIver's imperialistic declaration was known, the number who were in favor of supporting Jake Vodell's campaign increased measurably.

  29. It is not the imperialistic leaders in these industrial wars who pay the price.

  30. What is going to send us as a nation against the Kaiser Bills of capital and the Kaiser Bills of labor, or, if you like it better, the imperialistic employers and the equally imperialistic employees?

  31. He sought to apply for her the principles of heroism and comradeship and patriotism and service to this war that was still being waged against the imperialistic enemies of the nation and the race.

  32. The question was, How could American industries be protected against both the imperialistic employer and the imperialistic employee?

  33. This wild upper-class of the young German imperialistic idea" are implacable destroyers.

  34. I seek to show the fire and vigor of German nationality, and how that force has been misdirected by the handful of imperialistic militarists in control.

  35. Any nation undertaking to maintain a military establishment with aggressive and imperialistic designs will find itself severely handicapped in the economic development of the world.

  36. Because we are constantly solicitous for those interests, I doubt if anyone would suppose that those countries feel we harbor toward them any militaristic or imperialistic design.

  37. The Cadet Ministry was overthrown in April because it declared itself in favour of Allied imperialistic aims, including the imperialistic aims of the Tsar's Government.

  38. And we had established the precedent, with Spain and Mexico, that the Republic shall engage in no war of imperialistic conquest.

  39. Hereafter, if democracy wins, self-determination, and not imperialistic exploitation, is to be the universal rule.

  40. This secret diplomacy of bargains, of course, was a European heritage, the result of an imperialistic environment which the American did not understand, and from which he was happily free.

  41. Imperialistic cynics were not lacking to scoff at our protestation that we were fighting Spain in order to liberate Cuba; and yet this, for the American people at large, was undoubtedly the inspiration of the war.

  42. Obviously a status quo, commercially imperialistic democracy, which the awakening liberal was bent upon abolishing.

  43. In our dealings with other nations, we yielded often to imperialistic ambitions and thus, to a certain extent, justified the cynicism of Europe.

  44. These had for their object the preservation and development of democracy, the banishment from the Western Hemisphere of European imperialistic conflict and war.

  45. On Wednesday the principal Imperialistic newspaper in London appeared with a long leading article and three columns of descriptive exposition of "The New Evangel.

  46. The recognized chief among imperialistic journals became from the beginning the organ of the new movement.

  47. Imperialistic secret treaties formed the basis for Versailles's treatment of Asiatic questions, and those treaties were drawn precisely as though Armageddon were a skirmish and Asia the sleeping giant of a century ago.

  48. He dreads our imperialistic tendencies, yet he reproves those Latin Americans who, in a Japanese-American clash, would favor Japan.

  49. Beyond this point lies a wide realm of aspiration ranging from determination to secure complete racial equality and freedom of immigration into white lands to imperialistic dreams of wholesale conquests and "world-dominion.

  50. When, therefore, the East saw a peace settlement based, not upon these high professions, but upon the imperialistic secret treaties, it was fired with a moral indignation and sense of outraged justice never known before.

  51. The exponents of imperialistic propagandas like Pan-Germanism and Pan-Slavism put forth literally boundless pretensions, planning the domination of the entire planet by their special brand of national-imperialism.

  52. The Second Imperialistic War has already entered the second stage.

  53. You should be able to speak like this: This is a dog infused with British, French, American, German or Japanese imperialistic ideas.

  54. Gustavus Adolphus, displayed in apotheosis; and the imperialistic idea, which carries with it militarist tendencies, is illuminated with all the radiance of Hjarne's magic pen.

  55. The Tsar is a fool, with an imperialistic hausfrau for a wife.

  56. Apparently the policy adopted by his court was not imperialistic but national, in the uncorrupted sense of the word.

  57. This was their first real effort to set foot on the continent, a purely imperialistic move.

  58. At the period of his re-meeting with Iolita he was interesting himself in the Transvaal with the affairs of Paul Kruger and the Uitlander, up to his eyes in political intrigue, and editing a Johannesburg journal with Imperialistic leanings.

  59. Just as nations of this Hemisphere, in the historic Caracas and Rio conferences, have closed ranks against imperialistic Communism and strengthened their economic ties, so free nations elsewhere have forged new bonds of unity.

  60. Nineteen forty-five can see the closing in of the forces of retribution about the center of the malignant power of imperialistic Japan.

  61. Turning to the international scene: The existence of a strongly armed imperialistic dictatorship poses a continuing threat to the free world's and thus to our own Nation's security and peace.

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