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Example sentences for "carbines"

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  1. The troopers unslung their carbines and examined the loading, then, satisfied that every preparation had been made, they set spurs to their horses and cantered up the track that led to the ranges.

  2. The next instant the carbines of the police commenced to bark.

  3. The guns and carbines were loaded all together, without precipitation and with a solemn gravity.

  4. Every one of the troopers shut his lips tightly at the sight of them, and half a dozen cocked carbines were pointed over their unconscious heads, ready to send to kingdom-come the first thing in the shape of a Kiowa that dared approach them.

  5. Now I think we are all ready," said Bob, after the sabres and carbines had been laid in the empty bunks and the revolvers drawn and examined.

  6. The figure that had leaped forward was Donald, and the volley came from the carbines of a score of rurales, who had followed him into the cave, and fired pointblank at the smugglers over Adrian's prostrate form.

  7. The smuggler's hands were tied behind him and he was placed with his back to the rock, while the rurales with carbines leveled stood ready to fire.

  8. Nine, ten, fire," finished the captain, and at the word the carbines cracked and the smuggler pitched forward and lay motionless!

  9. Telling them to keep well covered, Fred advanced his men slightly, and soon the carbines were cracking at a lively rate.

  10. Fred's men heard this conversation with lowering brows, and the muttered curses were deep if not loud, and five carbines were raised, but with a gesture Fred motioned them down.

  11. With carbines carried at the trail in their right hands, these agile mountaineers kept pace with the horses, even when Byron went at a gallop.

  12. A large outer room in Byron's house was used by them, and their carbines were hung upon its walls.

  13. The butternut-clad cavalrymen fired their carbines almost in our faces at the first round.

  14. Carbines and revolvers were pointed, but no one fired.

  15. Shooting from carbines of a small caliber, and only with cartridges, for wild ducks and Egyptian geese, he acquired an unerring eye and steady hand.

  16. Having surrounded the caravan, they pointed the spears with tumult and menace at the breasts of the people, or aimed carbines at them.

  17. Their weapons were mainly spears, terrible in their hands; but they did not lack Remington carbines which they had captured in their victorious battles with the Egyptian army and after the fall of Khartûm.

  18. At the same moment two windows on opposite sides of the room were shivered into fragments, the curtains were jerked down and the black muzzles of a dozen carbines were thrust in.

  19. You will all come in squads of four to the windows and hand out your carbines and side-arms.

  20. As soon as we have got a hundred carbines and a hundred sabres we shall open the portal and let you out.

  21. Some of the men now went out to catch fresh horses, while Alday busied himself in bringing out a store of old broadswords and carbines from their concealment in some other part of the house.

  22. A discharge of carbines with which we were received did us no damage.

  23. But we tied our horses to the wire fence, and Capron's troop knelt with carbines at the "Ready," peering into the bushes.

  24. They kept up a hot fire at the cannoneers, and the steady rattle of carbines further up the river told that Lee was also engaged.

  25. All at once, as I drew near the village, I heard a tremendous clatter in the streets; a column of cavalry was advancing to the front--soon the crack of carbines was heard beyond the town.

  26. At the same instant the crash of carbines in front, indicated Gordon's charge.

  27. Sabres clashed, carbines cracked, Fitz Lee's artillery roared--the fields and woods around Buckland were full of tumult and conflict.

  28. Stuart and Fitz Lee had united their forces; in one solid column they pressed the flying enemy, banging and thundering on their rear with carbines and cannon.

  29. Had I had such carbines at Kolapore, I would have destroyed the 27th Native Infantry in an hour.

  30. Double rifled carbines can be constructed of so light a weight that their exclusive use for cavalry purposes is not far distant, 5-1/2 pounds being sufficient weight to ensure perfect safety.

  31. One of the best breech-loading carbines of the present day is undoubtedly that of Mr. F.

  32. Carbines cracked, pistols flashed, steel rang on steel, and with shouts and oaths the two bands engaged.

  33. Two or three of them were unarmed, but the rest, with the habit of seasoned warriors, had their swords in their belts and carbines slung at their shoulders.

  34. When we were attacked our carbines were unloaded, and, to the best of my belief, no shots were fired.

  35. No sentries bad been posted, nor precautions of any kind taken, and at the time of the attack no carbines were loaded.

  36. The magazine fire of the carbines speedily dispersed the Dervishes, and the victorious Lancers returned to the scene of their charge and recovered the dead.

  37. There were four men gathered about the fire and as the cowboys approached three of them picked up their carbines and sat off to one side, fingering the locks nervously.

  38. Upon the brow of the hill the boss herder and his helpers brandished their carbines and shouted, but their words were drowned in the blare and bray which rose from below.

  39. Tenderfoot that he was--so he accused himself--he had noted the carbines slung in scabbards at each saddlehorn; noted with an unreading eye.

  40. Look," Benicia cried as Bim was taking the carbines from the saddle scabbards.

  41. Up went their carbines with cheeks laid against wood and eyes sighting along the lances of light.

  42. The chap kept on edging in and bothering, instead of asking for some men and taking up his own position, till I got angry, and the carbines began popping on the other side of the village.

  43. The regiment possessed carbines - beautiful Martini-Henry carbines that would lob a bullet into an enemy's camp at one thousand yards, and were even handier than the long rifle.

  44. The guides had carbines and spears, indeed; but it was a question whether they would use them or run away.

  45. But we leave a fair-sized guard with orders to perforate the first redskin that tries to budge, while the rest of us grab our carbines and hurry to our posts.

  46. Left hands firmly grasp the already foaming reins, while throughout the column carbines are "advanced" in the other.

  47. The carbines rang out the parting volleys, and Bradley's trumpet keened a wailing farewell.

  48. The carbines are cleaned for the job, and the cartridges served out to the men.

  49. Hewson, have your guard ready at eight o'clock, with their carbines clean, and a round of ball-cartridge each.

  50. A portion of the men may continue digging a grave, while the rest ran retreat to our late den and get our carbines and arms all ready.

  51. Murden, suddenly; "I know the sound of my carbines as well as I know when pay-day comes.

  52. And in obedience to his command, the men slung the carbines at their backs, and rode forward.

  53. With a bitter oath the officer grasped one of his men's carbines and discharged its contents after the runaway.

  54. Ah, there speaks one of my carbines again.

  55. The latter course was decided on, and as they turned to go, I ordered half a dozen of our light carbines to be discharged at their retreating forms.

  56. He formed a circle around them, and with carbines on the cock, his force waited until daylight before relieving their wants.

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