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cribs; crick; cricket; cricketer; cricketers; crickets; cricks; cricoid; cride; crie
  1. Cricketing flannel is used for coverlets for cots, children's dresses, and many other purposes.

  2. Tom Atkins when he went away from us in his dudgeon, shaking off the dust from his cricketing shoes, so to speak, in testimony against us.

  3. My cricketing days are over now," he said, with a plucky attempt to make light of his agony as the bluejackets lifted him gently on to a stretcher.

  4. He was prettier and pinker and more engaging than ever, and Alex felt glad that he had not yet been sent to school, to have his fair curls cropped, and his little velvet suit exchanged for cricketing flannels.

  5. The day was a very hot one, and Cedric in cricketing flannels looked sufficiently like every other boy of his age and standing to reassure his critical sister.

  6. We were just in time, Norris," one of the new-comers said to the tall lad in cricketing flannels whose straight hitting had particularly attracted the admiration of Harry Holl.

  7. The Queen's Scholars were in their caps and gowns, the town boys were in ordinary attire, a few only having flannel cricketing trousers.

  8. The country which had produced Andrew Hedger, as he stated his name to be, would never show the same old cricketing commons it did when he was a boy.

  9. He was generally safe for the cricketing days.

  10. The foolish fellow did not know that they care not a straw for cricketing fame.

  11. They were clad in cricketing costume, and exhibited the health and manners of youthful Englishmen of station.

  12. He found Scaife alone--at work on cricketing accounts.

  13. Of course the Kinlochs are a cricketing family.

  14. All sorts of periodicals were taken in--Cricket, The Cricketer, Cricketing amongst many others.

  15. After all, he was no worse than the cricketing curate who, after reading the first lesson, announced: "Here endeth the first innings.

  16. FRY, not one of the Small Fry, gives his ideal of a cricketing day, which is to be known as a "Fry-day.

  17. The driver drove on phlegmatically, without troubling his head as to why one of the cricketing young gentlemen should be faring forth alone, in his flannels, too, and without any luggage either.

  18. Relton was there to uphold a cricketing tradition, to bridge a gap that could not be filled, and he would not have upset his best bowler even if there had been no other tie between them.

  19. But he used to wear cricketing ties, now you remind me.

  20. The fact was that, much to his annoyance and embarrassment, he was beginning to respect the youth more in his downfall than at the height of his cricketing fame.

  21. The match between Weston and Hillsborough was an annual affair, and excited great emulation, being for each school the principal event of the cricketing season.

  22. The money will not be wanted till the cricketing season begins next term, and I can make it good by then.

  23. The Cricketing Season draws fast to a close; the rain's come at last with inopportune bounty.

  24. The four Counties in whose doings the interest of the Cricketing public is centred, were all hard at work yesterday.

  25. They all had on their cricketing dresses of white flannel, with dark blue jackets over them--light blue ribbons were on their hats, and short streamers of the same colour at the upper end of their poles.

  26. Ham knew his man, and discreetly avoided cricketing topics for the first five minutes.

  27. Warnham, always a cricketing village, until lately supplied the Sussex eleven with dashing Lucases; but it does so no more.

  28. Besides his cricketing skill he was remarkable for his ventriloquial powers; and the story was told, that, while sitting in conversation with two strangers, at the Bull Hotel, he threw his voice under the table.

  29. In his later years he was often visited by strangers, who were entertained by his fund of anecdote and cricketing reminiscences.

  30. Certainly they have the advantage of a longer cricketing season, and a greater likelihood of finding the weather sufficiently fine to ensure their cricket being played on good wickets.

  31. Without them a representative English eleven would have never been seen in the field at all, and how great a loss this fact alone would have been to the cricketing world, both of players and spectators, can hardly be overstated.

  32. Somersetshire can boast of no recorded antiquity as a cricketing society, the county club only being inaugurated in 1875.

  33. Essex and Herts come on the scene as cricketing counties—of second class, as we should call them now, to Kent and Surrey, but players and lovers of cricket all the same.

  34. Norfolk and Suffolk have for many years been cricketing counties.

  35. To do full justice to these, one would need to be well versed in the history (other than the cricketing history) of the period.

  36. About the first decade of the century the counties seem to have been divided off more strictly, for cricketing purposes, than before.

  37. In the first years of the new century, Surrey was the great cricketing county.

  38. We hear that a distinguished member of the Cricketing Eleven of All England is going to be married.

  39. I think it is a cricketing party coming home.

  40. Brought up in the midst of a great cricketing family, the Grays of Surrey tradition, in his beautiful Falmouth home which boasted cricket pitches of its own, he was as polished a bat as the Nursery had ever known.

  41. Perhaps it has been pointed out to you as the home of Sir Peter Gray, the once-famous Surrey bowler, and the parent of a whole herd of young cricketing Grays.

  42. Perhaps Mr. Burnham has heard that you went with medicine and stuff to the gipsy camp," he said after a pause, trying to find an explanation of the apparently indefensible folly of his cricketing hero.

  43. And all the while the heart of the former valiant soldier sank deep and ever deeper into the split-new cricketing shoes he had been so proud of when he sallied forth to meet Cissy Carter by the stile.

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