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Example sentences for "detonators"

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  1. In the early days of the explosive industry, it was apparently advantageous for each manufacturer to have a separate system of trade nomenclature by which to designate the strengths of the different detonators manufactured by him.

  2. On the other hand, for safety and for certainty of detonation, stronger detonators are recommended for use with permissible explosives, preferably electric detonators.

  3. The low and high explosives are differentiated, and the sensitiveness of fulminate of mercury and other detonators is clearly pointed out.

  4. Detonators are usually made in the form of a circular tin or metallic case about two inches in diameter, and three eighths of an inch thick, with soft metal clips on opposite sides for bending over and securing to the rails.

  5. It is customary to use these detonators in pairs placed a short distance apart in case one of them should fail to explode.

  6. Detonators or fog signals are largely used in foggy weather and snowstorms, when the out-door signals cannot be seen from an approaching train.

  7. Also, you've got two vehicles, and that box had enough detonators for several bombs.

  8. Abdoullah was a jerk, but he had been right about that: it was the obvious location to install the detonators and set the timing mechanisms.

  9. Their efforts to obtain nuclear detonators required several tries, but eventually they got what they needed.

  10. But we'll need to hook up the detonators with the telemetry interface, and for that we need Peretz' input.

  11. But given all the krytron detonators the Pakistani had, there could well be more.

  12. Sabri Ramirez stood watching as the last of the krytron detonators was secured in the ganglia of wiring that surrounded the explosive Octol sphere.

  13. We would notice some slight change in the timber at these places and invariably carefully withdraw this and the sand-bag tamping and take out the detonators and the high explosives.

  14. I was engaged in the magazine in opening boxes of guncotton and getting more primers and detonators ready for action.

  15. In the trenches these bombs are always carried with detonators in them, and the only operation necessary is to withdraw a cotter-pin which holds the spring-release down.

  16. An instant before, a mass of burning materials shot high up above the crest, while a series of loud explosions took place, as the rockets and detonators burst in mid-air.

  17. The fulminate in the detonators he cautiously imbedded was even more terrible, and sitting with his bent form outlined darkly against the shadowy waste of grass, he looked curiously sinister.

  18. He wants you to clinch the detonators on the fuses and put them in.

  19. Nevertheless Sefton heaved a sigh of relief as the two detonators were dropped overboard.

  20. Adopting their usual procedure they had fixed three detonators in the hull of the stranded vessel, and upon the approach of the Calder's boat the second time they had lighted the four-minute time-fuses.

  21. But this was hardly the moment to activate the detonators and blow the place.

  22. The manufacture of detonators is a very dangerous and delicate operation.

  23. It is expensive, and most modern detonators consist of lead azide or salts of styphnic acid, with a layer of T.

  24. Detonators of some sort," said MacGregor.

  25. I believe that the detonators we saw on those bombs merely opened a seal in the shell and forced in a flash of some sort.

  26. The case of detonators was lying bang up against the giant-powder.

  27. Almost enough to last another three weeks with fuse and detonators to match.

  28. The result of this might prove disastrous, for giant-powder and detonators are comparatively dear in that country, and in any case are not obtainable in the bush.

  29. Did either of you bring the giant-powder and detonators along?

  30. Now I've got credit from a Vancouver wholesaler who takes a share in the store, and that will keep us in pork and flour, but the giant-powder and detonators in the shack yonder represent this syndicate's available capital.

  31. I'll want you to put the detonators on the fuses with me, Jimmy.

  32. Maxim, of New York, has lately patented a composition for detonators for use with high explosives, which can also be thrown from ordnance in considerable quantities with safety.

  33. The detonators (which are often fired by electrical means) are placed inside these primers (Fig.

  34. This mixture is then distributed in the detonators standing in a frame, and each detonator is put separately into a machine for the purpose of pressing the paste into the detonator shell.

  35. In the manufacture of percussion caps and detonators the copper blanks are cut from copper strips and stamped to the required shape.

  36. He'll have some detonators lying loose, too--I've heard he uses giant powder.

  37. They went on, however, to the opposite side of the clearing, where they deposited the powder, and then dropped the detonators a little farther on, after which Harry sat down on the frozen ground panting heavily.

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