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Example sentences for "domestics"

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domestication; domesticis; domesticity; domestick; domesticks; domesticus; domestique; domi; domibus; domical
  1. All the corners of the vestibule were filled: the domestics gathered behind the wall which was made from the swept snow, some clung to the posts, and even to the roof.

  2. Very few paid attention to the seconds, but those of the experienced men and of the domestics who looked at them understood at once how great were the odds on Hlawa's side.

  3. His tutor and several of his domestics were allowed to accompany him.

  4. Every evening large fires were lighted in this apartment for dressing the victuals; and the domestics of the family usually sat around them for a considerable time, until supper was prepared.

  5. Both parties seized the seats by the fire, while the half-frozen and terrified domestics spent the night without either light or warmth.

  6. Miss Sedgwick, in teaching that domestics must have the means of bathing us much as their mistresses, and time, too, to bathe, has symbolized one of the most important of human rights.

  7. All the domestics of the house are colored persons, which is very seldom indeed the case in this part of the United States.

  8. A descent was made by the pursuivants upon a house in the country, where the two fathers happened to be together, and but for the devotion of the domestics the two missionaries would have been captured.

  9. Personal attention to a child is a part of the mother’s duty of vigilance, and the fashionable custom of leaving such attention to domestics cannot be reprobated too strongly.

  10. Another considers himself devout because he recites daily a multiplicity of prayers, though immediately afterwards he utters disagreeable, arrogant, and injurious words amongst his domestics and neighbors.

  11. My mother related that, while she was living at Sandwich with her father, one of the domestics was imprudent enough to leave a window open.

  12. But as the Japanese vassal-families furnishing domestics were, as vassals, necessarily attached to the clan-cult of their lord, the relation of the servant to the family was to some extent a religious bond.

  13. They are not the domestics of Swift and of Mandeville--the spoilers of the establishment; not that they are without the common feelings of the servants' hall, for they have at heart the merry prosperity of their commonwealth.

  14. But the return of evening renewed the general fear, and for several successive nights the domestics watched the southern tower.

  15. Madame arose and descended into the north hall, where the domestics were already assembled.

  16. Then, if anything went wrong among my domestics I sent Sidebottom down the kitchen-stairs to them.

  17. Assist with your own labour, as far as ye are able, to clothe yourselves and your domestics as St. Jerome teacheth.

  18. Sir Austin had heard of the tales circulated by his domestics underground.

  19. Under Adrian's able tuition the fairest of its domestics acquired that virtue.

  20. Other domestics now interfered, and the life of Donna Maria was saved.

  21. An act at the same time was passed for altering the law of privilege, so far as it extended to the effects and domestics of the members of either house.

  22. He was up betimes and out before breakfast, surprising the domestics of his club by an early visit to the library.

  23. Their behaviour before the domestics left the impression that some huge joke was toward in the library.

  24. Then, bowing low to his father, the magician stepped down from the dais, and walked through a lane of awe-struck domestics and soldiery to the door, where Tom stood waiting his approach.

  25. The coachman swayed the little kingdom of domestics with his stout wife as queen.

  26. Amongst these were Jane and the cook, also the page, for these three domestics had frequently seen the soldier who had courted Jane, and who was believed to be Bernard Gore.

  27. Now therefore you are no more strangers and foreigners: but you are fellow citizens with the saints and the domestics of God, 2:20.

  28. She shall not fear for her house in the cold of snow: for all her domestics are clothed with double garments.

  29. Ethopus and two or three more stout domestics always attended us as a bodyguard.

  30. Domestics came at her call, and the ladies were attired in robes of the greatest magnificence.

  31. An hour after all was quiet, a strange sound was made at the back gate in the wall nearest the lodging-rooms of the domestics of the establishment.

  32. The domestics of an establishment acquire in time a coloring from the kind of life within it, as insects are colored by the leaves and bark of the trees they inhabit.

  33. He passed into the inner courtyard, and led them down a flight of steps to a room in the cellar used by two of the domestics as a bed-chamber.

  34. They entered a dirty hall; several bearded domestics rushed up to them, eagerly tore off their wraps, and threw a low door open.

  35. The domestics looked as if the most joyous event of their lives were taking place, and the old father seemed placid and satisfied.

  36. He was, however, now completely converted to the opinion of the domestics that there was something most strange and most unnatural in this visitation.

  37. Many of the nobles and even gentry of condition kept up a sort of orchestra or band composed of their own domestics or servitors, and which gave a degree of enjoyment to their entertainment unknown to modern times.

  38. How had the very domestics feared the descending shadows in those vast rooms, and where the night-shriek "disturbed the curtain sleep!

  39. Sounds which none could account for or discover the meaning of, although, at first attributing them to natural causes, the domestics made search through those parts of the house where they had been heard.

  40. By the language of the women Hoichi knew them to be domestics in some noble household; but he could not imagine to what place he had been conducted.

  41. For months thereafter, the retainers and the domestics lived in ceaseless fear of ghostly visitation.

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