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Example sentences for "eased"

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earwig; earwigs; eas; easdem; ease; easeful; easel; easelie; easels; easely
  1. Of course most of us eased up on him after we understood the hellish injustice of it.

  2. Monseigneur, having eased his four men of their burdens and taken his chocolate, caused the doors of the Holiest of Holiests to be thrown open, and issued forth.

  3. As gently as a hand setting a fragile glass on a table, the broad, inverted chalice of the parachute let its weight down and down till it eased against the ice.

  4. Only, here was the food, the clothing, the strange rubber boat, the parachute that had eased them to the ice.

  5. The hawsers were windlassed up, and the great hull eased to earth on its pneumatic bumpers.

  6. Then cutting in, he made a smaller circle, and a still smaller circle--eased his huge vessel close.

  7. Every few seconds Lee eased up on his telegraphic tapping and switched over to listen.

  8. Back near the entrance, they dropped down, eased their heavy burdens to the snowy floor, and joyously opened up their packets of sandwiches and thermos bottles of steaming hot chocolate.

  9. So should our hearts be eased and eyes no longer sore.

  10. Support by the Paris Club and official bilateral creditors has eased the external debt situation in recent years.

  11. He eased back on the throttle and waggled his wings as O'Malley roared over him.

  12. Stan eased over and kicked on a bit more power.

  13. Stan eased away from the FW's and did not challenge them.

  14. The rat was so scared we'd rush him that he jest eased out through the door an' tossed a glass jug into the room.

  15. Stan eased the nose down to hold his speed and began sagging down a long slope toward the channel.

  16. Stan eased his ship off the ground and up into the sky.

  17. The two FW's dived after him, but he soon eased away from them.

  18. He eased down against the shock pad and waited.

  19. Stan eased over a bit and shook O'Malley off his wing.

  20. My hosses fell to grazin', and I eased myself around in my saddle, and made a cigareet.

  21. The newcomer dropped his reins on his pony's neck, eased himself to an attitude of attention, and looked down gravely on what was taking place.

  22. And the moment it eased the storekeeper held the brandy, which one of the boys had brought, to his blood-flecked lips.

  23. If Minky, who recently had jibbed at trading gold, had suddenly eased the market, well, it was "up to him.

  24. Again kind hands eased her way, and settled her on the steamer.

  25. Till past one, Lord's day, in the morning writing letters to the fleete and elsewhere, and my mind eased of much business, home to bed and slept till 8.

  26. However, I was at it late and did it pretty perfectly, and so, after eating something, to bed, my mind eased of a great deal of figures and castings.

  27. Thence to my lodging, making up my Journall for 8 or 9 days, and so my mind being eased of it, I to supper and to bed.

  28. Having done this I parted, my mind not eased by any money, but only that I had done my part to the King's service.

  29. He eased the heavy burden of her work, allowed her to read to him and his mother-in-law from her books in the evenings, and permitted her then to look at his own books as well.

  30. My conduct was evaluated with the highest mark and I received an attestation of my trustworthiness, which eased my way back into life outside and spared me from all kinds of trouble with the police.

  31. Thousands of readers received answers signed "Emma May", without knowing that it had not been my wife, but a sisterly helper, who had eased my burden.

  32. The voice was familiar and Tiny Lewis, who weighed some 250 pounds, eased his bulk gently to the ground.

  33. When Tim sighted the curving light line that was the Cedar River, he eased the throttle.

  34. I was a stranger, and I was almost as love-sick as Colin when you were singing, and you have neither taken me in, nor cured me, nor eased me.

  35. His conversation has eased and enlivened me.

  36. And when Harve got a few drams aboard and began churning up his war medicine, Catlett would hurry right straight home, and be taken down sick in bed and stay there until Harve had eased himself, beating up people.

  37. He eased his fragile rack of bones down into a chair and dropped his old hat on the matting of the aisle beside him, seemingly oblivious to the somewhat puzzled glances of the two veterans.

  38. Daniel the Mystic leaped forward and caught him before he struck, and eased him down flat on his back and folded his arms up across his breast, and that made him look like dead.

  39. He cut speed and eased the Sunsprite down into that thinner area of the meteor-swarm.

  40. Hastily, Kenniston took his atom-pistol and eased him to the floor.

  41. He eased the cruiser lower through the swarm, his fingers flashing over the throttles, using quick bursts of the rockets to veer aside from the bright, rushing meteors.

  42. He eased his position quietly from time to time as much as his bandages would let him, but he made no complaint.

  43. There came the answering click of breech-bolts, and a little rustling as each man eased his position, and laid his elbow on his knee.

  44. The glittering, wet, wind-blown beach and the little estuary slid by like a painted panorama smelling of all the evil in the world as the Puncher eased her helm a time or two seeking a comfortable berth with Joe Byng's chanted aid.

  45. That night were the three fellows eased with the best; and on the morn they heard mass, and Sir Percivale's sister bad bring forth the sick lady.

  46. He climbed down and eased over toward the stump, watching where he set his feet.

  47. He eased the hammer down, fed in three rounds to replace those he had used, and walked slowly back to the first thing he had shot.

  48. I eased into drive and moved along to a parking ramp, swung around and down and stopped in the shadow of the retaining wall.

  49. I eased back up to one-fifty, took the Intermix with gyros screaming, and curved out onto the thruway.

  50. To my left a discreet stair carpeted in violet velvet eased up in a gentle curve.

  51. I eased the gyros in; she backed off the rail with a screech of ripped metal.

  52. I found the lever and eased the door open, then waited, gun in hand.

  53. The mast and yards being let go eased her considerably, though the storm raged with unabated fury.

  54. I landed in a cluster of tall reeds and grass which bent with my weight and eased me down without injury, save a few slight scratches.

  55. And being thus eased a little I realized that I was hungry again, and that commonplace natural feeling did me good too.

  56. Ramos had eased up on ribbing Tiflin months ago.

  57. A subdued cheerfulness seemed to possess Lester, the mamma's boy, as if he had eased and become less introverted.

  58. Here also he was happily eased of a still greater burden, by the death of his idiot boy, who thus escaped the miseries to which a longer life must, among these people, have inevitably exposed him.

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