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  1. Bulgarian economists have repeatedly pointed out that the per capita acreage of farmland in the country, excluding pastures, is among the lowest in the world.

  2. Under the current system, for example, the salary of economists has been below that of engineers, and the salary of engineers has been equivalent to the wages of skilled workers.

  3. Among the recorded changes the Economists write of an increasing interchange of goods, and we can see as well an increasing interchange of ideas across the frontiers of States.

  4. Dives and Lazarus elbow one another in the street; and our political economists select Dives as the sole type of the nation.

  5. There is a school of political economists existing in this country, who confound two distinct and separate things--principle and method.

  6. With bland disregard of the breakdown of their own system, the orthodox economists were challenging him to establish the flawlessness of his.

  7. Side by side with the Encyclopædists were the Economists or Physiocrats, who were making bold and crude inquiries into the production and distribution of food and goods.

  8. Both the Encyclopædists and the various Economists and Physiocrats demanded a considerable amount of hard thinking in their disciples.

  9. The efforts of the Irish farmers so to reorganise their industry that they may hopefully approach the solution of the problems of rural life are being watched by economists and administrators abroad.

  10. And it is not only for its foundation upon self-reliance that the latest development of Irish Government will have a living interest for economists and students of political philosophy.

  11. Much of this may be true, but this line of argument only shows that these English economists do not thoroughly understand the real grievance which the Irish people still harbour against the English for past misgovernment.

  12. What they could have found in the doctrines of most modern political economists which should lead them to suppose that human life would be precious in their eyes, is unknown to the writer of these pages.

  13. It brings political economy into close relations with ethics and religion, and should induce economists to consider carefully the contribution which Christianity makes to the solution of the whole problem.

  14. There is not much fault to find with the old economists so long as they recognised that their science was an abstract science, which for its own purposes dealt with an unreal abstraction--the 'economic man.

  15. Another important reaction against the early economists arose from the identification of the latter with the doctrine of laissez-faire.

  16. This book inaugurated the rise of a school of economists who treated their subject from an inductive and historical point of view.

  17. The study of economic history has developed as a separate branch, but economists recognize that it provides them with much valuable material.

  18. Just why the industry should be carried on so far from the source of supply of the raw material is one of the problems that economists are trying always to solve, but the traffic clings tenaciously to the customs of old.

  19. The estimates of private wealth, about which the economists make experiments, and on which I myself have written much in the past, have a relative value.

  20. The economists say that it is absurd, but, given the collective madness which has attacked some people, nothing is absurd beyond hoping in the rapid recovery of the most excited nations.

  21. Threatened with the phenomenon known to political economists under the name of "oliganthropy," or lack of men, she had founded a colonial empire which may be regarded as the largest on earth.

  22. The principles of these economists found little support in practice, and cannot be said to have attained general acceptance among the Spanish writers on these subjects.

  23. The most genuine representative of the century's political economists in Spain was Campomanes.

  24. They have only the effect of obscuring, not completing, the facts to which the orthodox economists too closely confined themselves, but which, though incomplete, are so far as they go actual.

  25. And this, indeed, the earlier economists recognised, as we may see by Mill's casual admission that the progress of industrial effort depends before all things on thought and the advance of knowledge.

  26. Certain economists have, so he says, debated "whether nature gives more assistance to labour in one kind of industry than in another"; and he endeavours to show that the question is in its very essence unanswerable.

  27. He brings it forward with special reference to agriculture, and aims it at the contention of a certain school of economists that nature in agriculture did more than in other industries.

  28. The so-called orthodox economists of the school of Mill and Ricardo accepted the capitalistic system as part of the order of nature, and their object was mainly to analyse the peculiar operations incident to it.

  29. The unscientific thing is, they say, to assume the contrary; and here, they proceed, we have the fundamental error which renders most of the conclusions of the ordinary economists valueless.

  30. That nearly every Vice tends to waste, and preeminently intoxication by liquors or drugs, certain Economists are strangely slow to learn.

  31. Our economists treat every increase of productiveness as an unalloyed good.

  32. And in this theory there is doubtless much truth, though it can only be applied in practice after a number of limitations and with a number of deductions of which the older school of political economists did not take enough notice.

  33. Political economists say that capital sets towards the most profitable trades, and that it rapidly leaves the less profitable and non-paying trades.

  34. Modern economists have refuted and revised and discussed, and, let us hope, now made everything quite plain.

  35. It is true, no doubt, that in some cases there might be other arguments, and that the economists were apt to take a narrow view of the facts.

  36. The economists imagined that they had reached the goal before they had got rid of ambiguities hidden in the accepted terminology.

  37. The economists had constantly to argue against the terrible possibility of a general 'glut.

  38. The economists have fallen into a fatal error.

  39. The economists belonged to the very class whom he most hated.

  40. The vagueness of the results shows curiously how much economists had to argue in the dark.

  41. Economists have framed a 'theory of value' which explains more precisely the way in which this is brought about.

  42. The real answer of the political economists was that although the existing order implied great inequalities of wealth it was yet essential to industrial progress, and therefore to an improvement in the general standard of comfort.

  43. The economists had constructed a kind of automaton which fairly represented the actual working of the machinery.

  44. Torrens observes that all sciences have to pass through a period of controversy; but thinks that economists are emerging from this stage, and rapidly approaching unanimity.

  45. Population, the French economists had said, follows subsistence.

  46. This work was the result of official surveys and most careful studies made by leading economists and statisticians.

  47. On the other hand, a great dread of over-population prevailed among English political economists at the end of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth century.

  48. Most political economists are of the same opinion; thus McCulloch, Principles, II, 3.

  49. The opinions of political economists in our own day are, as might be expected, divided on some of Malthus' expressions and on his practical counsels.

  50. It may be remarked in general, that the older political economists have based correct political views on false economic principles, while the more modern ignore them entirely.

  51. Footnote 199-4: The older political economists have, as a rule, ignored this law, and were wont to consider every payment of money to a foreign country as injurious.

  52. The defects of the social and political organisation were as distinctly pointed out by the economists as by the electors of the National Assembly, twenty years later, and in nearly all things they proposed the remedy.

  53. The Economists were as systematic and definite as the lawyers, and they too had much to destroy.

  54. The economists are outwardly and avowedly less liberal than Montesquieu, because they are incomparably more impressed by the evils of the time, and the need of immense and fundamental changes.

  55. Transformation, infinitely more difficult in itself than preservation, was not more formidable to the economists because it consisted mainly in revoking the godless work of a darker age.

  56. When the principle of exemption was rejected, the economists computed that the clergy owed 100 millions of arrears.

  57. By these memoirs he established his claim to a place among the great economists of the time, Vauban, Boisguilbert and the comte de Boulainvilliers.

  58. The economists Vauban and Boisguilbert exchanged long conversations with him.

  59. Economists have come to talk about the 'Iron Law of Wages' with as much assurance as if it were an irreversible law of Nature.

  60. Economists say that these crises are caused by over-production.

  61. Nearly all our practical economists of to-day put the consumer first and the producer last.

  62. By analysing the returns of the income-tax, various economists show that the value received by the working class and the superintendents of labour amount to a third or less of the wealth produced.

  63. On the contrary, all economists tell us that wages always tend towards the minimum subsistence point--the level at which the wage-slave is willing to subsist and to reproduce his kind.

  64. Any one acquainted with the writings of political economists need only read his few pages of animadversions on them (iv.

  65. Political economists do not deserve these reproaches more than other classes of positive inquirers, but less than most.

  66. The mistake of the early economists before John S.

  67. He deserves honour among economists by inadvertently disclaiming the principles which he states, and tacitly introducing the moral considerations with which he claims his science has no connection.

  68. As usual, he blamed the economists because this was not so in nature, as though physiologists were to blame for indigestion.

  69. It has “demanded,” as economists say, our conscienceless and sensational newspapers, and it loves to read them.

  70. The earlier economists were occupied with the need of removing restrictions on free commerce, and government regulation generally, and they glorified economic freedom.

  71. But we must always avoid the snare into which the earlier economists fell, of assuming that their conclusions were rigid and absolutely correct.

  72. But the economists were no more responsible for it than theologians are for the Judgment Day, perhaps much less so.

  73. But by August of 1915 the military economists had managed to get their hands into economic affairs.

  74. V THE FOOD SHARK AND HIS WAYS There were two schools of war economists in Central Europe, and they had their following in each of the several governments that regulated food--its production, distribution, and consumption.

  75. It was not progressing rapidly enough, and I was to see to what extent the Entente economists were right.

  76. It was so in Germany before the military social economists took a hand in the scheme, though the waste was by no means as great as in the cases I have cited, seeing that all of the empire is a little smaller than the Lone Star State.

  77. In the camp of the military economists was also that governing element which manages to drag out an existence of genteel shabbiness on the smallest pay given an official of that class anywhere.

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