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  1. Yes, Kirby had been invaluable to his employers by virtue of his inborn knowledge of Syrian ways.

  2. When a whole factory of men strike--especially if there are any big contract orders to fill in a rush--the employers sometimes find it cheaper to give them what they want than to call in untrained strikebreakers.

  3. The theory of anarchy sinks a little deeper into his brain, after the manner of a spike on which the employers have tried their sledges.

  4. So it was that in the Faubourg St. Antoine several years ago the anarchist cabinet-makers preached the annihilation of their employers during several months.

  5. Another artist, named Joannes, was engaged by the friars to paint the Virgin, and his first sketches were unsuccessful; but he and his employers betook themselves to religious exercises, and many holy men joined them in their prayers.

  6. Nor has any machinery set up by governments to avoid industrial collisions between workmen and employers been successful in avoiding differences over hours and wages.

  7. However, indirectly, free trade stimulated labor, because it brought great prosperity, made work abundant, and employers sanguine.

  8. Responsibility of employers in case of accidents, and appointment of doctors to attend persons wounded.

  9. One day's rest per week, or prohibition of employers to exact work more than six days in seven.

  10. Imprisonment to be indicted on employers for any infringement of the law.

  11. Nine had to do with manufactures and trades, "invasions by the state of the self-government of the various interests of the country, and curtailment of the freedom of contract between employers and employed.

  12. Employers to be forbidden to make deductions from wages, as fines or otherwise.

  13. The unionists began not only to compel their employers to accede to their demands, but to coerce workingmen to join the unions.

  14. Most, if not all, modern employers recognize this right and are willing, even anxious, to accord it to the men in their employ.

  15. Because of this passive attitude on the part of the employers the strikers were robbed of the opportunity to make sufficient trouble to force intervention by the Government.

  16. It was not till I had carried my statistical studies farther that I was able to reduce the charge hurled by Socialists against the modern employers to what are their true and their relatively small dimensions.

  17. Of the relations of foreign employers and Japanese servants much might be said, but our business is with the position of the servants in a Japanese household.

  18. A lion that has once tasted man thenceforth scorns lesser fare, and Coja told his employers harrowing stories of the reign of terror under which the coolies who had been engaged in laying the Uganda railway had lived.

  19. It was a dangerous and delicate service, exposing the emissary to dire revenge if he were detected, and to suspicion and misconstruction from his employers in his efforts to escape detection.

  20. The lumber workers contend that they are entitled by law to do these things and the employers assert that, law or no law, they shall not do so.

  21. As soon as the right atmosphere for their crime had been created the employers struck and struck hard.

  22. The New Black Hundred On October 19th the Centralia Hub published an item headed "Employers Called to Discuss Handling of 'Wobbly' Problem.

  23. This article urges all employers to attend, states that the meeting will be held in the Elk's Club and mentioned the wrecking of the Union Hall in 1918.

  24. In daily matching his prowess and skill with the products of the earth he feels in a way, that the woods "belong" to him and develops a contempt for the unseen and unknown employers who kindly permit him to enrich them with his labor.

  25. This plan of organization is extremely distasteful to the employers because it is efficient; because it means a new order, a new system in the labor world in this country.

  26. Thus it appeared that the nefarious plan of the employers and their subservient lawmaking adjuncts, to outlaw the lumber workers Union and to penalize the activities of its members, was to be doomed to an ignominious failure.

  27. My employers agreed that my purpose was commendable--that no doubt I could and would eventually be able to do much for those I had left behind in a durance I so well knew to be vile.

  28. But after a trip to New York, whither I went to convince my employers that I should be granted a further leave-of-absence, I resumed work.

  29. And I knew that, after securing a position in the business world, I must first satisfy my employers before I could hope to persuade others to join me in prosecuting the reforms I had at heart.

  30. Knowing, perhaps, that a business man with a literary bee buzzing in his ear is, for the time, no business man at all, my employers readily agreed that I should do as I pleased during the month of October.

  31. My employers disclaimed any personal objection to my proceeding with my project, if I would, and yet remaining in their employ.

  32. I could talk as convincingly about business as I had at any time in my life; for even at the height of this wave of enthusiasm I dealt at length with a certain banker who finally placed with my employers a large contract.

  33. Now I had already gone so far as to invite my employers to dine with me that very night at the Yale Club for the purpose of informing them of my plans.

  34. Mr. Cox stands for production and those vital principles of independence and freedom which were so dear to the founders of our Republic and which farsighted employers regret greatly to see interfered with.

  35. I believe him worthy of the utmost trust on the part of both employers and wage workers and also on the part of investors and consumers.

  36. They laughed immoderately at Mike, and declared that he was going mad because of his prohibition since his employers left him in charge.

  37. Naturally, this caused their employers to see that justice was done, and thus it happened that all contestants accompanied the officer to the police-station.

  38. The next morning his salary up to the day of his death came in an envelope to his widow, without a single word from his employers save a request for acknowledgment.

  39. I am an Independent, but I would go to Church if my employers wished it.

  40. He changed employers two or three times; and, so far as I could make out, his ground of objection to each of the firms whom he left might have been a ground of dislike in a girl to a suitor, but certainly nothing more.

  41. His employers had interested themselves in a way not remarkable in employers, towards securing him a foothold in other and more stable establishments, but business was slack in the City, and there were no fresh hands wanted just at present.

  42. The assailants of his reputation and their more wicked employers felt and knew the wrongs they had done.

  43. But while he was thus urging the charge of treason at home, he had to give his Spanish employers a different account of the movements and object of Burr.

  44. I don't say that employers aren't frequently most high-handed and tyrannical, but I also say that employes are extraordinarily touchy and thin-skinned.

  45. They are engaged for terms of three years, at a wage in cash of L6 a year; but their employers have to feed and clothe them, and to pay for the cost of their introduction and their return to their homes when the engagements are terminated.

  46. Stuart had been one of the officers in Sturt's last party, and he had discovered for South Australian employers a fine belt of pastoral territory beyond the salt lakes that had discomfited Eyre.

  47. They have seen it going on day after day and year after year in their own homes and have observed that employers seem to expect it, wink at it, at any rate, put up with it.

  48. It is strange that McNally should report to his employers this chivalrous speech, which places in marked contrast his own frailty and disgraceful fall.

  49. Turner's policy changed according as the policy of his employers changed.

  50. It was a clever thought to plan the corruption of O'Leary for the performance of a part which his employers describe with gusto.

  51. Again, had the servant-employers of this country a proper knowledge of their duties, the incompetent servant would have little chance to exist.

  52. I told him that was a delusion of Satan; that he could not expect to prosper on stolen money; that he should restore all he had, and go and ask his employers to have mercy upon him and forgive him.

  53. The next evening the two employers and myself met in a side room of the church.

  54. It is undeniable that a very large proportion of the inhabitants of this island died in a few months--employers and employed.

  55. Agadir crisis the employers of labour in the various German metal industries, grouped under the name of “Steel Syndicate,” addressed a petition to the Chancellor asking that war should be declared on France.

  56. The industrial employers who depend on borrowed capital—their name is legion in Germany—needed credit, and therefore an unbroken calm.

  57. The management of those two original sources of revenue belongs to two different sets of people; the proprietors of land, and the owners or employers of capital stock.

  58. Those workmen and their employers are properly the servants of the proprietors and cultivators.

  59. But if the profits of all the different employers of those working people should be raised five per cent.

  60. So far as it operates in the other, it must reduce the ability of the employers of the poor, to employ so great a number as they otherwise might do, and must so far tend to restrain the industry of the country.

  61. That of freemen cheaper to the employers than that of slaves, ib.

  62. Those agents were not always able to replenish the coffers of their employers so fast as they were emptied.

  63. His employers constitute the third order, that of those who live by profit.

  64. The plans and projects of the employers of stock regulate and direct all the most important operations of labour, and profit is the end proposed by all those plans and projects.

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