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  1. The guerillas were still in the neighbourhood of the town; and Donald suspected that she had gone to some of them, and resolved to go and make the necessary inquiries.

  2. While we lay at Abrantes, a party of Spanish guerillas came into the town.

  3. Both the guerillas fell as though struck by a thunder-bolt, and their blue-clad forms lay motionless across SeƱorita's body.

  4. The guerillas were now fewer and farther between, spending their time lurking in the hills around Dordrecht, Jamestown, and Ladygrey, and indulging in acts of brigandage according to the state of their appetites.

  5. Report spoke of a contemplated reinforcement of the guerillas in the Cape Colony by recruits from the Orange River Colony and the Transvaal.

  6. A tremendous amount of hard fighting took place before the guerillas were repulsed, and the losses on both sides were heavy.

  7. The rest of June was spent in operations against Kemp's guerillas in this region, and the month ended with the breaking up of a commando which had gathered in the Hartebeestefontein Hills.

  8. The rest of the guerillas were driven either in the direction of General Campbell's troops or towards the north.

  9. Rifles blazed, horses stampeded, and soon the guerillas had rushed the camp and captured the pom-poms.

  10. On the following day an effort was made by Colonel Bewicke Copley to catch the guerillas and punish them, but without avail.

  11. They were then relieved by the Mounted Infantry, who sent the guerillas flying, leaving seven of their number behind.

  12. They were not in all cases successful in their disappearance, for a convoy was caught on the 23rd of June, and the guerillas had to fight for dear life; six prisoners and all the waggons and stock were captured.

  13. During the rush made by the Rough Riders and our other soldiers, they had gone right through several bodies of Spanish guerillas who were secreted in the trees of the jungle.

  14. These sharpshooters searched the jungle back of the intrenchments thoroughly, and as a result killed eleven of the guerillas and wounded many more.

  15. After that the guerillas kept their distance, satisfied that the Yankees could beat them at their own game.

  16. The guerillas paroled their prisoners and moved upon Donelson, but the officer in command at that point marched out to meet them and drove them away.

  17. Behind the Union lines there were many bands of guerillas and a large population disloyal to the government, making it necessary to guard every foot of road or river used in supplying our armies.

  18. Guerillas and raiders, seemingly emboldened by Forrest's operations, were also very active in Kentucky.

  19. The guerillas and cavalry were not there to fight but to annoy, and therefore disappeared on the first approach of our troops.

  20. This stirred up the Chinese, who also claimed Annam, and who caused the invasion of Tonkin by guerillas supported by their own troops.

  21. This Italian soldier of fortune, now somewhat in his decline, had offered his services to France and was in command of a small body of guerillas and sharpshooters, the Army of the Vosges.

  22. This darkey had placed in the fire, in an old-fashioned fire place, a mess of large sweet potatoes for us to carry along with us, as he told us, but this he did intending to keep us until the two rebel guerillas came in on us.

  23. There was a good bed that we slept on during our stay there, and through the day our food would be brought to us, and nearly every day, through a knot hole we could see guerillas going by, and sometimes stopping and looking around the place.

  24. He reported having a narrow escape from guerillas near Elkton, where he was fired at and pursued for some distance, while on his way from Falmouth.

  25. The fight had been desperate on both sides, but the guerillas were badly worsted, and driven away as far as the jaded condition of our horses would permit us to pursue them.

  26. By your promptness and gallantry the gang of guerillas who have so long infested the vicinity has been badly beaten and broken up.

  27. As guerillas and their brethren, the bushwhackers, infest the country more or less, picketing is dangerous as well as difficult.

  28. A pistol-shot from the guerillas was followed by a charge, when our boys were suddenly surrounded and captured.

  29. But it was now too late; and springing forward like panthers, the guerillas presented their pistols at his head, ordering a surrender.

  30. Guerillas are very numerous in these parts.

  31. Most of these were laden with booty taken by White's guerillas in a recent raid into Poolesville, Maryland.

  32. The guerillas consist mostly of farmers and mechanics, residents of this region, who, by some means, are exempt from the Rebel conscription.

  33. The alarm being thus given, the nearest reserve made a sudden descent upon the attacking party, which proved to be Mosby's, and the guerillas retreated for some distance up the turnpike, closely pursued.

  34. But our task is unusually difficult, as nearly all our company-books and papers were captured by guerillas at the commencement of the spring campaign.

  35. The ribald jests and coarse language of the soldiers were always addressed to these, there seeming to be a kind of respect for the bolder guerillas even in the hour of their captivity.

  36. As none but citizens were then present, no objections were made to their statements; but a company of rebel guerillas was secretly summoned, and they were pursued.

  37. The guerillas arrived at a house where this party had passed the night but a few moments after they had resumed their journey in the morning.

  38. The place was not troubled by guerillas who are hanging on the fringe of the armies here in Eastern, or in Southern and Western Kentucky.

  39. Here the guerillas rode, choosing their sides as suited them best, and robbing as paid them most.

  40. I'm afraid those guerillas who claim to be our allies are going to do us a great deal of harm.

  41. The general question of guerillas may be discussed later.

  42. The armies are passing so close to this place, and the guerillas from the mountains have become so troublesome, that she has gone to Danville to stay a while with her relatives.

  43. He was deeply disappointed because he had not found her there, but he was relieved from his first fear that the guerillas had come.

  44. It has been asserted that the guerillas were a part of the regular Confederate service, whereas they were outlawed by the army and subject to summary discipline if caught.

  45. There were with us two officers who, when we arrived at Salisbury, had been in solitary confinement and whom the rebels were holding as hostages for two guerillas whom Gen.

  46. And when the guerillas turned up, how valiant my Rengetegi became all at once!

  47. I had heard from the officers that in the willow woods of the Theiss, in the neighbourhood of the 'Szikra' inn, some Hungarian guerillas were encamping.

  48. The lieutenant of the guerillas hurried me into the sledge, as a regiment of hostile horse was approaching from Kecskemet.

  49. The guerillas told me all about it as they took me with them.

  50. The business of the guerillas was to harass the enemy, capture their forage waggons, and then bring word of their movements to the main army.

  51. The chief evil has resulted from the aid given to guerillas in the way of information conveyed by disloyal people, and by preparing their food for them.

  52. There has been no time since the beginning of the war when there were so few armed rebels or guerillas in Missouri as at the present time.

  53. I will as far as possible preserve the property of all loyal people, with the view of permitting them to return as soon as the guerillas shall be driven out.

  54. Ewing would not only carry out his order for the expulsion of disloyal persons, but also in a short time drive out the guerillas from his district and restore peace.

  55. There were a dozen dead Federals and guerillas around the fire, and among them was Daws Dillon with the pallor of death on his face and the hate that life had written there still clinging to it like a shadow.

  56. On the 12th, the guerillas destroyed a bridge on the Krugersdorp line, and elsewhere they made futile but annoying efforts to dislocate traffic.

  57. The hopes of the guerillas were mainly stayed by the inventive fertility of Mr. Steyn, who stimulated them to the struggle by false accounts of their successes.

  58. West of the rivers, between them and the great river, the western parts of Kentucky and Tennessee and the northern part of Mississippi were under control of the Union troops, though inroads of guerillas were not unknown.

  59. Guerillas and light detached bodies of the enemy continued to hover on the banks of the Mississippi, White, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Cumberland Rivers.

  60. During a great part of 1863, Tennessee and Kentucky, beyond the lines of the Union army, were a prey not only to raids by detached bodies of the enemy's army, but also to the operations of guerillas and light irregular forces.

  61. Bands of guerillas infested the banks, firing upon unarmed vessels, compelling them to stop and then plundering them.

  62. He felt no hostility toward the regular soldiers of the Confederacy, but he knew there were guerillas on their side, as well as his own, who would stop at nothing.

  63. Guerillas were increasing in numbers in those doubtful regions.

  64. Rumors were now in circulation, and the people of the North were alarmed for the safety of our National Capitol, for instead of a few guerillas as was first supposed, it was a grand raid of the enemy in force on an extensive scale.

  65. The different regiments were detailed to guard the supply trains to and from Martinsburg, our base of supplies, as the guerillas still infested the route.

  66. Guerillas and raiders were very active, hovering on our flank and rear; often with concealed batteries posted on a hill on the banks of the James, would fire on our boats as they passed to and fro from Washington to City Point.

  67. Their advance, consisting of a few guerillas under the notorious Harry Gillmore, were met and driven back.

  68. From this point Bolivar sent back assistance to the stragglers left behind, collected horses, and detached parties to scour the country around and communicate with some few guerillas who still roamed about.

  69. The junta at Cadiz defied the French, the guerillas continued in the field, and the invaders found themselves baffled by an enemy who was felt oftener than seen.

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