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Example sentences for "hedgehog"

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  1. In either case, hedgehog braised or roast seems to be a luxury to be coveted; indeed, a gypsy epicure told me that as articles of food he considered them “worth ten shillings apiece.

  2. An occasional hedgehog is highly appreciated by them.

  3. Moreover in the strange conditions the hare himself sometimes proved a terror to creatures he stumbled on, causing a hedgehog to curl up in affright on the Five Acres, and scaring a heron out of its senses on the moor beyond.

  4. All their efforts were vain, the hedgehog was impregnable to moral as to physical attack.

  5. The Hedgehog Thistles (Echinocactus) have stems resembling those of the different species of Melocactus, but they have not the woolly head; and the flowers rise from the fascicles or tufts of spines on the projecting ribs.

  6. When, as winter approaches and their insect food disappears, the bat and the hedgehog resign themselves to torpor, the processes which we are in the habit of associating with vitality gradually diminish in activity.

  7. The first news that the bat and hedgehog pass into the state of complete hibernation, would probably have bean received as either a daring hoax or a very gross blunder.

  8. Consul asked her whether she had brewed the storm, what was the meaning of the frog that dropped into her lap, item, the hedgehog which lay directly in his path?

  9. It would seem that the hedgehog is also externally insensible to poison, for it fights with adders, and is bitten about the lips and nose without receiving any injury.

  10. The next morning the hedgehog had disappeared, and for several days the search made for it was fruitless.

  11. The Hedgehog and Shrew-mouse are furnished with pointed noses, with which they dig up the earth in search of insects, and when found they devour them with amazing rapidity.

  12. A hedgehog trotted about in the dried, rustling beech leaves.

  13. Suddenly the hedgehog disappeared, terrified he rolled himself up in his prickles.

  14. The hedgehog is standing by his door looking at the cabbage field which he thinks is his own.

  15. The hedgehog starts with him, but stops and stoops low in the furrow.

  16. When the hare reaches the other end of the field, the hedgehog puts up his head.

  17. How their eyes tell how smart they are; for a hedgehog is smart.

  18. One of the earliest things a little fox learns in countries where there are hedgehogs is to let the hedgehog alone.

  19. The reason for this difference between the hedgehog and the mole is that the mole doesn't need to go to sleep, because he digs below the frost-line.

  20. If you were a fox, instead of a boy or girl, I wouldn't have to tell you about how hard it is to serve hedgehog at the family table.

  21. Dreadful headaches would come on, and she would sit in a corner, nursing a hedgehog with one arm and holding her thumb in her mouth with the other.

  22. The cylinder is composed of about twenty-four ridges well covered with very sharp radials, but with no central spines, a characteristic uncommon in the Hedgehog group.

  23. A close cousin is the Crimson Flowered Hedgehog Cactus of northern Arizona and New Mexico and Utah.

  24. Sometimes Hedgehog Cacti can be grown from cuttings made from the stems; the cut surface should be allowed to dry and the cutting set about two inches deep in moist sandy soil.

  25. Do you know that the Strawberry cactus or Hedgehog is delicious for food?

  26. This species is called the Desert-Afire, or Burning Cactus, or the Mojave Hedgehog as it was discovered on the Mojave Desert, and the name Echinocereus or Torch Cactus was first given to it.

  27. This Hedgehog Cactus may be easily distinguished from Echinocereus Rosei by its white or yellowish white spines.

  28. The adult male Hedgehog is about nine and a quarter inches in measurement of head and body, and the tail is a little over an inch; the female is less than the male by about three-quarters of an inch.

  29. The Hedgehog on occasion will indulge in a feast of carrion.

  30. With the Hedgehog we make our acquaintance with the order Insectivora, which is represented in Britain by five species only: the others being the Mole and three Shrews.

  31. When attacked the Hedgehog has the skunk-like habit of emitting a highly objectionable odour in order to disgust its assailant.

  32. One weak point in the story is the fact that the Hedgehog has no use for such fare as apples, and as for the milk--any one inspecting the small gape of his mouth would exonerate him from the charge of getting a cow's dug into it.

  33. You'll have to name it, Una, and teach it tricks and all sorts of things," and poor Tom gave one big sigh as he thought how he would have liked to keep that hedgehog for himself instead of giving it to Una.

  34. It was through the hedgehog that rather a queer thing happened one day in the garden.

  35. The presternum is commonly large and is sometimes as in the Hedgehog (Erinaceus) bilobed in front, sometimes as in the Shrew (Sorex) trilobed.

  36. The Hedgehog is said to suck the milk from cows; but this is impossible, as the mouth of the Hedgehog would not admit the teat of the cow.

  37. The flesh of the Hedgehog is sometimes eaten; especially by gipsies, who appear to consider it a delicacy.

  38. The Hedgehog makes himself a nest of leaves and soft wool for the winter, in the hollow trunk of an old tree, or in a hole in a rock or bank; and here, having coiled himself up, he passes the winter in one long unbroken sleep.

  39. There is no possibility of mistaking the hedgehog mushroom: when once seen it is always to be remembered.

  40. So Hans the Hedgehog descended from the tree, and said he would show the way if the King would write a bond and promise him whatever he first met in the royal courtyard as soon as he arrived at home.

  41. So the King took pen and ink and wrote something, and when he had done it, Hans the Hedgehog showed him the way, and he got safely home.

  42. He spied about, but saw nothing but a little animal sitting up aloft on the tree, which looked like a cock with a hedgehog on it which made this music.

  43. The hedgehog shut the house-door behind him, and took the path to the field.

  44. This is how it happened that the hedgehog made the hare run races with him on the Buxtehuder heath till he died, and since that time no hare has ever had any fancy for running races with a Buxtehuder hedgehog.

  45. Then they reached the field, and the hedgehog showed his wife her place, and then walked up the field.

  46. She seated herself in the carriage, and placed Hans the Hedgehog beside her with the cock and the bagpipes, and then they took leave and drove away, and the King thought he should never see her again.

  47. Then the King thought, "I can easily do that, Hans the Hedgehog understands nothing, and I can write what I like.

  48. The King said, "Yes," and wrote a promise to Hans the Hedgehog that he should have this.

  49. So whosoever is a hedgehog let him see to it that his wife is a hedgehog also, and so forth.

  50. The jackal remained where he was, shaking with laughter, for the woman was not in sight at all, and he had only sent the hedgehog away because he did not want him to know where the jars of butter were buried.

  51. He killed it instantly, and then gave a cry to the jackal and hedgehog to come to the place where he was.

  52. And what did happen was, that when the jackal was lying covered up, under a little hill, the hedgehog set a great stone rolling, which crushed him to death.

  53. Punctual to the moment the hedgehog arrived at the place appointed for their meeting, and as the jackal was not there he sat down and waited for him.

  54. Very, very early, before the sun was properly up, the jackal and the hedgehog were pulling at the shepherd's cloak.

  55. Of course the hedgehog had not been able to take part in any of these adventures; but as soon as all danger was over, the jackal went to look for his friend, whom he was lucky enough to find at home.

  56. After a while the hedgehog became suspicious, and said: 'I should like to know where you have hidden them.

  57. Do as I bid you at once,' said the jackal, looking at the hedgehog so sternly that the little fellow dared say no more, and soon rolled the jars to the window where the jackal lifted them out one by one.

  58. He flung himself under a tree panting for breath, when he heard a rustle amongst the grass, and his father's old friend the hedgehog appeared before him.

  59. Very unwillingly the jackal held the rope, while the hedgehog walked slowly round the greyhound till he reached the jackal again.

  60. More than an hour passed by and the hedgehog had had plenty of time to go to the spring and back, and still there was no sign of him.

  61. At length, one morning, the hedgehog suddenly said: 'You never told me what you did with those jars?

  62. And he and the hedgehog looked about for a nice dry cave in which to make themselves comfortable for the night.

  63. Don't be long, then,' called the jackal, as the hedgehog hurried off at his best pace.

  64. So the hedgehog waited and waited; but every time he asked if there was no chance of getting jars of butter the jackal put him off with some excuse.

  65. Councillor Igel--for the father was a member of the Hedgehog Government--had consented to allow the young people to have one or two friends to coffee, and they had been dancing with the greatest spirit for the last half hour.

  66. Here the Councillor found him some hours later, when the confusion in the Hedgehog household having been smoothed over--a deputation of the father and sons started to bring the distinguished guest home in triumph.

  67. You see the Court Hedgehog is to be there, and so it is very select.

  68. They couldn't do it," muttered a hedgehog derisively.

  69. All was quiet and deserted, except that a faint sound of music and singing floated on the wind, coming undoubtedly from the comfortable burrow of the Hedgehog family, who lived under one of the largest pine stumps.

  70. As long as the Court Hedgehog doesn't appear in the middle," wailed the Councillor.

  71. On the whole the little fellow, on his first appearance in the world, is not unlike a hedgehog on two legs, with a long neck.

  72. The hedgehog was thrown over a long high wall, and Saladin ran along it each way, leaping up at intervals.

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