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Example sentences for "homewards"

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  1. So overstrung indeed were the poor girl's nerves that she must have fled homewards in sheer terror of she knew not what, did not a stronger emotion impel her forward.

  2. The good Hans, free from care, went homewards with the goose under his arm.

  3. Then he took the monster on his back and went homewards with it to the King.

  4. And she set off homewards again, cheerfully planning all the grand things she was going to do with her money.

  5. And then the Elfin court rode away, and Burd Janet and young Tamlane went their way homewards and were soon after married after young Tamlane had again been sained by the holy water and made Christian once more.

  6. On June 14 we turned our faces homewards to Damascus, and as we journeyed over the Lebanons and descended into the plain I could not help feeling the oriental charm of the scene grow upon me.

  7. Even an expedition to the baths of Hammam R'irha did not reconcile them to the place, and they left it early in March, going by boat to Marseilles, and then travelling homewards by way of the Riviera to Genoa, and thence to Venice.

  8. Lafayette has saved Vincennes; and is marching homewards with some dozen of arrested demolitionists.

  9. Sometimes, after the day's work was over he would go home resolved to be good friends with her: he would plan on his way homewards to suggest to her that they should have their tea and then go out for a walk with the child.

  10. One evening about three weeks before Christmas, as he and Owen were walking homewards together from work, Easton reverted for the first time to their former conversation.

  11. Of this nature were his reflections as he walked homewards on the evening of the day when old Linden was dismissed.

  12. As he walked homewards after being paid, feeling unutterably depressed and weary, he began once more to think of the future; and the more he thought of it the more dreadful it appeared.

  13. After about an hour spent this way, as he was proceeding homewards he observed two children--a boy and a girl--whose appearance seemed familiar.

  14. Homewards lies our way, Near the wood we pause, See, the meadows green, Hark!

  15. I dropped from the fence without another effort, and took my way homewards along the weary road.

  16. Abandoning the beaten track, I then struck homewards through the fields; not that the way was very much shorter, but rather because on that route one avoided the bridge, and had to splash through the stream and get refreshingly wet.

  17. The villagers were straggling homewards as he passed up the street, all of them in the highest spirits, and gleefully discussing the splendid fight that was in store.

  18. The storks sail homewards far overhead in the glow of the rising moon; a chorus of birds dies away in the tangled banks of the Guadalquivir.

  19. Another annalist informs us that Manara, while stumbling homewards after a night of carousal, saw a funeral procession approaching him.

  20. The Stork, whose appetite was most extensive, Emptied the jug entirely to the dregs; While hungry Reynard, quite abashed and pensive, Walked homewards with his tail between his legs.

  21. In a short time they caught sight of Dame Halliburt, when Harry, delivering Maiden May to her care, without waiting to receive her thanks hurried homewards as he had promised.

  22. Though Harry would have lingered, Julia wisely considered that they ought to return homewards without delay.

  23. Some member of the family has been lost in the woods, and the horn is blown to guide him homewards through the trackless wilderness.

  24. We, at the conclusion of the prayers, left the place, and proceeded homewards in a canoe; this is a mode of locomotion much liked by the river settlers, but to a stranger anything but agreeable.

  25. Just after the Colombian troops had set sail homewards a special train arrived at Colon bringing the captive generals, who had promised to go home without further fuss.

  26. Having nothing better to do, I strolled homewards by way of the forest.

  27. Already, as the group of picnickers rode homewards now, the first stars twinkled overhead, and the peerless Egyptian night was on the way.

  28. Towards evening, Raby turned homewards with an empty game-bag and a heavy heart.

  29. Too stricken to cry out, too stricken to weep, he could only hurry away homewards wildly and aimlessly; hurry as fast as his aged limbs would carry him, as if, poor soul!

  30. I turned and ran back homewards at the top of my speed, ploughing through the sand, racing over the shingle.

  31. Returning homewards on this occasion, he had revolved afresh the subject that lay nearest to his heart.

  32. While that gentleman had been jogging along homewards he had been fostering uncomfortable sentiments of spite respecting the "laal hussy" who had betrayed him.

  33. She turned her face homewards and began to walk with a quickened step.

  34. Then she started homewards through the fast-falling snow.

  35. They set out homewards with Nela, whom Teodoro insisted on taking with him, and Don Francisco kept them company as far as the works.

  36. It is enough to say that it is likely they accomplished their desires, for they turned their faces homewards about the setting-in of the winter season, which is an evil time for wayfarers, Heaven knows.

  37. It seemed to him that for the second time he had lost his dear lady, and he turned homewards in bitter despair.

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