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  1. The predominance of one petty State, or military chieftain, is the signal for the semi-barbarous hordes of mingled races to combine for the purpose of destruction.

  2. Up from the native section of town streamed hordes of costumed Rifs, Arabs, Berbers of a dozen tribes, even an occasional Blue Man.

  3. The booming muskets and the cracking rifles suddenly began to fall off in intensity and the camelmen and the hordes of Tuareg women and naked children who had swarmed from the tents to greet them were falling silent.

  4. The extreme southern, eastern, and southeastern European hordes are overwhelming us, and these hordes never knew a single political principle that even remotely resembles what we understand as American principles.

  5. At the spot of our encampment, as soon as the shades of night closed in, we were visited by hordes of ephemera.

  6. A humid atmosphere is ever the signal for awakening hordes of insects, and the mosquitos became so troublesome that it was impossible to sleep at all after the shower.

  7. The annexation of Canada was contemplated by these hordes of semi-barbarians, the offscouring of society, bred in bar-rooms.

  8. Thus followed our undoing, for when the seas dried and the green hordes encroached upon us we could do naught but flee.

  9. Thar Ban, jed among the hordes of Torquas, rode swiftly across the ochre vegetation of the dead sea-bottom toward the ruins of ancient Aaanthor.

  10. There is no other race than that of Lothar, unless the hordes of Torquas may be dignified by such an appellation.

  11. By hundreds they toppled from our walls, and when my fellows saw what I had done they were quick to follow my example, so that presently the hordes of Torquas had retreated beyond the range of our arrows.

  12. And those who marched out upon the hordes to-day?

  13. Naught may live there beside the hideous green hordes of Torquas.

  14. He had ridden far that night, and fast, for he had but come from the despoiling of the incubator of a neighbouring green horde with which the hordes of Torquas were perpetually warring.

  15. We saw thousands emerge from this very gate, overwhelming the hordes of Torquas and putting them to rout with their deadly arrows and their fierce banths.

  16. Here with the prisoners They keep her, in these huts, among the hordes Of numbered slaves.

  17. Vast hordes of these little creatures are at times seized with an impulse to migrate or to commit suicide, for it amounts to that.

  18. They came in countless hordes like an army of invasion, and they departed in the same way.

  19. The prayers seemed more likely of fulfilment from the hands of the oncoming hordes already streaming into the converging streets to the Haram.

  20. Here the Legion was, hemmed and pent by countless hordes of fanatics whom any chance word or look, construed as a religious insult, might lash to fury.

  21. The ruins are also overrun with hordes of mangy cats and dogs which ought to be exterminated without delay.

  22. He had a burning desire to visit the savage hordes that dwelt along this river, and a longing to explore it to its mouth.

  23. The famishing hordes subsisted on acorns and roots, and even greedily devoured the dead bodies of dogs and foxes.

  24. But during the long journey, Sir George often saw his enemy, and if he thought of anything outside of his daughter's fate, it was to wonder why Casim Ammeh looked so different from the wild hordes he ruled.

  25. It must have been his hordes who had swept down on her and Bob that afternoon.

  26. When we turn to our own civilization, however, there are no barbarian hordes to take the blame.

  27. It was these same roads and bridges that made easy and sure the advance of the Asian hordes that would one day occupy and loot the home city.

  28. Intermittent incursions of migrating hordes from central Asia pushed their way into central and southern Europe.

  29. But soon Generals Strange and Steel Made savage hordes their power to feel, And they rescued women fair From the paws of the Big Bear.

  30. Our bold troops great danger braved, So that white captives might be saved, Who suffered hunger, cold and damp, 'Mong savage hordes in bush and swamp.

  31. Worse still, their movements were encumbered by hordes of followers and a vast train of waggons, which was parked confusedly in the rear.

  32. The connection between the two hordes is not clear.

  33. He had swept the Teutonic hordes which had invaded Gaul in the winter back into Germania with frightful slaughter, not without treachery on his part; he had bridged the Rhine, and displayed the Eagles in a long raid on its eastern bank.

  34. Already castles were arising, and he failed to take Wark, but wasted the open country, his hordes of wild mountaineers committing terrible atrocities.

  35. The incursions of the northern hordes were eventually too frequent and too powerful for Rome; so, about the sixth century, the banks of the Rhine were strewed with Roman ruins, as at present with feudal ones.

  36. The troops which they could bring up to oppose these hordes were, indeed, so slender in number, when reckoned severally, that all hope of success seemed impossible.

  37. India and the Sakse had developed from the condition of subjects into that of friendly allies, and the savage hordes of Gedrosia and the Paropamisus refused to recognise any authority at all.

  38. Even if Cyrus had forgotten the support which had been freely given to his rivals, the wealth of Egypt was in itself sufficient to attract the Persian hordes to her frontiers.

  39. Athens in the hands of Hippias, would mean Athens in the hands of the Persians, and Greece accessible to the Persian hordes at all times by the shortest route.

  40. Veritable hordes of recruits then poured in, but these masses of troops, differing from each other in their equipment and methods of fighting, in disposition and in language, formed a herd of men rather than an army.

  41. I am more enraged," pursued he, "at the ingratitude of the nobility than I am at these hordes of bloodthirsty plunderers, for we all know that the nobility owe everything to the King.

  42. The hordes of every faubourg now paraded in this new democratic livery.

  43. From time to time, under some able leader, have the hordes of the upper plains of Asia swept over the adjacent country, and rolled their conquering columns over Southern Europe.

  44. These are laws of hydrostatics which act on the human race; the Roman Empire had failed to understand them, and the Barbaric hordes came down.

  45. The Barbaric hordes now are the intelligent class.

  46. About them swarmed the hordes of savages, with more of the imps pouring in every moment.

  47. Soon they could see the glow of dying fires in the dwarfs' village, but no sound came from the sleeping hordes of red imps.

  48. Belgium, contrary to all expectation, has withstood the tempter; the hordes sent down from Paris to carry desolation into its beautiful plains have been repelled with disgrace.

  49. A horrible multitude, savage as the hordes that followed Attila, streamed out of the city towards Versailles, about twelve miles distant.

  50. Only a few years had elapsed after the death of the great Theodosius, before the barbarians were trooping in vast hordes through all the regions of the West.

  51. With his wild Mongolian hordes he traversed anew almost all the countries that had been desolated by the sanguinary marches of his predecessors.

  52. The jails were next visited, one after another, the persons confined within slaughtered, and their bodies thrown out to the brutal hordes that followed the butchers to enjoy the carnival of blood.

  53. Hordes of Suevi, Alani, Vandals, and Burgundians overspread all the plains and valleys of Gaul.

  54. At Rome the terror was great; for not yet had died out of memory what the city had once suffered at the hands of the ancestors of these same barbarians that were now again gathering their hordes for sack and pillage.

  55. While the Romans were conquering the towns of Etruria, these barbarian hordes were moving southward, and overrunning and devastating the countries of Central Italy.

  56. This was the overrunning and conquest of the country by the Tartar hordes (see p.

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